Whitetail Deer Hunting Outfitters

Whitetail Deer Hunting Outfitters: The Best Outfitters You Must Try to Win Your Trophy Deer

Nothing compares to the pride you feel from watching a massive whitetail fall to the ground after it’s been taken with your long-range rifle hunt.

New deer outfitters open their doors every year. To find the best deer hunting outfitter, whitetail hunters should check whether they have been in business for ten years.

When choosing an outfitter, you want to look for someone honest, and give you the right information to ensure your trip will be a success.

Here are three things you should consider:

1. How many years has the outfitter been operated?

You want to make sure they have been in operation long enough to gather experience and knowledge of the area.

It is always good to ask other hunters where they recommend, or call the outfitter yourself and ask if they have hunted there before.

2. What are different packages does the outfitter have?

This will help you determine your price range.

Some outfitters will have a standard package for everyone, while others may specialize in certain types of hunting (for example bow-only or rifle-only).

If you know what type of hunt you want, it is good to do some research on each type of hunting before choosing an outfitter.

3. What hunting methods do they have?

Some outfitters use bait for hunts and some use a variety of our proven methods, like wide-open hunting, stand hunting, and spot-and-stalk hunting.

However, not everyone has much experience carrying out such an activity.

Thankfully, there are a large number of whitetail deer hunting outfitters that you can use so you don’t need much experience with hunting.

List of Whitetail Deer Hunting Outfitters

1. Hadley Creek Outfitters

Their success is due to the fact that they offer guided archery and firearms hunt for 200+ bucks grossing over 170″ since 1997.

Their average buck has been registering at least 150″ with 50% of all 5-year-olds coming 3 years later! It’s the best time of year to hunt them.

Hunting Packages:

  • Early and Pre-Rut Bowhunting
  • Archery Rut Hunts
  • Firearm – Shotgun Slug/Muzzleloader
  • Fire – Special Youth
  • Late Season Bowhunts

For rates and lodges, check here.

2. Harpole’s Heartland lodges

You can’t beat the thrill of hunting in Illinois and finding a trophy buck in the free range!

Heartland Lodge is one of North America’s finest deer hunting lodges. Located between two rivers, it provides incredible habitat for large whitetail bucks

Hunting Packages:

  • Bow Hunts
  • Gun Hunts (Shotgun or Muzzleloader)
  • Guided Crossbow Hunts

For dates and rates, check here.

3. Burnt Pines Plantation

Burnt Pine Plantation in Georgia’s Piedmont Region offers the best whitetail deer hunting in the state.

Their semi-guided three to four-day whitetail deer hunts can put you anywhere and at any time in the right place to harvest a trophy deer.

Hunting Packages:

  • Archery
  • Primitive Weapons
  • Youth firearms
  • Firearms
  • Firearms specials

For dates and rates, check here.

4. Performance Outdoors

The farms consist not only in deer habitat but also big bucks territory, where some farmers have even seen giant whitetails!

The land is known as “the greatest place on earth” for catching these incredible animals. It is their great pride to provide top-notch equipment and services to clients who come from all around the country.

Hunting Packages:

  • archery hunts
  • a small number of firearm/muzzleloader hunts
  • Seasonal leases are available to clients on over 7,000 privately owned and managed acres in West Central Illinois.

Rates and leases, check here.

5. Brushy Fork Outfitters

The Ohio hunting operation that’s been called “the premier” by many.

Licking County-based Big Buck Country has thousands of acres in Knox and Muskingum counties as well.

It withstands strategically placed to overlook both open lands or timbered properties depending on what time season it is (and weather).

This place will be sure not to disappoint any hunter looking for exciting day hunts out with their gun!

Hunting Packages:

  • Pre-rut Archery
  • Rut Archery
  • Youth Gun
  • Gun
  • Extended Gun
  • Late season muzzleloader
  • Late season archery
  • DIY Deer hunts

For rates and dates, check here

6. Hamilton Hills Lodge

This family-run lodge offers day whitetail deer hunting.

Each hunter will have access to more than 1,000 acres by limiting the size of the hunting groups.

You will experience the hunt of a lifetime.

All of the tree stands are enclosed “shooting towers” elevated 11 feet above the ground (ground blinds), making them very comfortable in rain, cold, and windy conditions.

It is located in the fertile prairie soil region of Dallas and Wilcox counties in Alabama.

Hamilton Hills is a cattle ranch with wooded hills, valleys, and river bottoms.

Before 1986, only family and close friends hunted on this property. In 1986, it was opened to the public.

Hunting Services:

  • Typically, whitetail hunts begin at 4:00 AM.
  • At 5:30 AM, you will be positioned on your stand, and then you will hunt for 10 minutes before sunset (2 PM).
  • After that, there’s a short break during which time you can eat some lunch before getting back into the field again from 5: 30 PM onwards.

This is called evening stands or “evening” times in general terms).

Rates and dates check, here

7. Skillet Fork Outfitters  Inc.

Located on the Skillet Fork River in southern Illinois. The lodge and offices are located 5 square miles north of Carmi, IL.

Skillet Fork Outfitters Inc. is the closest airport to Evansville Regional Airport. The lodge is approximately a one-hour drive from the airport.

Providing hunters with a 5,500 square foot lodge with views of cropland, woods, and, of course, the Skillet Fork River.

Home-cooked evening meals will give hunters the energy they need for the next day’s hunting.

Hunting services:

  • Archery Hunt
  • Firearm Hunt
  • Combo Hunt

For dates and rates, check here.


  • How much does whitetail deer hunting cost?

Guided whitetail deer hunts for deer hunters start around $300-$500, depending on location and duration.

Archery and muzzleloader hunts, which have a lower chance of producing a trophy, are typically less expensive.

  • Which is better to go whitetail hunting in the morning or evening?

More whitetails are likely to have been killed in the last hour of daylight than at any other time of day or night.

Another obvious advantage of hunting at night is the ease of sneaking into your stand location.

  • What is considered a trophy whitetail deer?

Age: 5.5–6.5-years-old. These are mature bucks in top condition. They are at their peak in terms of weight, antler size, strength, and cunning.

These are animals that have figured out how to survive and are extremely difficult to hunt. These are undeniably trophy whitetail deer.


There is nothing more satisfying than getting a deer with your hunting skills.

Once you experience successful hunts of whitetail bucks or monster bucks, it will be such an exhilarating experience to share with your friends and family.

Some of the best experiences are the result of planning the right deer hunting trip and choosing the ideal location where you can expect to have positive encounters with some trophy bucks.

Enjoy the rifle season dates and visit a whitetail deer hunting outfitter today and win your very own buck of a lifetime!

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