Prayer For Rebellious Teens

The teenage years are a time of exposure to different types of information, which usually comes from different ‌media. Often, this has an impact on their identity development.

Without proper guidance, however, the teen-aged child could end up in the wrong place. This is why it is important for parents to be present during this period.

The problem is that during this period, they are already starting to develop a desire for independence.

This means that constantly watching over their every move can lead to conflict. Unfortunately, most parents, in their desire to straighten their children, forget about this.

Some parents do not know how to properly handle their teenage children. As a result, their children end up rebelling against them.


Rebellion is the most common reason why there is conflict between teens and parents

. Rebellion is the term used to refer to the actual of defying any set of rules and teachings.

In a Christian home setting, it could mean that the teenager is not following the rules set by their parents. Often, these rules are based on church teachings.

As a result, many view this behavior as an act of defiance against both the parents and the church. Some may even believe that teens who do this live a life of sin.

And, as the paths of many teenagers go astray, the broken hearts of many Christian parents worsen.

Once the teenagers find out about this, the situation gets even more complicated.

Many of them end up feeling unsupported and unloved. Some may even think that their parents do not trust them.

And this may push them to do something worse. This kind of situation needs to be properly addressed before it worsens.


Preventing teenage rebellion is difficult. It requires effort, patience, and hard work. It may even require you to let some of your traditional beliefs go.

Always keep in mind that this age group can be very challenging and difficult to handle; you need to be very patient with them.

After all, as parents, it is our responsibility to make sure that our children become good people.

1.  The first thing that you need to do is accept the fact that they need a certain sense of independence.

They are at a stage where they are already exploring certain aspects of their lives.

For them to learn, you need to give them freedom to explore certain things on their own.

This, however, does not mean that you should give them total and complete independence.

You need to learn how to balance the situation. Too much or too little freedom can be detrimental to them.

The most important thing is to make sure that your rules do not smother your teenage child.

2.  Establish good and open communication with your teen-aged child.

Start at an early age. Encourage them to be more open to you.

You can do this by doing the following:

a) Engaging them in a conversation regularly.

b) Actively listen to them whenever they speak.

c) Never judge them negatively whenever they make a mistake.

d)  Giving them an opportunity to explain their side.

e) Explain your views thoroughly but respectfully.

3.  Learn to accept that your child is not perfect.

Eventually, he or she will make a mistake. Constantly reprimanding them for their mistakes may lead them to feel unaccepted.

Over time, and if left unresolved, it may lead to depression. You have to make sure that the situation does not worsen.

After all, depression is one of the reasons behind the high teenage suicide rates in many nations.

This does not mean that you should let all of their mistakes go unpunished. You need to learn to decide which to let go of and which will be punished.

4. Learn to trust and be patient with them.

5.  Establish a good relationship with them by showing them that you love them. Some of the best ways to do this include:

a)  Spending time with them. For example, inviting them to join you in your daily prayer time.

b)  Taking time to learn your child’s hobbies and interests.

c)  Encouraging them to read bible verses with you.

As Christians, we are taught and highly encouraged to read the Bible regularly.

By doing this, you will be able to help them learn more about their faith while they bond with you.

d)   Giving your child some responsibilities. Start small and then gradually increase their responsibilities.

e)  Never give them any unsolicited advice. Offer and present help only when necessary.

f)   Recognizing and applauding their efforts and good works.

The things mentioned above are the things that you can do to prevent teenage rebellion.

If, despite all your efforts, you are still unable to prevent teenage rebellion, then do not lose hope.

Even if the situation becomes so challenging that it seems that there is no hope, please don’t give up.

Instead, try to continue doing everything you can to address the situation. But, add prayer.

After all, our Lord never abandons us, even when we feel that all hope is gone. We only need to seek Him and ask for his help.

You can either create your own prayers or use memorized ones. The important thing is that you pray. After all, prayer is the most powerful out of all the weapons of the world.

Below are some of the sample prayers that you can use as patterns for your own.



Dear GodHeavenly Father,

Today, I humbly kneel before you, Dear Lord as I pray for your guidance and support. My heart is filled with worries as my beloved son, who is in his teen years, is now exposed to the rebellious sins of youth.

Guide him with your unconditional love. Help him learn the error of his waysLord God, please help him understand the importance of doing the right things.

I understand, dear God, the power of peer pressure. It can sway godly people from the right path. It can sometimes lead even the kindest of souls astray. This is why I ask you, Oh Lord, to keep my son away from bad company. 

Protect him and keep him from getting involved with other rebellious teenage sons. Guide him and help him establish only the right relationships with the right people.

Please, Heavenly Father, I do not want my child’s life to go astray. Please always protect him and guide him in his everyday decisions. Teach him to be an instrument of love. Teach him to value the word of God.

Oh Lord, guide me and teach me to become more patient. Help me be a loving parent, one that is able to forgive the actions of his child.

This I ask in the name of the Lord Jesus Christ.



“My Heavenly Father,

I come to you with a humble heart to ask for your guidance and assistance. I need your help, dear God, for I no longer know how to handle my teenage daughter. Her addiction to social media has led her to develop low self-esteem. It has also exposed her to videos that depict sexual immorality.

Materials that promote violence and disrespect are both rampant on the internet. I fear that she is being exposed to these evils through her daily use of social media.

At such a young age, I am afraid that exposure to these materials is leading her to make questionable choices and actions.

Please, dear God, do not let this happen. I know that I can not be with her all the time, but you, Heavenly Father, can. Please always keep her safe and guide her in every decision that she makes.

Help her realize, dear Lord, that she is a valuable member of the kingdom of God. As such, she should be confident in herself. She should also be respectful of the decisions and lives of others.

Teach her to love herself and other people as much as Christ Jesus loved all of us. Guide her to become a respectable member of your church. Help her understand that she should never engage in any negative talk.

As I watch from my bedroom window, I can’t help but worry about her well-being. Dear Lord, grant me enough patience and wisdom so that I may be able to raise her properly. Help me teach her the importance of God’s word.

I want to raise her with love, the same love that you, Dear God, have given to mankind since the very beginnings of time. I ask you, in Jesus’ name, to give me the strength to do this and endure anything.

In the name of Jesus, I ask you this: Please continue to love, protect, and bless our family.


The lives of our rebellious teenagers can be difficult to handle and manage. For some, it may require spiritual warfare that involves daily prayer.

To others, establishing a good and positive relationship may be enough.

In this blog post, however, we recommend doing both. While we agree ‌prayers can do wonders, we also think that you need to physically do something about it.



Pray for them. Ask God for guidance and assistance.


Saying nothing can be more damaging than actually saying something. Many psychologists believe that ignoring your child will have a negative effect on their mental health.


Ask the Lord to guide them back towards the light and keep them on the right path.

You may also want to ask God to bless you with patience and wisdom so that you may be able to handle your child properly.


The teenage years are the period when your emotional support will be most challenged. The desire of most teenagers for independence is usually strong during this period.

This can lead to teenage rebellion if they don’t feel free. There are many ways for you to prevent this from happening.

However, when it does happen, you’ll feel as though you are losing a battle. Pray. It is one of the most effective things that you can do to solve this problem.

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