Your retirement is fast approaching, and you’re ready to make a move.

Where do you intend to settle? How do you want to live during your retirement years? How much savings do you need to have to live comfortably?

These are some of the questions you need to ask yourself when you plan for your retirement years.

There are many wonderful places in the United States to spend your golden years, but Arizona is a desert oasis that provides retirees with the opportunity to be active or relaxed.

Arizona boasts amazing weather year-round, with mild winters and warm summers. There are bustling cities and quaint towns, both offering wonderful amenities for seniors.

You will find rest and relaxation while also enjoying a comfortable climate that allows you to explore more of your environment than some other states

In a hurry?

What are the best retirement communities in Arizona?

  1. Phoenix
  2. Mesa
  3. Flagstaff
  4. Green Valley
  5. Sierra Vista
  6. Golden Valley
  7. Paradise Valley
  8. Oro Valley



  • It is the largest city in Arizona and a trendy retirement destination for many people.
  • It is located in central Arizona.
  • If you choose to retire here, you will never run out of things to do.

From championship golf courses to art galleries, the city offers a wide range of diverse activities.

  • It is a short drive to some of the best cities to retire, like Mesa and Scottsdale.
  • Some of the best retirement communities are just a short distance from this city. These include the following:

1. Sun City West.

  • It’s a popular place to retire in the northwest of the Phoenix area.
  • It ranks third in areas with the lowest tax burden at 16.10%.
  • It is included in the list of the top 25 best places to retire in the United States.
  • You can enjoy numerous sports activities in the area. There are also countless social clubs that you can join.

2.  Sun City

  • It is known as the “sister city” of Sun City West.
  • It is a suburb located near the northwest part of downtown Phoenix.
  • It’s one of the most senior-oriented places in the great state of Arizona. About 74.40% of its population are senior citizens.
  • The place has many boutiques and medical facilities.

3. Litchfield Park.

  • It’s a small community located west of Phoenix.
  • It ranks third in the list of retirement areas with the most medical facilities.
  • It has many entertainment options and cultural clubs.

4. Cave Creek.

  • It is a small town located north of the Phoenix area.
  • It’s situated at the edge of Tonto National Forest, a popular destination in Arizona.
  • It ranks second in the list of retirement areas with the most medical facilities.
  • If you are fond of historical places, this area is for you. It has many buildings and sites with historical significance, and the most notable of these is Cave Creek’s town hall, which is listed on the National Register of Historic Places.


If you are thinking of buying a new home in this part of Arizona, go for it. It is a great spot for people who love nature.

  • If you enjoy nature trips and lake cruises, this place is perfect for you. It is pretty near many rivers and lakes, and the site is ideal if you want to cool down and avoid the dry heat of the warm summer months.
  • It is located near the Sonoran Desert.
  • It is one of the most affordable cities in Arizona.
  • The best retirement community here is the Canyon Winds Retirement Community. It offers various services, including assisted living and memory care services.


It is in Southern Arizona near Grand Canyon State

  • It is a popular spot for retired, active adults who love snow. If you are someone who would like to enjoy the winter months, then consider this place.
  • It is also a perfect spot for people who love nature.


  • Green Valley is one of the most affordable cities in Southern Arizona for senior citizens.
  • The Titan Missile Museum is just a short drive from Green Valley, and you can reach it in less than 15 minutes.
  • It is near the southern border of Arizona. The Mexican border is just an hour’s drive from it.
  • Saguaro National Park and Tucson are less than an hour from this place.
  • People love the place because of its climate.
  • The place has many recreation centers, golf courses, and entertainment centers.
  • It was once named the number one place to retire in Arizona by Niche.


  • It has a great climate all year round.
  • It is one of the best cities for retirement for nature lovers, hikers, and outdoor enthusiasts.
  • It is the best place for people who enjoy bird watching.
  • It has a low cost of living.


  • It is a short drive from the cities where residents can get everything they need.
  •  It has the lowest tax burden in Arizona.
  • It is near Las Vegas and the Colorado River. Golden Valley is just a two-hour drive from Las Vegas. On the other hand, the Colorado River is just an hour and a half drive from this area.
  • The temperature in the area is usually mild all year round, with a few occasional highs during summer.
  • It is perfect for people who prefer rural life. It is located near a desert and has many undeveloped areas.


  • Paradise Valley is one of the most expensive retirement places in Arizona.
  • If you love fine dining and high-end shopping, this is the place for you.
  • It has many golf courses. One of the most famous of which is at Paradise Valley Country Club.
  • It has many luxury real estate developments.


  • Oro Valley is situated in an area north of Tucson, southern Arizona.
  • It is highly recommended for people who enjoy living in a lively environment. Nature lovers will also enjoy the place.
  • The place offers a wide range of recreational facilities. There are golf courses, biking, and hiking trails, and tennis courts, to name a few.


As was mentioned above, the place where you will be retiring is essential. The primary reason for this is that where you intend to live can affect your future lifestyle.

For example, retiring in a metro area will require you to save more money to live comfortably, primarily because of the high cost of living in many cities.

Your daily activities will still revolve around the busyness and beauty of the city.

Two of the things that you will get to enjoy include:

  • Fine Dining. Since there are many hotels and restaurants around, you will still get to enjoy fine dining.
  • Easy access to medical facilities. Access to medical care will be easy because there are many medical centers in the city. But, in most cases, they are not cheap.

