Spiders in the Grass: 15 Answers To Save Your Life Now!

Ever had a creepy feeling that something just wasn’t right? Maybe you saw a spider crawling across the floor or heard one buzzing in the corner. Either way, spiders can be scary, especially if you’re not an expert on them. But don’t worry! This blog is here to help with 15 answers to save your life now!

There might be many instances where you would have noticed spiders crawling around your lawn or walls. Most of these spider species easily get misidentified. Most people encounter the common grass spider which is also known as a funnel-web spider. In a lot of areas, you’ll start noticing such spiders from the beginning of spring to all the time of summer’s end.

Among the most common law spider species is the Agelenopsis spider. This is commonly known as grass spider. Various other types like the wolf spiders and hobo would also be present in lawn. The question here is, are all of these spiders in the grass poisonous? Can lawn spiders bite you?

We will get to that shortly…

In a Nutshell…

  1. Beware of spiders
  2. Why it’s important not to panic when you see one
  3. Ways to get rid of them without killing them (or yourself)
  4. How to avoid getting bitten in the first place
  5. And finally, how not to kill them if you have no other choice but extermination!
  6. -9 include information on different types of spiders found in North America
  7. and their bites/
  8. effects
  9. includes information on how people react differently when they’re bitten by a spider,
  10. from mild reactions like redness or itchiness all the way up to death!
  11. also includes what steps need be taken immediately after being bitten and what treatments can be used for more severe cases of bites!
  12. is about how long does it take for a person who has been bitten by a spider before seeing any symptoms, with being about whether or not we should worry about our pets’ health too!
  13. is simply about how much does an exterminator cost per hour…and why that might just be your best option 😉

Beware of Spiders

The next time you notice a spider web in your garden, be sure to appreciate the benefits they provide while keeping them at arm’s length. A few spiders may seem harmless but their webs are actually helpful for capturing damaging insects and pollinators that might otherwise feed on plants and flowers. These arachnids only pose harm when facing danger so don’t approach any closer than necessary!

Taking Care of Your Garden

Discouraging and Eliminating Webs

In situations when these spider webs completely take over your yard much more than you want them to, you can easily clean this up after spraying shrubs and grass with forceful water sprays; this would also lead to spiders pushing off the plants.

If you’re spotting webs, the best measure to remove these would be brushing or vacuuming these directly. Regular mowing of lawn is required for keeping the grass short, which leads to disruption of spider webs. And if you’re willing to eliminate spider places for weaving future webs, you can clean the debris like bricks and wood piles with plant shrubs with spaces between these and the house.

Keeping Away the Spiders

If you’re concerned about spider infestation within your yard, the best thing you can do about it would be to eliminate the pray while encouraging spiders in the grass for looking out for food somewhere else. The lighting at outdoors must be turned off at times, as it can attract a lot of insects along with spiders. If still you’re keen on using outdoor lighting you can try out yellow lights that mostly repel insects.

Also you can spray broad-spectrum insecticide within the garden — particularly in crannies and nooks between lawn corners and bushes, where the spiders would hide for reducing numbers while also killing prey. Also select pesticide that is formulated for killing spiders like allethrin, resmethrin or pyrethrins.

However, pesticides are able to only kill spiders when these get sprayed directly on them, which would affect the efficiency of these chemicals to get control for long term.

Types of Spiders Found in Grass

Here we’ve compiled a list of good spiders that don’t pose a threat to humans

  1. Grass Spider (Agelenopsis spp)

American grass spider grows to around 19 mm in their body length and with hind spinnerets is distinct and prominent. The simplest way would be to identify such spider through the dark bands that run on cephalothorax sides.

Grass spider is commonly known to commonly build funnel webs. With the little funnel shaped webs you’ll easily notice their presence in your lawn. These spiders would make use of grass blades for building funnel webs between them.

These can be seen inside the house in winters. This would be as these escape low temperatures for warmth within the house. Grass spiders aren’t dangerous at all to humans. With winter onset most of these die duet to harsh weather conditions.

2. Wolf Spider

This often gets mistaken for grass spider because of similar thoracic stripe resemblance. Wolf spiders have thicker ones and these are a lot more pronounced.

A major difference between grass spiders and wolf spiders is that grass spiders don’t spin webs. Rather they only burrow little holes inside yard from where they wait for their pray.

Wolf spiders are hunters are and easily found in lawn due to insect activity in your grass. Grasshoppers and other different insects feed on the turf, making your lawn as the ideal place for wolf spiders.

