31 Awesome Treehouse Ideas You Can Build in a Weekend

Treehouse symbolizes the joy and freedom of our childhood. If you have children, then you know nothing is better to give them this iconic structure. In childhood, we all are dreaming of staying in the treehouses at least once in a lifetime.

We have gathered some of the best treehouse ideas that you can build in a weekend…or two. Check it out…

1. Classic treehouse:

This is absolutely a perfect creation and adorable and iconic structure for the kids. You can place a wooden structure at the branches so they can be entertained for hours. It can stand still and give an amusing experience to your kids. By creating this wooden structure, you can get your kids out of the house and playing in the backyard. They can feel the natural beauty apart from the digital structure of the web. You can check it out here.

2. The pirate treehouse:

Are your children pirate fans? This will keep them busy for hours. There is a lot of space for moving around. Your kids can play well and freely. It is relatively simple to build.

Pirate Ship Tree House: Pirate Party: Vol. 2, Day 37 from 365ish Days of Pinterest

3. Simple treehouse:

This is a basic structure of wood. This simple structure can give you a perfect option for social gatherings and parties for your children. A simple ladder is there to climb up on the house and settle there.

Terrazza tree deck  plans for one tree image 2

Terrazza tree deck plans for one tree | Etsy

4. Treehouse with a deck or two:

This is the perfect gathering place for all ages. But this is not too big. You can make some small summer gathering here. Click here to see more.

5. Tree for every railing post – treehouse

Treehouse: 4 Steps (with Pictures)


6. The inside treehouse:

Children of all ages can enjoy playing in the tree fort. This is a very sporty and encouraging idea for the kids to play outside and keep them aside from the video games. You can get it here.

Big Tree Fort Hideaway - Imaginative Indoor Play For Kids, 7' High - Hearthsong

7. Treehouse with hammocks:

When the kids are away the parents will play…or rest. These are totally for relaxing and concentrating purposes. See the details here.

8. Monkey bars under treehouse

Monkey bars are great for kids practicing to be on American ninja warrior or regular kids who need to burn energy and have a great time. Check it out here.

9. Modern treehouse:

Many people like to decorate their treehouses in modern ways. This is well decorated and your kids will love to play in it. Check it out here.

21 Amazing Tree Houses for Kids

10. More modern treehouses:

It is a medium-sized but a great place for the children to play. It is made of wood and a simple masterpiece. See it here.

11. Treehouse with big net

Nets are probably the coolest addition to any treehouse. They make it more adventurous and kids and adults alike love them. This will make their dream comes true.

"...large treehouse scramble net"

12.Treehouse with net ladder, net bridge

Nets can also be great ladders to access the treehouse instead of building a wooden staircase. Which can take a few hours if you do it right. Consider saving time and using a net to access the landing.

Scramble Nets for treehouses by Treehouse Life "...a world away from everyday"

13. The epic treehouse:

Ok, this may take your a few months…or a year to build. It just shows you what cool designs are out there and what is possible.

Modern treehouse cabin in Hangzhou, China - CabinPorn

14. Fun net ladder to treehouse:

This is an easy outdoor treehouse for your kids and family in order to enjoy the adventurous life of nature.

What do you guys think of this?

15. Netting. Why stop there:

If you love to spend some time with nature, then this tree house idea is the best one. You will have to add some cushions there in order to spend some quality time with close to nature. Check it out here.

Treehouse Netting | Knottless 1-3/4" Square Netting - 12' width - 12' width

16. Rope swing treehouse:

You can add a rope swing from the treehouse. It is an awesome idea for your kids. It can give entertainment to the children and they want to play outside more and forget about their videogames.

17. Nets floors. Need we say more!:

Net floors are a quick way to put up your treehouse and make it fun for kids and grownups of all ages.

"The Loft" Treehouse — The 2nd floor net. This is actually hockey netting...

18. Because nets are awesome!:

If you want some personal place to enjoy, then you can create your own treehouse with a net floor. You can make it as per your choice. You do not need to bother about the instructions and rules.

Tree house Netting from Factory to Installation | Pucuda Leading Edge

19. Filler up – bucket and pulley!

Treehouses must have a way to get the tools and toys up to the treehouse. Using classic pulley and a bucket is a great way to entertain your kids and keep them safe.

Simple DIY Pulleys for kids can be so much fun! Use this tutorial to DIY a bucket and a pulley for a treehouse. #diypulley #treehouseaccessories #kidsDIY

20. Trap door in the floor:

If you love to give some exercise period to your kids, then this adventurous one is very much useful. Your children will love to get this. See the trap door.

Trap Door

21. Floor door!

If you want to make it simple and easy, then you can go for this treehouse. Incorporating the door into the floor ( a full-length door at that), you save time and make the treehouse that much cooler.

tree house trap door - Google Search    If you like decorations made with natural materials, decorative items consisting of logs and logs will surely be of interest to you. These items, especially preferred in chalets, have now been moved to cities and entered our homes. If you want to experience the warmth of wood in your home and have a peaceful corner that will make you forget the chaos of the day, you should examine our visuals closely.    Woo... #door #Google #house #Search #trap #Tree

22. Fireman pole

This is an amazing idea. You can connect it with another tree and part of your house as well. See all the details here.