The only problem is that these things can be quite expensive. It also does not help that you may pay high taxes on your investments and properties.

Your future lifestyle will require you to have significant savings.

If you don’t want this lifestyle, then you can choose to retire in a rural area.

In most cases, you will have a low cost of living. You will also be able to wake up in a great place with beautiful scenery no matter where you look.

You will also be able to enjoy the natural beauty of the environment every day.

The key here is to choose a location that will suit your needs and preferences.

If you don’t want your location to impose a different lifestyle than what you wish to have, you choose wisely.



The national average cost of living in urban areas is higher than in rural areas. And there are many reasons behind it.

Living in urban areas will require you to pay higher taxes. Food, utilities, and medical care also cost more, and you will also need to pay more for rent and housing opportunities.

Make sure to choose an area that fits your budget and spending habits.


Do you want to have an active lifestyle still when you retire? Then, choose a place where you can enjoy activities in a way that suits your preferences.

  • Do you enjoy activities that allow you to burn calories while having fun?

Then, the perfect place for you has a fitness center and other recreation centers.

  • Are you someone who enjoys outdoor activities? Then the ideal place for you has beautiful scenery, something that you can enjoy whenever you walk, jog, or hike.
  • Do you enjoy playing sports? Then, the best places have tennis courts or basketball courts. You may consider classes with pickleball courts.

The important thing is that you choose an area that allows you to play sports that you like or are willing to learn.

  • Do you love traveling and day trips? Then you may want to choose a place close to many cultural centers.

By doing this, you will enjoy the cultural attractions without suffering from any transportation problems.

Many places have active adult communities that engage in various types of activities. Make sure that you choose one that performs tasks that you will enjoy.

After all, joining an active adult community can help you build friendships. This, in turn, can help you cope and have fun during your retirement years.

Keep in mind that the lifestyle you want to have can affect your cost of living.


When you consider the climate of the area where you wish to move, think about your preferences and body.

Did you live in an area with a warm climate all your life and now wish for a taste of winter?

Then, you may want to choose a retirement place with mild winters.

Choosing an area with cold winters may not be a good idea since your body is not used to cold temperatures. You may find it hard to cope with this environment during the winter months.

Likewise, if you have been living in states with cold winters, you may want to choose an area with warm weather that is not too extreme.

Don’t choose areas where you will have trouble coping. Don’t choose places that can negatively affect your health and body.

Instead, choose a place with a climate that allows you to enjoy the lifestyle you want fully.


The best retirement communities can allow you to enjoy the activities you love.

Do not choose a retirement community that does not let you do so, and you may get bored with them and feel unhappy.

Always choose one that can help you appreciate your hobbies and life even more.e some of the things that you may want to consider when you select one for yourself:

a) Dining Service.

Is there any restaurant within the community where you can get food at any time?

Will you be okay with a food service similar to a cafeteria? Consider the type of food and dining services in the area.

b) The Amenities that the area offers.

Is the location a gated community with security services? Are there any music rooms, bars, or cafes where you can enjoy live music?

Does it have large open spaces where outdoor enthusiasts can enjoy activities such as horseback riding? Make sure you choose an area with amenities that can allow you to enjoy life.

c) Pets.

Do you want to live in a pet-friendly community? Do you want to live near a dog park, veterinary clinics, and other services for your pet? Or, are you not fond of them?

Not everyone enjoys pets, and not all retirement communities allow them. Choose one based on your preferences.

d) Medical Care and Assistance.

Many active retirees do not need special assistance in their daily activities. But, if you are one that requires it, choose a retirement community that offers it.

Also, choose one with easy access to medical care.

e) Transportation.

Is it easy to get in and out of the area? Is it near transportation hubs? What are the allowable and available modes of transport in the area?  

You don’t want an area where it is difficult to go from one place to another.

f) The community in the area.

It is important to choose an area with a low crime rate. Choose an area with good people who respect each other.

Do you like social activities and community events? Then, choose one with people that have social clubs that organize such events.

Retired active adults also need to connect with other people. Choose a community that encourages strong bonds and friendship.

g) The cost that you will be paying to live in the area.

Even if you have fixed income investments and savings, you should still consider the cost.

Choose an area that fits your budget while still allowing you to enjoy life.

Considering all of these is important for you to be able to choose the best retirement community for you.

2 Types of Retirement Communities

  1. Independent Living.
  • Encourages active lifestyle
  •  Suitable for seniors who do not need assistance in doing their daily tasks.
  •  You can access medical care easily in medical centers.
  1. Assisted Living.
  • Recommended for adults who need help in their daily activities.
  • There is personnel who will be assigned to  assist and care for you
  • Medical assistance is easily given in this type of retirement community.



Yes, it is an excellent place to retire regardless of your financial situation.  It has both affordable retirement communities and expensive ones.

The key is finding a place that you can afford while still being able to enjoy some hobbies.


  • The advantages of retiring in Arizona include:
  • Many areas have a low cost of living
  • They have nice weather with more sunny days
  • There are many golf courses and recreation centers to enjoy.
  • The tax burdens are few compared to other states.
  • The natural environment is beautiful.


Choosing your future retirement place is not an easy task. There are many things that need to be considered.

These things include the cost of living in the area, the lifestyle that you want to have, the climate in the area, and the type of retirement community in the area.

The good news is that there are many areas to choose from in Arizona!

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