Best Size Trampoline For Home Fun & Gymnastics 2022

-Updated 1/21/2022

If you are looking for the best trampoline for 2022 then it can be a bit difficult to choose one as almost every brand claims to provide the best size trampoline for home fun & gymnastics practice. The information provided in this guide will help identify which trampoline is best for your home or gymnastics use.


Types & Best Size Trampoline

  • Mini trampoline & smaller trampoline. These are great for backyards and areas with smaller spaces and for younger children. Mini trampolines are typically 36″. Smaller trampolines can be 7ft or 8ft trampolines.
  • Square trampoline. Are great for multiple bounces and are a blast. These can be 10ft trampolines, 13ft trampolines or larger.
  • Rectangle trampoline. These are great for higher and wide jumps & movement. Many gymnastic gyms use rectangular trampolines.
  • Oval trampoline. These are your typical 12ft trampolines that you see in backyards and are great for the whole family.
  • Larger trampoline

Best Size Trampoline For Home Use & Gymnastic Practices

Though you can find various types of trampolines for gymnastic practices but while choosing the best trampoline for this purpose you will have to consider a few things like:

Limit of carrying weight: It depends upon the weight of the user

Enclosure– though it is not necessary still it is recommended to protect the user.

Handlebars: To provide stability to kids up to 5 years of age

Spacious: It should provide enough space to perform well without getting injured

Safety features: Adequately padded rust-resistant springs, durable frame of galvanized steel without any gap along with enclosures

Reliable manufacturer: Check the reputation of the brand

Surface area of mat: Depending upon the number of users, 8-12 feet diameter for 1-2 users and above 15 feet for 2-3 users

Warranty: To protect your investment as some of its parts are likely to break

Availability of spare parts: To use it for a long time

UV protected padding: Allows you to use your trampoline outdoors.

Best Size Trampoline For Home Use

Mid sized trampolines, 10ft, 12ft trampolines are often the right trampoline for small yards and whole family. They don’t require too much space and can have a safety net as an option since they are easy to bounce off if multiple people are jumping at the same time. They still have a great bounce.

Beware of trampolines with no safety net.

We had the 12ft older style round-style trampoline with the blue padding several years ago. They are very fun but more dangerous than the newer version with the safety nets. Without the nets, you can too easily bounce someone off or onto the steel support. Every year over 100,000 people are injured on these older-style trampolines.

Where to purchase?

You can buy 12ft trampolines at dozens of big box stores or online like Amazon.

Best Size Trampoline For Gymnastic Practice

1. Acon Trampoline

Acon is a European brand that has been dealing in high-quality trampolines since 2003. Initially, they established their customer base in the Netherlands and Finland by selling trampolines imported from the United States.

After being approved by the Finnish Gymnastics Federation they started producing high-quality trampolines at a commercial scale in collaboration with Chinese partners. In 2007 they started their online store to extend their customer base globally. Today Acon is one of the world’s top brands offering a wide range of high-quality trampolines.

Acon Trampoline Air 16 Sport HD with Enclosure


  • High-quality trampoline with enclosure
  • Dynamic mat and optimized springs
  • 126 inches enclosure at 40 inches height
  • Strong frame of galvanized steel pipes


  • Quality below expectations
  • Not good for gym practice

This Acon trampoline with 10’ x 17’ size has an enclosure for the protection of advanced users. The structure of its frame has been renewed with a dynamic mat and optimized springs to make it more rigid.

Its 126 inches enclosure is 40 inches high to ensure enough safety from injuries. Its pipe frame has been galvanized inside-out and includes 140 10 inch long heavy-duty springs and a UV treated cross-sewn polypropylene mat with 10rows of stitching.

It can be used throughout the year. For single use there is no weight limit. The package also includes a tool to pull springs and ground anchors.