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3. obo Spider

These are funnel-web spider species easily found inside the house – around lawns and yards. These can commonly be seen in northwestern United States parts.

Identification of hobo spiders is difficult as these have brown body longer legs and gray abdomen, sometimes these also have yellow markings. This commonly gets confused with brown recluse spider and wolf spider.

Are All These Grass Spiders Poisonous and Dangerous to Humans?

American grass spiders have toxins for quickly paralyzing preys. Their prey commonly consists of little insects in grassy or lawn areas.

  • Grass spiders can bite but their venom isn’t dangerous to humans.
  • Bite of wolf spider might hurt but it isn’t life-threatening.
  • Hobo spiders normally don’t attack people unless they get provoked. These species hunt aggressively. Upon biting their venom might be fairly dangerous.

Most people like playing yard and lawn games. If you’re thinking of your lawn getting infested with spiders, it can pose a risk of spider bites. A few spider bites are dangerous and painful. If you’re suspecting that you’ve been bitten through a venomous spider, you must seek medical attention.

Lawn Spiders that Bite

Northern Black Widow


Brown Widow


Fully mature black widows spiders can reach about an inch in body length. Typically have shiny black colors with red hourglass and yellowish orange or dot within a stomach area.

Southern Black Widow


You would come across black widow spiders in such places:

  • Underneath piles of wood and rubble
  • Within hollow stumps
  • Underneath rubble and woodpiles
  • Garages
  • Crawl spaces
  • Sheds
  • Untidy basements

Black widow spiders in the grass are among venomous species of spiders. Even only a little venom amount quickly affects your nervous system.

Upon getting bitten through these species of spiders in the grass, people would get severe reaction which is manifested through abdominal pain, nausea, fever, headache, vomiting and spike in blood pressure. Good news is that black widow spiders don’t bite people unless they’re threatened or disturbed.

Red Widow Spider

The bodies have reddish brown color. Normally, the underside is available with only one or more than one little red marks.

Spider webs are created in palmettos, rosemary, scrub oak and various other shrubs that are mostly available southeast Florida and central sand-pine scrub territories. The females only bite and this leads to neurotoxin leading to spasms in muscle.

Neurotoxins lead to paralysis and low heart rate by affecting nervous system.

The Tarantula

These measure around 7 to 10 cm in length and are quite capable of exceeding around 30 cm. The little one mostly prey on insects, but similarly to huntsman spiders, the giant tarantulas normally prey on larger animals such as snakes, frogs, bats and rodents.

The common color for Tarantulas is brown and black with distinguishable body hairs that are used as defense mechanism against predators. They’re found in different if not other parts of:

  • New Mexico
  • California
  • Arizona
  • Texas
  • Arkansas
  • Nevada
  • Utah
  • Oklahoma

Although all tarantulas are quite poisonous, there isn’t any data recorded for deaths that are caused because of tarantula bite. However, the bites can be excruciatingly painful and these last for various days.

Normally spiders in the grass aren’t quite bad. A lot of spider species aren’t aggressive and these are only bitten when they are provoked. Yet, it would still be a lot better to know regarding the spiders, especially the venomous ones.

Brown Recluse


So if you’re quite knowledgeable about these, you must also take precautions for keeping these and yourself out of any danger.


Do lawn spiders bite?

Wolf spider species are known for their biting especially when they get disturbed. However, these species aren’t aggressive and will rarely bite without any disturbing. These are venomous spider species, but their bite would hardly require any treatment.

Grass spiders typically don’t bite (note, that there might be species other than the listed ones)

Should lawn insects along with spiders be killed?

While most home owners don’t want lawn spiders invading their space, they must know that other insects that don’t pose any harm to the grass also inhibit your lawn space. With insecticide spray the damage there is also a lot of damage occurring additionally to eliminating spiders.

The insecticide toxin seeps through soil while killing vital soil organisms, which slows down decomposition process along with the release of organic fertilizer.

How can you get rid of lawn spiders?

Still if you wish to completely get rid of spiders crawling in your lawn, you can simply trim any overgrown vegetation that you notice around the house with mow turf grass for keeping it short while minimizing cover for spiders. Also, you’re able to manually remove spider webs while cleaning the yard for removing debris and food particles that would attract insects that a lot of spiders mostly prey on.

If everything else fails for spider removal from your lawn then the best measure would be to apply a reliable insecticide. Additionally to spiders in the grass, these insecticides also kill other unwanted insects found in the lawn.

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