Greene & Greene Inspired Redwood Tree House detail of door to access the fireman's pole - Pasadena, CA

23. Safe ladder

Higher treehouses require safer ladders, stairs. Consider a safe rope ladder.

24. If it is high up in the air – build stairs with handrails.

If your treehouse is too high in the air you want to make sure your kids will be safe. Building a handrail/staircase is the best way to go. More info here.

25. Convert a shed

Save space and utilize your shed. Genius!

A treehouse shelter with a storage area underneath. The play shelter has 3 acces#acces #area #play #shelter #storage #treehouse

26. Playhouse/swing set.

Some treehouses are a mix of swingsets and treehouses. It’s your house, your rules. See more here.

The Children's Cottage Company - bespoke Playhouses and Treehouses

27. Swings underneath the treehouse.

Use all the space above, on and under your treehouse. Attached swings and you won’t be able to drag your kids in for dinner.

More ideas below: Amazing Tiny treehouse kids Architecture Modern Luxury treehouse interior cozy Backyard Small treehouse masters Plans Photography How To Build A Old rustic treehouse Ladder diy Treeless treehouse design architecture To Live In Bar Cabin Kitchen treehouse ideas for teens Indoor treehouse ideas awesome Bedroom Playhouse treehouse ideas diy Bridge Wedding Simple Pallet treehouse ideas interior For Adults #kidsindoorplayhouse #informando

28. U powered elevator!:

29. Low to the ground:

It is a DIY item. You can color it as per your kid’s choice. It is very easy to build and great for younger kids who don’t want to climb high. You can see the details here.

Diy outdoor ideas for kids tree houses 65+ ideas

30. Cozy treehouse:

If you want a treehouse for a long time running then this is the best option. You can put all of your ideas to make it perfect and strong. See the cozy treehouse.

31. The bright one:

Your treehouse can be bright and inviting. It doesn’t have to be brown and blend in with the tree. Spice it up!

These ideas are not for kids only. It is also applicable for adults. So, you can enjoy your time with nature.


How much does a treehouse cost?

A treehouse can cost as little as $500 if you DIY for small ones, $2500 for mid-range and $5,000 for high-end tree houses. By planning out what you have or you’re able to save a lot of money don’t just wing it.

Does a treehouse hurt the tree?

No a treehouse does not hurt a tree. However screws and nails going into a tree do you leave scars and damage the bark. The tree will recover overtime.

How long do tree houses last?

Properly maintain tree houses can last 20 to 25 years the key is make sure that they are adequately protected against the elements including rain wind snow. Your tree house will last much longer if you perform the necessary maintenance on it every year. 

How much weight can a treehouse hold?

A treehouse can hold over a thousand pounds if properly built and secured to a tree with strong enough limbs. A 10″ tree limb can hold several thousand pounds.

Can I build a treehouse on my property?

Yes you can build a treehouse on your property in most cases. Make sure to check with your homeowners association as well as any county permits that may be required.

What to know before building a treehouse?

  1.  Identify what you’re looking for. Research on Pinterest or other websites to see what examples of tree houses are available and that would be good for your family.
  2. make a plan. 
  3. 2. Price out your lumber.
  4.  3. Check to make sure you don’t need a permit. 
  5. 4. Inspect your trees to make sure there’s no broken limbs or issues with the tree that would make the treehouse fail. 

How big does a tree need to be for a treehouse?

A tree should be at least 12 in in diameter for a small treehouse. The tree must be large enough to hold the weight of the wood as well as the kids playing on the treehouse. 

Is a pine tree good for a treehouse?

No if pine tree is not a good tree for a treehouse. Pine trees when they are nailed into or cut the seatbelt sap which will often cover the tree fort and become messy and sticky. Oak trees or maple trees are great trees for tree houses.

How do you secure a treehouse around a tree?

You secure a treehouse around the tree by building a strong support structure that moves diagonally 45° down from treehouse platform into the tree. 

Should I use pressure treated wood for a treehouse?

You can use pressure treated wood or cedar wood Corey treehouse.

How long would it take to build a tree house?

It will take at least a weekend if you have all the supplies and tools and a helper to build your tree house. Most people take about a week to build a small tree house.

How far off the ground should a tree house be?

A treehouse can be as far off the ground as you would like it. Many tree houses are 6 8 10 or 12 feet off the ground.. 

Do treehouses move?

Tree houses do move as the tree moves. However if it’s properly nailed to the tree it should move away from the tree but sway in the wind with it.

Is a tree house a permanent structure?

A treehouse is a permanent structure as long as it’s properly secured to the tree.

Can I live in a treehouse?

You could live in a treehouse if it was large enough in good meat all of your basic needs for shelter and cooking sanitation etc.

How do you make a simple treehouse?

  1. Research treehouse
  2. Plan the treehouse
  3. Build the treehouse base
  4. Security treehouse base to the tree
  5. Build the treehouse railings for fall protection

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