2. Skywalker trampoline 15 ft


  • Easy to assemble
  • Spacious size
  • Outstanding safety features
  • Plenty of bounce
  • Stable and sturdy


  • Weight capacity is low according to its size

This square-shaped trampoline is bouncier than a rectangular trampoline which is required by most users. Moreover, it offers more area to jump on than a round trampoline as the area of 15’ round trampoline will be smaller. The entire space of this trampoline is usable even if it is smaller than a 16′ trampoline.

This unit has been designed carefully by keeping in mind all types of safety concerns. Its frame is made of galvanized pipes of 2.4” diameter to ensure the durability and stability of the trampoline. Its interlocked net and gap-free design makes this jumping mat more suitable for 2-3 kids weighing up to 250 pounds.

3. Tumbling trampoline

Clevr 7 ft Small Kids’ Trampoline


  • Welcoming and attractive colors
  • Heavy-duty base construction and frame
  • Impact protected poles and heavily-padded springs
  • Durable PE netting system


  • Takes some time to assemble

It is one of the best tumbling trampolines for home as it is sufficient for kids from 3-6 years of age. It can be used outdoors as well as indoors.

It is easy to climb on the mat due to its lower height. Its base and frame are made of heavy-duty steel to make it adequately strong to hold up to 100 pounds of weight without deforming or breakage.

It has been made flexible and durable by using a polyethylene net around the jumping mat and for impact protection, its net poles are heavily padded. The spring pad of this easy to assemble tumbling trampoline is completely waterproof so that your kids can use it throughout the year.

Are circle or rectangle trampolines better?

While choosing between circular and rectangular trampolines you will have to consider a few factors like:

Performance: A rectangular trampoline will absorb your rebound along with providing maximum bounce at 3 sweet landing spots whereas on a circular trampoline you will get rebound only at one sweet spot in its center.

Weight limit: The weight limit of the rectangular trampoline can be up to 350lbs whereas that of round trampolines can range from 200 – 300lbs.

Use: Rectangular trampolines can be used by anyone including families and athletes of all experience levels but round trampolines are available in smaller sizes which are the best for recreational users only.

Safety: Though the safety on trampoline depends upon its brand, size and shape as well as age and size of the users still rectangular trampolines are considered safer than round ones. One has to be more careful while using a round trampoline than a rectangular one.

Thus, on the whole a rectangular trampoline is better than a circular trampoline.

What is a good size trampoline for doing flips?

You can find round and rectangular trampolines in a wide range of sizes starting from 8 feet to 15 feet round trampolines and 7’x10’ to 14’ x 16’. The best size of trampoline for doing flips depends upon the age, size and number of the users.

If the trampoline is used by 1-2 kids from 3-6 years age then a round trampoline of 12’ to 15’ size can be good enough. But if it is to be used by youngsters then a rectangular trampoline of 10’ x 17’ or 14’ x 16’ can be the best options.

Thus you should consider all the factors discussed in this write-up while choosing the best trampoline for gymnastics practice.

FAQs For Different Sizes of Trampolines

  1. Do they include a safety net?

A safety net is usually standard with newer trampolines. It is an important factor when choosing safe trampolines. Safety nets are common with almost all round, square and rectangel trampolines which are common styles in backyards.

2. What kinds of kids trampolines are there?

Younger children who love trampolines can start out with a small 36″ mini-trampoline. These are great for small children inside your house and are much safer than larger trampolines for younger kids.

3. Common questions with large trampolines

What are bigger trampolines best for?

16ft trampolines and larger are great for more advanced users who seek to jump higher. The larger surface areas allows them to bounce you higher than smaller trampolines. They are often used indoors with padded walls or near foam pits to make them safer. Some may have enclosed net, but most do not.

These bigger trampolines are best for older children who need a higher bounce.

4. Are springfree trampolines worth it?

Yes, if safety is a big concern for you. Springfree trampolines are worth it since they are much safer than regular trampolines with steel and springs. They are more expensive than traditional trampolines but give you the extra peace of mind you may be seeking.

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