Top 21 Privacy Screen Ideas: Indoor, Outdoor, Backyard, DIY [2022]

It’s a blessing to have an outdoor space or backyard where you can spend leisure time with your family and enjoy some privacy.

Imagine having a hot cup of coffee with your partner on a Saturday morning while gazing at your beautiful garden. Sounds peaceful, right? 

There is a general belief that you can either have a garden you can share with the world or have some boundaries so you can enjoy your private time. 

Privacy screens fill the gap between the two. Privacy screens are perfect for protecting your privacy and yet let you have an outer space that is fairly adapted to the surrounding. There are loads of privacy screens options present online. 

Choosing the right one can be challenging, so we have done your job for you. 

Let us have a look at all the options that you can choose from!


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How To Choose The Right Privacy Screen? 

The first step in selecting a privacy screen is to determine your needs. 

What can work for you? What is the demand of the area that you wish to put privacy screens on?

There are a few things that you should consider:

  • A Natural Yet Strong Option 

If you are looking for something that can give you an aesthetic and natural look, you must go for wooden material. 

It will be a treat to the eye as it blends with the natural surroundings while being sturdy and strong enough. 

  • The Mighty Metal 

If the role of privacy screens in your needs is for protective function, then you should always go for metal. 

The strong metal will be the strongest privacy screen option. 

  • The Natural Privacy Screen 

If you are a nature lover or want a screen that will only bring more of a natural atmosphere in the space, then a natural privacy screen will suit you best.

The Top Privacy Screen Ideas 

  1. Fabric Privacy Screens 

If you are looking for a privacy screen that may look cosier and blend in with the indoor-outdoor space, then fabric privacy screens will fit in the best. 

Easily detachable, these privacy screens can be a great option for a screen between an indoor and outdoor space. 

The best attribute that fabric privacy screens offer is that they don’t make you feel locked up.

You can easily change them as they are not very heavy to pull out. Make sure you get a UV and waterproof privacy screen. 


  1. Metal Privacy Screens 

Privacy and security issues? No worries, metal screens are here! When looking for the most security-oriented screens, nothing can be sturdier than a metal one. 

There are buckets full of metal designs and affordable options for every type of screening needs. 

They can look authentic and provide security.


  1. Natural Privacy Screen 

We live in a polluted world. Having private green spaces at home is a blessing. Natural privacy screens are not only calming for the eyes but also contribute to a positive environment. 

You can use natural materials like grass, bamboo, shrubs, climbing vines, cypress trees, and so on.

The only investment they require is a few bucks and a little swimming now and then. 



  1. Lattice Privacy Screens 

A beautiful garden deserves to be seen by the world. It takes a lot of time and effort to maintain it, so it is wonderful when your neighbour or a passerby admires it.

When you need a screen that will give you privacy but is transparent enough for the world to see, lattice privacy screens work the best. 

Not only will they function as a screen, but you can have some more plants on them! 



  1. Movable Outdoor Privacy Screens 

As the name suggests, a movable privacy screen can be moved to different locations very easily. 

Whenever you are bored, you can always move them around. 

You can have them standing alone with vines climbing on them or put them side by side as a fence. 

It is the best option for people who want a change now and then. 



  1. Pool Privacy Screens 

No one wants neighbours peeking in as you enjoy your time in the pool. Having a screen installed will be a wise step. 

It will help you move freely and have your time in peace. For a pool privacy screen, rock will be your best option.

When we talk of the matching vibes, a pool is best complemented by a rock privacy screen. 


  1. Deck Privacy Screen Ideas 

A deck is the best extension to the volume of the house. It not only increases the area covered by the home but also enhances the aesthetics.

Having a deck is a great idea but protecting your privacy is essential. 

Imagine hosting a little family get together on your deck. You don’t want neighbours or passers-by peeking, right? 

A deck privacy screen made of metal or wood is just the solution you need.


  1. Shrubs as a Privacy Screen 

Some people feel that a privacy screen should not look like a privacy screen. Having an outdoor garden is a beautiful substance to add to the house.

If you want something to blend in the front, you can always use shrubs on the boundaries. They will become a part of your garden and serve as a privacy screen at the same time. 


  1. Retractable Privacy Screens 

On hot summer days, direct sunlight can be a problem for your seating area. At the same time, you do not want a fixed screen as you prefer natural air. 

A patio can protect you from direct UV rays with retractable privacy screens. You can pull them down when the sun is up in the sky, and you can roll them up when you need the sunshine. 



  1. DIY Privacy Screens 

Do you have a creative mind? Do you have some material to spare, something like shutters? You can make yourself a quick DIY privacy screen. 

Paint the shutters attached, you will have a DIY privacy screen. You can always use such ideas for a reusable, multi-purpose, and dual privacy screen. 



  1. Screen Panels 

If you want to add some colours to the space, you can have colourful panels. They will play the dual role of adding a fun element to the area and being a privacy screen. 

In addition, there are many options or screen panels available out there, from plain to vintage. 


  1. Sunbathing Privacy Screens 

When you want some sun rays to reach you, how about a privacy screen made from a serene material?

Opt for something translucent that can easily pass the sun rays through them. 

For example, a material made from bamboo and wood fences can perform the function well.



  1. A Planter Wall Privacy Screen 

The best practical option can be a planter wall when you have an outdoor area that lacks some fresh air and a privacy screen. Imagine a dining table surrounded by a wall of planters. 

You can have all sorts of plants hanging to provide you with fresh air and have a peaceful seating area. Isn’t that lovely? 


Closing Thoughts 

A privacy screen can have multiple purposes depending on the needs of the owner. 

You can either use them to add more elements to your spaces, have privacy, security, or beautify the area. 

Before opting for a privacy screen, determine what you want from that space. 

Do you want a full-fledged rock solid screen, or a functional, airy, and translucent one?

Is it more important to cover yourself or to let a little of the outside world in? 

The article is intended to provide solutions to your privacy needs and to help you understand all the sorts of options available out there. 

From wood, grass, to shutters, anything can be used to make a screen between you and the outside world. The article provided a comprehensive look at all the options. 

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