How to Remove The Sticker From The Windshield (Tips and Tricks)

Have you ever accidentally put a bumper sticker on your car window? Or worse yet, did someone else put an inspection sticker on your car windshield?

And you realize that your parking permit is been on your windshield for a long time? So now you have a pesky on the rear of your car and it seems, it’s a big deal to get it off?

Good news!  You don’t have to worry because we’ve got your back!

Have no fear and follow these best methods to remove that stubborn sticker or those annoying dirty stickers from your car’s windshield. 

In a hurry?  

Do the following methods to remove car stickers from your car windshield:

  1. Clean up the surface of your glass with clean water.

Use a dry paper towel or microfiber towels along with warm soapy water to scrub off any dirt, grime, or other debris that may be stuck on your window.

This will help the removal process go smoother and make it easier to get rid of those old stickers without damaging your windows in the process.

  1. Use a hairdryer or heat gun to heat up the decal for 8-10 minutes.

Once corners of the sticker are heated up you should see the glue become soft and you should be able to lift off the sticker with minimal effort.

  1. Repeat until all stickers have been removed successfully.

If any still remain, then try again but it is a good idea to keep working section by section until there is nothing left.

If the above steps didn’t work well, as you still see the residue behind, do these easy different methods with a few household items some of which are already in your toolbox or garage.

6 DIY Household Items to Remove Stickers From Car Windshield

1. Ice cubes /Ice pack

The most simple solution is removing decals from your car windshield without scratching it or putting any chemicals on it.

  • Get some ice cubes and put them in a plastic bag.
  • Take the bag of ice or ice pack and press it onto the sticker. Be sure that you completely cover the window sticker with ice.
  • After about a couple of minutes or when all of the ice has melted, remove the sticker residue with a plastic card.
  • Rinse the area with warm water and rub dry with a clean towel.

 2. Paint thinner or lighter fluid

Instead of using paint remover, which would damage the surface of your windshield, you can use paint thinner or even lighter fluid.

  • Apply it directly to the windshield sticker with a sponge. The adhesive should come off easily after treating it like this.

3. Rubbing alcohol

If you do not have sticker remover spray at hand, you can use rubbing alcohol to remove the sticker.

  • Soak some cotton balls in rubbing alcohol then dab them onto the sticker for about ten minutes.
  • Then, you should be able to easily peel away the sticker residue with your fingers.

4. Nail polish remover

Another alternative for removing stickers is nail polish remover.

  • Apply the fluid to a cotton ball or microfiber cloth.
  • Next, carefully rub off the adhesive that remains on your windshield.

5. Glass Cleaner

  • Apply some glass cleaner/window cleaner to the sticker and let it sit for a few minutes before letting it dry.
  • With a razor blade, carefully lift up the corner of the decal.
  • Slowly pull away from the glass until it no longer gives.

6. WD-40

If none of these solutions worked, grab WD-40 from the hardware store. It usually dissolves nearly anything such as a layer of paint.

  • Saturate the sticker with WD-40.
  • Once you’ve sprayed it, let the lubricant soak into the sticker and vinyl decals for at least 60 seconds.
  • Now take your sharp razor blade/car glass scraper and gently scrape away the residue since a sharp tool might damage your windshield!
  • For best results, use a lot of WD-40 on your scraper and wipe it off as needed to keep a good amount of lubricant on both your scraper and the sticker itself.


Q: What are the best ways to remove stickers?

A: Use a credit card or other plastic scraper to carefully scrape off.

If any adhesive remains, rub some lighter fluid on the spot, let it sit for several minutes, and wipe away with a fresh paper towel.

If that didn’t work, try using Goo Gone, mineral oil or acetone rubbed over the area with another clean cloth.

To avoid scratching your windshield it’s a great way to use an old credit card instead of a new one.

You can also use hot water from the tap, be careful not to get burned by steam when pouring into a container with a sticker on it.

Q: Are there any ways to remove stickers without remaining residue?

A: Use a razor blade or X – Acto knife with a fresh blade to start removing the sticker carefully, but don’t press too hard—you don’t want to scratch the glass.

Once you’ve removed most of the sticker, use an adhesive remover like Plexus or Windex with Ammonia to remove the leftover residue.

Q: My windshield is made of some sort of plastic, how can I peel off a sticker?

 A: Use Plexus Plastic Cleaner & Polish. Put a few drops on a clean cloth and rub at the residue gently until it starts to loosen up.

Then use the clean end of the cloth you used with Plexus to wipe away any remaining debris.  


These sticker removal methods are effective in removing the sticker from the car windshield, but you must choose carefully.

If you forcefully pull it,  then the sticker’s sticky residue may still stay on your car windshield.

Every day it’s important that we must clean out our cars to look stylish and due to this many small stickers can be stuck behind your auto glass even you can’t notice it.

They are the main reasons that can damage the part inside of the windshield. So follow all of these easy removal steps listed in this article carefully and clean your entire car very smoothly.

Just have a little patience, be careful, and take your time. You should have a clean surface with no evidence that there was ever a sticker there in the first place.

Voila! You’ve now learned how to remove stickers from car windshields without any fuss.

We hope this article helps you in some way.  If you have more questions,  comment down below.  We’d love to answer them.

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