Kill COVID: UV Light in HVAC are Effective & Save Lives!

It has been many years since the discovery that ultraviolet lights kill the bacteria and germs. The ultraviolet lights are using for so many purposes such as sterilizing hospitals, sterilizing water and germicidal lights for food companies and also curing nail colour faster than anything else. Apart from this, there is a good chance of UV light in HVAC effectiveness. UV light is also used to improve the indoor air quality for your residential system. Let’s check all the benefits of UV lights and its effectiveness for residential HVAC system as well.

Does UV light kill bacteria and viruses?

Yes, UV lights work magically. Ultraviolet lights have been used to kill bacteria, mold and viruses more than 100 years ago. In the year 1903, Niels Finsen got the Nobel Prize for using UV lights in order to treat the skin infection of a patient. Nowadays, UV lights are being used for the germ-killing process in the hospital, grocery stores and restaurants as well.

  • According to the study of Duke University Medical Centre in the year 2012 showed that UV lights can kill 97% of bacteria and the so-called superbug bacteria that are really very tough to kill by using other methods.
  • According to a journal of Applied and Environmental Biology of 2001, germicidal UV radiation significantly reduces the airborne fungus.

UV light in HVAC effectiveness:

We all know that UV lights for HVAC system are mainly known as ultraviolet germicidal irradiation systems. The UV lights can target a specific type of air contaminant named microorganisms such as mold spores, viruses and bacteria as well. There are two types of lights for HVAC purpose. These are such as follows:

1. Coil sanitizing lights: Many people have central air conditioning. So, they must have an indoor coil as well. Here is the location of the development of mold and bacteria. As we all know that coil is used to condense moisture from the air in order to dehumidify the home circumstances during the AC cycling time. So, at the time of air passes through the coil, the dirt, debris stick to the wet surface. This setting is the ideal place for growing bacteria and viruses.

You can use the coil UV lights. It is very much beneficial for the HVAC system. Coil sanitization lights are available. You need to install these in order to have the bacteria-free home circumstance.

2. Air sanitizing lights: This type of light is installed in the ductwork. The purpose of this light is to kill the airborne bacteria and germs. These lamps are available in u-shape. This lamp should be hardwired with the system. So, you may need to spend so extra cost at the time of installation.

Best 5 lights:

1. OdorStop UV lights:

This is one of the top picks for UV lights. It has the airflow sensor in it. This product is very much useful and has some unique features. These are such as follows:

  • This light can kill the bacteria, virus, mold and bad smell from the air.
  • It can also save energy by using the air flow sensor to turn on while needed.
  • The installation process is very much easy and handy.
  • It has four 16” UV-C light bulbs for killing maximum mold and bacteria-killing.

2. Pure UV light for AC:

If you want to go for the little fussy installation item, then this is the best choice for you. This light can be installed underneath or above the evaporator. This light does not need special electrical plug to work. This light can improve the energy efficiency by cleaning the coil. Here are some features:

  • This light is durable and efficient in design.
  • The installation process is very easy and straightforward as well.
  • It can improve the energy efficiency of AC unit.

3. Air Purifier light for AC:

It is a best UV sanitizer bulb. You do not need to do the regular and routine maintenance. The installation process of this bulb is very straightforward and it takes only 15 minutes. You will get the 9 feet cord. The overall design of the light reduces the chances of accidental damage. Here are some features:

  • It can kill 99% mold, bacteria and bad smell as well.
  • The design of the light is very compact.
  • It is energy-efficient.
  • Installation process is very much easy as well.

4. Bio-shield Air Sanitizer light:

This is the perfect air sanitizer light. It works on mold, bacteria and virus. Apart from this, it can work on airborne particles such as dust mites, pet hair and all. This can improve the efficiency of AC unit. It can increase the cooling capacity of the AC as well. Some features of this light:

  • It is very much easy to install.
  • It works great against airborne microbes.
  • It can also improve the efficiency of the AC unit.

5. D200 Dual Lamp Air Purifier:

This is an efficient UV light sanitizer that works perfectly by killing 99% airborne microbial organisms. It is an ideal purchase for your home. Here are some features of this light:

  • It is very much easy to install.
  • Energy-efficient as well.
  • Long lifespan.
  • Works 99% by killing bacteria, mold and viruses.

How to install these lights?

Most of the UV lights come with a paper template for the mounting procedure. It is generally installed on your duct where the furnace is located.

  • At first, you need to drill a pilot hole at the locations.
  • Then you need to use the saw bit.
  • The light bulbs need to go through the hole.
  • After that, the unit needs to be plugged in the regular outlet.

You need to follow the safety considerations at the time of install these lights. Now, you know the UV light in HVAC effectiveness.

How long will the bulb last?

These lamps generally last long up to 12 months. This lamp will stay a little bit longer than the time. But after one year, it will lose its power to diminish bacteria.

Replacement bulbs:

For the replacement, you need to follow these steps:

  • Need to close all the faucets and close water supply.
  • Unplug the power.
  • Check your UV system is not too warm.
  • Remove the protective cover very carefully.
  • Remove the lamp from there.
  • Insert the new lamp.
  • Open and faucet and check the supply.

The overall cost of the UV lights and its professional set up is a little bit high. But if you follow the instructions then you can fix it by yourself. You can also save the money by doing it yourself.

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