10 Best Paint for Basement Walls (Concrete, Masonry) in 2022 

When it comes to your basement, designing and painting may not be a priority.

But why waste a room when you can use it for different purposes? You have all the space so don’t waste it with dark colors.

However, one of the most annoying things about decorating your basement is probably repainting its walls.  Because of the molds and cracks, you can’t just use any paint.

You need a special one to protect your basement walls from these unnecessary mold growth and moisture.

In this article, we’ll show you our top 10 picks of the best paint for basement walls. Stay with us, and we’ll make sure you’ll purchase an excellent choice.

Here’s a quick preview of all our top picks.

Continue reading to learn more about what paint to choose and apply for your basement walls

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No.Product Name
1.KILZ Interior/Exterior Basement and Masonry Waterproofing PaintCheck this product here!
2.Liquid Rubber Color Waterproof SealantCheck this product here!
3.Liquid Rubber Concrete Foundation and Basement SealantCheck this product here!
4.Drylok 27512 Latex Water ProoferCheck this product here!
5.Rust-Oleum 276087 Mold Killing PrimerCheck this product here!
6.Rubber seal Liquid Rubber Waterproofing and Protective CoatingCheck this product here!
7.Rust Bullet DuraGradeCheck this product here!
8.KILZ L378701 Interior/Exterior Slip-Resistant Decorative Concrete PaintCheck this product here!
9.AMES BWRF5 Water Base High Strength Elastomeric Liquid RubberCheck this product here!
10. Drylok-28613 Extreme Latex Masonry WaterprooferCheck this product here!

10 Best Paint for Basement Walls in 2022

 1. KILZ Interior/Exterior Basement and Masonry Waterproofing Paint

Check this product here!

KILZ Waterproofing Paint is a high-end paint that forms water and vapor barrier inside or outside your home.

  • Since it is a waterproof and concrete sealer, it will keep the walls of your basements from water infiltration after a rainstorm for a year.

Thus, it means that molds, mildew, and moisture will not damage your walls.

Aside from creating a barrier to prevent water intrusion, it also provides a long-lasting, resilient, and beautiful smooth surface.

 2. Liquid Rubber Color Waterproof Sealant

Check this product here!

This Liquid Rubber Color Waterproof Sealant is initially for the protective finish to various roofs. But this paint is also the best option for basement walls.

  • It is flexible and durable with a final membrane with an elongation of over 1000% preventing adhesion breakdown.
  • It is also UV resistant that protects the paint from sun degradation.
  • This paint doesn’t just have a bulletproof system, it is environmentally friendly because it is water-based, does not contain solvents or VOCs (volatile organic compounds), and is non-flammable.
  • Using this paint can give you a high-quality feel and safety for your family and pets.

3. Liquid Rubber Concrete Foundation and Basement Sealant

        Check this product here!

Liquid rubber foundation sealant has nature-friendly coats of paint that dry to form a waterproof membrane.

  • This paint creates a watertight seal to stop moisture and is ideal for a leaky basement wall.
  • The sealing material in the final layer of this paint has over 900% elongation, thus, preventing adhesion failure that causes cracking and tarring.
  • This paint has a bulletproof mechanism.
  • It is also safe for the environment because it is water-based, contains no solvents or VOCs (volatile organic compounds), and is non-flammable.
  • This foundation sealant has ease of use application, which means anyone can do it.

4. Drylok 27512 Latex Water Proofer

Check this product here!

  • DRYLOK Latex Base Masonry Waterproofer is a low-odor water-resistant paint that preserves any masonry surface inside, outside, above, or below grade.
  • The latex DRYLOK original can resist a ten-pound hydrostatic pressure.
  • Its proprietary formula stops water from leaking through existing masonry or protecting new construction.
  • Unlike regular paint, which sticks to a surface but can wash away from incoming water pressure, DRYLOK Latex Base Brickwork Waterproofer enters the pores in that surface, adhering to the masonry walls and producing an impenetrable barrier.
  • This paint is ready-mixed, which means you have no problems painting by yourself using a wire brush.

5. Rust-Oleum 276087 Mold Killing Primer

        Check this product here!

An exterior and interior primer designed to prevent mold growth from Rust-Oleum mold killing primer quart.

  • The paint is used to paint around or kill existing mold, mildew, moss, fungi, and bacteria that cause odors.
  • This paint has a water-based coating that allows you to clean up your wall easily with just the use of soap and water.
  • This protective primer can work with any topcoat. Additionally, it can bind to chalky siding, masonry, and metal. So, you have no worries if you use this with any surface of the walls in your finished basement.

