If it gets damaged, can we repair it ourselves? If not, how much will it cost us to hire a professional to fix it? Are the necessary materials available nearby?

The cost of buying a travel trailer is not cheap. Even a pop-up camper can cost you several thousand dollars.

Newer models are more expensive than older, second-hand ones. But an older pop will still cost a few thousand dollar prices.

Pop-up campers are really expensive. This is why it is important that you know how to take care of it properly.

And, it is also important that you are prepared for the cost of maintaining it.


The most common problem, as reported by many camper owners, is the damage to their camper’s canvas.

This means that out of all the parts of a pop-up camper, this is the most vulnerable one. Most of the small problems can be repaired with the use of many camper canvas repair kits.

If you like DIY projects, then you can choose to repair the damaged area by yourself using these kits.

However, if the camper’s canvas has a more severe problem, then we recommend that you just replace it. You can choose to replace it yourself or hire an expert to do the job.

Keep in mind that the camper canvas replacement costs will vary depending on a number of factors. These factors include the age of your pop-up camper and the type of canvas used.

Even the availability of the necessary materials can affect the cost of the canvas replacement project.

Here are some of the important things to remember regarding canvas replacements:

  • Replacing the canvas of a new camper model will cost more.

On average, the cost of replacing the canvas of an older popup camper will rarely exceed a thousand dollars.

On the other hand, replacing the canvas of a new pop up camper model usually costs at least $1,500.

  • Hiring a professional recanvasing specialist will definitely cost more.

Hiring someone to service a standard pop can cost somewhere around $1000 to $2000. In some cases, even more.

This price includes both the materials cost and the labor costs.

  • There are many different canvas materials on the market today.

It is important to always bring a piece of canvas from your camper when shopping for a replacement canvas.

By doing this, you will be able to guarantee the similarity in the materials used between the old canvas and the new one.

  • The entire process of replacing the canvas could last from several hours to about three days.

Some DIY camper owners were able to do it for several hours the first time that they did it.

Other experts are able to do the job for at least five hours.

  • One of the main reasons why you may need to replace or repair your camper’s canvas is a tear. The size of the tear does not matter.

Even if it’s just a small tear, you should still fix it. By doing this, you will be able to avoid worsening the problem.  


The average life expectancy of camper canvas is around 10 to 15 years.

Keep in mind, however, that there are many factors that can affect the lifespan of your camper’s canvas and other parts.

  • The location where you often use the camper can affect its life span.

The canvas of campers that are often used in areas with warmer climates is more prone to damage.

  • Using your camper frequently can also make your canvas more prone to problems and damage.
  • The absence or presence of proper care and regular upkeep.

If you don’t take proper care of your pop-up camper, you can be assured that it will get damaged.

And because of this, you may end up replacing your canvas sooner than average.


If you choose to buy new pop up camper, make sure that you take care of it properly.

By doing this, you will be able to prevent the development of any problems. After all, proper care and regular maintenance are the keys to keeping your camper damage-free.

These tips can help you keep your camper’s canvas damage-free for a long time:

  •  The best way to keep your camper’s canvas problem-free is by cleaning it properly.
  • When you clean your camper’s canvas, do not use anything with harsh chemicals. Make sure to just use a mild soap.
  • When cleaning your canvas walls, do not just clean the exterior side. Keep in mind that you need to clean the opposite side too.

You have to wash everything that needs to be cleaned. If you don’t do this, you might end up with accumulated mold and dirt in the long run.

  • Do not close and store it when it is still wet. Many people believe that not drying your canvas completely is a common reason why it gets damaged.
  • Make sure that your camper’s canvas is completely dry before you store it.
  • Store your pop-up camper in a space with a clean environment.
  • Regularly check for the condition of the zippers, poles, seams, canvas walls, and all the other parts of the camper.
  •  If you notice a tear or damage on the zipper, seams, or other parts, have it fixed as soon as possible. Even if it’s just a little bit of tear.

To fix a small tear, simply follow these steps:

  1. The first step is to measure the area that needs to be fixed.
  1. Find the most suitable camper canvas repair kit.
  1. Make sure that you have a piece of canvas that is made from the same material as your old canvas.
  1. Cut a patch from the replacement canvas.
  1. Apply the adhesive on one side of the patch. You can use canvas glue or a Flex Seal.

Flex Seal can be used on many different types of surfaces. It can even be used on the canvas of a tent camper or tent trailer.

  1. Put it on top of the tear or hole and then press it.
  1. Wait for it to dry and cure.
  1. Apply to waterproof.

The zippers and other sewn parts of the camper’s canvas have specialty seam work.

This, however, does not mean that you can not repair it. You can actually sew it yourself.

Always remember that if you choose to repair or replace the canvas of your pop, you have to have the following:

  •  Right amount of patience.
  • Enough time to do the job.
  • A complete set of camper canvas repair kits.

If you don’t have these, I suggest that you consider hiring a specialist for the job, especially if you have a sufficient budget.

Hiring a professional has many benefits:

  • You will not need to spend hours or days repairing or replacing your canvas.
  • There are many available specialists, like Bear Creek Canvas and Fabricover, that can help you address your concern.
  • You don’t need to worry about finding the right material or equipment.
  • Professional recanvasing specialists offer warranties.
  • Often, you just need to add $300 to $600 on top of the cost of the materials for their service.



The canvas of a pop-up camper can be made using the following materials:

a) Vinyl

b) Canvas

c) Canvas and vinyl

These materials are treated to make them more weather-and-water resistant.


The canvas of a new pop-up camper can last as long as the travel trailer itself, around 10 to 15 years. This will only be possible if the owner is able to take care of it properly.


If you want to buy a brand-new pop-up camper, prepare a budget of around $10,000 to $30,000.


Pop-up campers are expensive. That is why people who buy them should know how to take care of them properly.

It has to be regularly checked and maintained, even if you do not use it very often.

It would also be beneficial for you if you knew how to repair some parts of it. A simple knowledge of canvas replacement will definitely go a long way.

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