11 Best Ride-on Toys for 1 Year Old Boy or Girl

Do you find the exciting toy rides for your kids? Just for you, we have researched and reviewed some of the best remote control cars for your benefits. We understand how much it is difficult to keep your child entertained for a long time.

So, these ride-on cars for toddlers will help you to manage your children for a long time. These toy rides vehicles are safe and secure for your kids. Few years ago, ride-on mini cars is like a fantasy for every child. But in these days, these cars are available on larger scale and every child can enjoy the ride on it.

Apart from other toys, these ride-on cars contribute to the kid’s ability to orientate, coordinate and feeling of control from the very small age.

These cars are durable, affordable and safe as well. The best part of these cars is that they can be controlled by the parents. But there are also some different capabilities of remotes.

Some people can control the car completely and override the child’ actions but in some cases, the remote control facility is there to control the car partially, not fully. So, here are some remote control ride-on cars for the toddlers.

Top ride-on cars for toddlers that will last a lifetime (amazon – $200-$5000) with remote control:

Here are different categories of remote control cars for varieties of kids according to their ages. This well-researched feedback and reviews will give you a perfect idea about these cars. You can take the decision and make your choice within the shortest time. Check out these products:

For babies:

Kiddie Roadster Remote Control Car:


This car is suitable for the babies irrespective of girls and boys 1 year old or so. This ride-on car needs the supervision of the adult. There is a parental remote control that needs to be operated by them.

The parents will get the 2.4 GHz remote control in order to operate and direct the car. This is a best gift of entertainment for your baby. In the remote co

ntrol, there is forward and reverse switch. The seating material is very soft and comfortable. There is an adjustable 5 point safety seat belt. For the special attraction of your kids, there are attractive LED wheels. The car has soft start and electric brake system as well. You can get it under your budget.

For 2-4 years old:

Mercedes Benz Remote Control Car:


Yes, you heard it right; the Mercedes can also come in the real world as ride-on cars. The design is very much attractive and mind-blowing. It comes with so many features as well. This is perfect for the 2-4 years old children. Your kid will enjoy it.

This particular model comes in different five colours such as purple, black, grey, red and silver. There are a floor mat and baby tray where the kids can play and eat.

This car can run almost like a real car. It has three different speeds and multifunctional sound effects as well. Some important features of this car are here:

  • Interesting and real design
  • Has a lot of functions
  • It stimulate the real driving
  • It has two motors
  • It has soft and comfortable seat
  • It has removable baby tray
  • It has integrated Mp3 player.

For 5 to 7 years old:

Best Choice Remote Control Car:


If you think ride-on cars are only for babies then you are wrong. This ride-on truck can prove you wrong. This is perfectly fit for the children of 5 to 7 years old. The children can experience a fun at the time of riding it. This model is quite larger than the other models of cars. This car has enough room-space. It has rechargeable battery and charger and also comes with remote control access for the parents. Some features of this ride-on car are here:

  • It has working seat belt option
  • This car has realistic design as well
  • It has also a rechargeable battery
  • The interior is amazing
  • It has mp3 player
  • It has the weight capacity up to 65 pounds

For 8 to 10 years old:

Baybee Mercedez Bens Remote Control Car:


This car is only for children of 8 to 10 years. This car is very much colourful and attractive in looking. This car has mp3 player and marvelous sound system as well. This brand promises to provide the best priced ride-on cars to the customers. They design the cars according to the weight and needs of the children aging from 8 to 10 years. This is a 4-wheel battery-operated car and the remote control access ability of the parent. This is a value-added ride-on cars for your children.

  • The car is safe for your children
  • LED headlight is there in this car
  • It is perfect for both outdoor and indoor
  • The company can provide the genuine service

Buying considerations:

It is very much important to check these considerations before buying ride-on cars for toddlers. Actually, children love to play. But while they get bored, they become anxious, nervous and irritating. By driving mini vehicles, they can restore their confidence and control. They like this adventure and improve their balance and coordination as well. But as a parent, it is very much important to give them the perfect ride-on cars as per their ages, capabilities and controlling power.

Age: Before buying any ride-on vehicle, you should check the age details of the rider. You will have to check the product details and you get the idea of it. A car for baby is not at all perfect for a 4 or 6 years child. So, before buying, you should consider these important facts.

Cost: There are so many cars available on different budgets. So, you need to figure out your budget at first. You can easily get good quality ride-on cars between $200-$5000 budgets.

Battery: You will also have to check the battery capacity and power of the battery. For the ride-on remote control cars, it is very much important as well. If you need to change your old batteries, then you should go the shop and hire the technician for that.

Where it should store: Before buying any ride-on cars, you will have to check its storage place. If you want to store it outside, then you should check the car’s water resistant quality.

Test drive: Before buying any one of these, you should take a test drive. If your child is not with you then you can use your hands instead of their place.

Will it fit in you SUV: Before buying, you will have to measure its size and check if it fits in your SUV or not. This is very much important if you want to carry it at the time of travelling.

Test the gears: Before buying the ride-on car, you will have to check the gears and its durability as well.

These cars are imitating models of real-life cars. They are shiny and fancy as well. these are cars suitable for your children and they can enjoy the fun time.


  1. What options do ride-on cars have?
    1. Adjustable seat
    2. , steering wheel
    3. durable tires
    4. interactive features
    5. easy-grip handlebars
    6. fun design
    7. great features
    8. micro kickboard
    9. removable push handle,
    10. removeable seat
    11. max speed is walking speed

  1. Why consider getting a ride-on?
    1. Fun
    2. help develop fine motor skills
    3. great option for young children and older kids alike including little girl and little riders
    4. great as a walking buddy
    5. ittle riders
    6. great way have fun for indoor use or outdoor use on a smooth surface
    7. great for independent play on a flat surface
    8. maximum weight limit

  1. what about radio flyer?2
    1. good fit for younger sibling, little kids. The parents or older sibling can pull the radio flyer with a removeable push handle or
    2. Some have cup holders
    3. pull handle, handle folds turns the front wheels while the back wheel role straight
    4. removable floor
    5. classic toy, awesome ride, removable seat

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