6. Rubber Seal Liquid Rubber Waterproofing and Protective Coating

        Check this product here!

This paint is the best liquid rubber waterproofing product. It’s originally for roofs and RV roofs because of its insulating and ceramic characteristics.

Wonder why we can use it for basements?

  • Well, that’s because it cannot just resist a broad range of temperatures and UV exposures.
  • It also resists moisture absorption, maintains flexibility and elasticity, is impenetrable to ponding water, and reduces heat penetration.
  • While it may need double coating, this paint won’t be a pain in the pocket because it can significantly lower your energy consumption. You can also use this with light colors.

7. Rust Bullet DuraGrade 

Check this product here!

Rust Bullet DuraGrade is a high-quality floor paint best for your basement with concrete surfaces.

  • It is ready-mixed so you can easily apply it to your concrete basement walls without acid etching.
  • There is no need to purchase additional primer, a basecoat, or a topcoat.

DuraGrade is thinner than solids epoxy paint and can also be used as an anti-slip acrylic paint.

  • This high-performance and high-build protective coating can resist scratch, chip, chemical, and UV. It has a combining functionality and beauty and good adhesion to concrete walls or cinder blocks.

With this paint, there is no need for you to limit yourself. You can use this not just for your indoor surfaces but also as a good idea for the outdoors.

8. KILZ L378701 Interior/Exterior Slip-Resistant Decorative Concrete Paint

Check this product here!

KILZ Interior/exterior decorative concrete paint is formulated for driveways, garage floors, pool decks, patios, and porches

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This will give your concrete basement floor a new lease on life. So if you’re looking for paint that suits your concrete wall basement, this can be a good choice.

  • Concrete paint repairs hairline fractures up to 3 mm and is resistant to hot tires, grime, and grease.
  • Your basement can also benefit from a slip-resistant surface.

A second coat can best t result in a long-lasting protective coating that can give good looks to the concrete blocks of your basement.

9. BWRF5 Water Base High Strength Elastomeric Liquid Rubber by AMES

Check this product here!

This is a white elastomeric adhesive liquid rubber to waterproof foundation walls.

Reviews prove that it is perfect for basement walls.

  • This paint has a solar reflectance up to 98% and has over 700% elongation.
  • It makes sure that moisture will not penetrate your walls.
  • Use this paint as your first step to clean your basement, and make your basement walls flexible with heat or cold.

10. Drylok-28613 Extreme Latex Masonry Waterproofer

Check this product here!

DRYLOK Extreme Masonry Waterproofer can stop water from leaking through existing masonry. 

Preventing water leaks can also protect new construction. This paint adheres to a surface, but water pressure may wash it away.

  • DRYLOK Extreme Brickwork Waterproofer enters the pores in the surfaces adhering to the masonry and establishing an unbreakable barrier, best for basement walls.
  • Reduces vapor transfer which helps to defend against radon gas penetration.
  • The low-odor formula meets all current VOC regulations. The fact that it has a green-smart certification is incredible.

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Can I use Latex paint for basement walls?

Yes. However, you need to seal and prime the concrete surface before using latex paint.

One of the important factors you need to remind yourself of is to keep the surface clean and dry before applying paint.

Is waterproofing necessary for a basement?

Yes. Even if you did not experience flooding in your basement, it is best to prevent the space from leaking.

Remember that a leaking basement attracts molds and moisture problems

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And this could water damage the basement structures and the foundation of your home.

Another thing is you may put your properties at risk if you do not prevent your basement from leaking water.

Is it okay to paint over foundations repairs or crack injections of the basement?

Definitely, you can paint across foundation repairs, old paint, and crack injections. After the work has set, you can paint and sand the material over.

Make sure to use a paint scraper when painting new paint. You can purchase this paint in any home depot online.

How long does waterproof paint last?

Waterproof paint can last from six months to two years. However, most professionals do not see waterproof as a problem solver against leaking water in the basement.

They perceive it as a short-term solution. What makes waterproof paint a great choice is that it can survive in hard weather conditions.

How can I prevent mold on my concrete basement walls?

You must deep-seal your concrete basement walls against moisture to prevent mold from growing on them.

Sealing your concrete to keep it from water vapor will also prevent molds and mildew.


Money is always worth spending when it comes to making your home comfortable. When we say comfort, it means keeping your rooms clean and in good condition.

A basement would be one of the uncommon rooms you give yourself time to regularly check and clean. But basically, it’s the room where most molds and mildews grow.

And you are lucky that you came here to read this article. Because you got yourself a remedy, and at the same time, a realization that it’s time to paint your basement walls.

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