15 Genius Ways to Shade Your Patio NOW!

Spending time with your friends and family in the backyard can be a very soothing moment. The sun gives an excuse to just go out grab a drink and relax the whole day. However, while you are outdoor you are exposed to the sun’s harmful rays. Your sunscreen may not alone give you enough protection from the UV rays. So, what do you do now?

You just need a patio that can provide fresh air and save you from direct sunlight. Here below are 15 genius ways to shade your patio:

#1. Plant trees


Now, before you make any judgments, hold! Planting trees is the most creative and genius step that you can take which not only will provide you shades but will also help to keep your environment fresh.

The downside is – it may take years, but if you have a permanent house the wait will be worth it. Now, who says nothing grows by cedar trees? It is the most effective, inexpensive and environmentally-friendly way to give shadow to your patio.

#2. Get a patio umbrella


This is the fastest way you can add shadow to your patio. When you are finished with your landscape project you shade your patio.  We show you 15 Genius Ways!.

The best part is – it is very reachable, you can either order it online or get it from a store. You can get a variety of umbrellas like the basic with a straight center pole and round built or off-set umbrellas. And since the umbrellas will offer shadow in a limited area, it is best that you use it near the dining table.

#3. Awning

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Awning is one of the easiest and time-less options you can grab. You can get a wide variety of choices on fabrics or posts. They are made of long-lasting material, and some are made of pliable frames.

#4. Get a Pop-up Canopy

If you need more shadow then umbrella and have a more budget you can get a pop-up canopy. One of the advantages you can have with pop-up canopy is – you can move it as want. In addition to that, pop-up canopy are very easy to store and carry anywhere.

You can use pop-canopy in your patio and see your planted tree getting mature. (#1)

#5. Install a permanent roof

There you go! Simple and clean. If your patio is roofless you can set up a permanent roof which will increase the looks and provide the shadow without doing anything. Constructing a roof for shadow could be much expensive but again you will get the permanent solution along with the aesthetics.

It will demand a higher budget and time, which means you will have to keep both in check.

#6. Pergola for Shadows

If you are someone who loves artistic and versatile structures then pergola will definitely melt your heart. These are the open roof system which helps to provide broken shades. However, you can install a fabric over it to make it classic. Pergola is inexpensive plus you can just hunt for pergola kits and engage in the DIY project.

#7. Shade sails

These are the versatile patio covers that provide protection from harmful UV rays and let you enjoy when you are outdoor. Shade sails are mostly knitted with polyethylene fabric which looks very attractive.

You can get any modern style and color that you like, they are very affordable and will increase the looks of your patio while being functional.

#8. Build a wall


Building a wall or a fence could not protect you from the sun when it is overhead. However, it may give shadow later or earlier in the day. And moreover, it will be a compliment if you use it with a canopy or an umbrella. Canopy or umbrella will cover you from above and the wall will give you support while giving shadows from the side.

#9. Vines for shade

45 Trendy backyard ideas for small yards privacy vines  45 Trendy backyard ideas for small yards privacy vines #backyard  #backyard #ideas #privacy #small #trendy #vines #yards

Trees are not the only option when it comes to offering shade. Structures like pergola, arbors or even fence have been used for centuries to hold vines and provide shade.

There are a variety of vines available, like for lightweight form, you can grow sweet pea, hops, clematis, and morning glory and for heavyweight composition go for – grapevine, climbing roses, climbing hydrangea.

#10. Install a pavilion for shade

The pavilion is a type of semi-permanent composition that could be installed in the backyard to provide shadow during summers. It is one of the most attractive and amazing investment if you love to spend time outside in an open-air.

Pavilion comes in assembly, you will have to attach it with the deck or patio to give more stability. With proper installation and care, the pavilion can last for years while giving the best shade.

#11. Get some patio curtains


Looking for a cheap, and versatile option that gives shadow? Shop your favorite patio curtains and hang it if you have an already build roof or pavilion.

The patio roof will provide shadow from above while curtains will shower the limited sunrays from the side. Now, the best part – you can shop for any type of curtains you like it can be a fabric, shower or even tapestries curtains.

#12. Use plants

If you have a patio roof, pavilions or pergolas you can hang plants to provide shadows in the sitting spot. However, the plants will not give the best shadows, they will definitely be a genius or creative way to shade your patio.

#13. Palapa roof


Palapa roof is covered with straw, palm branches or heather. This option is for those who want to give their backyard a tropical touch. Functional, aesthetic and a very unique patio to make your neighbor jealous.

#14. Cabana for shade


This is another unique and functional shade-giving patio that we have mentioned in this list. Cabana is like a hut which is covered with a solid roof above and curtains on four sides. You can easily rock this patio in your garden as this will not only provide cover from the sun but will also give you a feel of a resort or beach club.

#15. Be creative

Using this method to add shadow to your patio could not be easy. However, if you think out of the box you can find a variety of options to get creative with your things. There are many online stores that offer kits to make your own patio covers.

If you have kids at home, you can ask them to contribute, they will surely come up with ten plus ideas and will get the job done.



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