Picket Fence Types, Costs & Installation

Picket fences have been around as far back as centuries and they are popular for versatility, aesthetics, and economy. 

Apart from beautifying the environment, wood fences provide security, privacy, and containment for the kids.  

On the flip side, they’re less durable and require a bit of maintenance. 

Because they’re prone to rot, crack, warp, or pest damage, wood fencing usually has a limited life span, especially in wet climate regions. 

Apart from these shortcomings, many people love woods for their aesthetic offering, and if Installed the right way – can last for multiple decades. 

Here’s where we answer all your questions about picket fencing.


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Picket Fence: Types

What is a picket fence?

What types of picket fences are there?

A picket fence does not have to be wood or vinyl.

  • There are several types of picket fences. 
  • Wood, 
  • Composite, 
  • Vinyl 
  • Metal are the top types of picket fence types or styles.

 Picket Fence: Costs

Is a picket fence cheaper?

Yes, they are cheaper than non wood. A 6’ x 8’ wooden picket fence panel costs $49 (non installed). 4’ x 8’ panels are $43 and 3.5’ x 8’ are $34.

How much does a wood fence cost? 

First off, keep in mind that wood fence is the umbrella term we use to cover all wood types, fence styles, and yard sizes. 

So cost may vary.

Putting these variables into consideration, the average cost of installing a wood fence is around $3,225. Spaced wooden picket or vinyl fences are slightly cheaper per panel (approx 10%).

But the price usually ranges between $1,996 – $4,450 or $14 – $31 per foot. Again, keep in mind that these numbers are only based on the national average.

 And the cost may vary since labor and plumber costs depend on location.  

Keeping this in mind, you can expect to have your wooden fence fully installed for as high as  $7,489 or for as low as $839 (especially when you’re installing on a small space) 

How much does a 6-foot fence wooden picket fence cost per linear foot?

  • 6 foot wooden picket fences generally cost $13 per linear foot (for DIY) to install. 
  • 6 foot high wooden picket fence panels are $6.13 per linear foot (given that a 8’ wide panel is $49). You have to take into account the cost for the post, setting the post and screws, accessories for the fence.  

Installing a 6-foot tall fence may cost around $2,755 on average. 

Homeowners may spend between $1,711 – $3, 290, where wood types, price range per foot, and material and labor are factors to consider.

PIcket Fence: Installation

Step 1

Determine the spots you want to dig your post. Remove the dirt in the spot with your shovel. Remove all rocks from the area where you want to dig. Transfer the dirt into the trap. 

The minimum digging depth should be at least 2 feet if your post is around 7 feet tall. 

It’s worth mentioning that you should double the post parameter size. 

Step 2

After digging the hole, drop 4 inches of gravel inside. After dropping the gravel, place the post inside. 

You may need a helping hand here: ask your partner to hold the post upright so it can be properly straightened. 

Step 3

After placing the pot, add about 

2 more inches of gravel on the four inches. 

Be sure to confirm that the post remains upright before you add the two gravels. 

At this stage, all is almost set. So check again if the post levels are properly, else they won’t anymore. 

Step 4

Lastly, add the topsoil. 

You can use the soil in the tarp when you first dig them. Add clay until it fills up and it is intact. 

Where to buy?

You can purchase your wood fencing accessories from online fencing retail supply or wholesale stores or get them at a physical store. 

Several credible online stores offer the best deals. 

Wood Fence: Accessories


There are several factors to keep in mind when building a wood fence gate. 

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Depending on priority: gates can be built for decoration or built for security. 

A securely built gate can prevent an outsider from having a clue about what’s going on inside. 

More thanks to the sturdy wood panel hardware design.  


Wood slats are the typical strip of wood extending from the floor to the top. 

A typical strip is around half inches to 2 inches wide. 

What is the life expectancy of a Wood fence?

A properly maintained wood fence,- which includes regular replacing of the boards and planks should last for between 15-20 years (or even more). 

Again, keep in mind that wood needs proper maintenance. Else it may rot. 

n more about the specific regulation in your area. 

Wood Fence: Summary

Of course, when building a new wooden fence, you need to consider yourself and your neighbor -Because while your fence is located in your yard, your neighbor will also see it every day. 

Contact your neighbor

Unless your fence fulfills all property requirements and neighborhood regulations, you may not need to get in touch with your neighbor. 

But on ethical grounds, It’s best to ask them questions so you can avoid future legal issues. 

Define your property lines

Try to know where your property starts and ends. If you have no idea where the document is, try checking from your local record office. Or you can contact a surveyor to measure your land. 

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