Considering an Outback Hat vs Cowboy Hat? Check out these 5 Amazing Hats!

Are you looking for the RIGHT HAT that makes you look dashingly hot? Yet, you are unsure which hat you should buy since there are so many options available.

Over time, various types of hats have come and gone in popularity, but a few have remained: baseball caps, straw hats, fedora hats, gambler hats, safari hats, bowler hats, top hats, and a plethora of other headgear.

Although most hats appear the same, a look at the Outback hat and the Modern Cowboy hat indicates otherwise.

The Outback hat resembles the Cowboy hat style in appearance since it also has a curving upward brim, but the front of its crown is different.

Don’t fret because we are here to help you!

In this article, we will help you to pick a good choice of hat that is perfect for you which is intended for use in different weathers like snow, rain, and sun.


The Outback hat and Western hat have a similar hat style, yet there are significant distinctions. Like having a wide brim hat which is both their traditional style.


  • Commonly referred to as “Australian bush or slouch hats” and considered as an Aussie hat.
  • A wide-brimmed hat designed to protect a person from a strong sunny day.
  • An outback hat’s brim has a little upward curve, comparable to modern cowboy hats. However, its crown resembles the crown of a safari hat.
  • Designed for cowgirls and cowboys, the American Outback Hat has a similar function to a traditional cowboy hat.
  • It has a flat or pinch in the front of the crown and a wide, shapeable brim, provides maximum weather protection, and fits snugly enough to avoid being blown off by the high winds.


  • A hat with a large soft crown and a wide brim, also known as a ten-gallon hat.
  • The first cowboy hat was invented during the American Civil War in 1865. It was invented by John B. Stetson who was a well-known hat maker with roots in Philadelphia which was dubbed “Boss of the Plains” at that time.
  • It shields the wearer from the sun’s rays, wind, rain, and cold, stinging snow. It may draw water from a stream for the person or his horse.
  • It can also be used to draw attention to anything by signaling other ranch hands or swatting a horse or a steer.


1. BRANDSLOCK Men’s Down Under Leather Cowboy Hat

  • This Outback leather hat is fashionable and appropriate for all seasons and goes well with both casual and formal attire.
  • This Aussie Outback hat for men is crafted from durable material which ensures quality.

It is handcrafted from leather and provides quality stitching for maximum comfort and warmth.

  • One of the best characteristics of this hat is its design. The brims are shaped upward to protect your neck and face from sun rays.

The hat is small and light, making it ideal for travel that you might forget that you have a hat on.

  • The chin strap can also be adjusted to fit on your head. This keeps it from blowing off in the wind.
  • In addition, they gave customer service a 100% money-back guarantee within 30 days after purchase.


  • Fashionable hat and timeless
  • 100% money-back guarantee
  • Premium stitching
  • Long-lasting leather
  • Bestseller


  • There is only one color available.
  • The leather used is a hard material.

This is one of the best outback hats made in Australia. If you enjoy wearing these types of hats and are looking for one that is both sturdy and fashionable, this is the one to go for.

2. Men’s Outback Hat with Chin Cord by Dorfman Pacific

When it comes to the greatest Outback and Western hats, the Men’s Outback Hat with Chin Cord by Dorfman Pacific is a strong contender.

  • Traditional Australian Outback Hat Design: wide brim that slopes down in the front and back. It has a 2.7-inch brim that you can mold into any style.
  • Sun Protection: Its ultraviolet protection (UPF) rating of 50+ ensures that it will provide shade on hot days. The brim is designed to provide 360-degree coverage for all-day comfort.
  • Cool: Even during the hottest days, the internal browband and lining absorb sweat. It keeps the skin from becoming irritated.
  • Comfort and Breathability: This hat is created with a combination of 52% cotton and 48% polyester.
  • High-quality Materials: It isn’t just one of the fashionable hats, it is also durable.


  • Breathability was prioritized in the design.
  • The brim of the hat can be altered.
  • It’s ideal for a variety of outings.
  • Durable.


  • The chin cord is too rigid.
  • Runs a little bigger than the size chart.

If you like the look of Aussie-style hats and a low-cost but reliable hat, you’ll love this one. It comes in two different colors: black and brown.

It is made of high-quality materials and provides adequate protection in a variety of weather conditions. The hat also has a chin strap that can be adjusted to fit your head better.

On a windy day, the chin cord might be a key element of this hat because it prevents it from falling down on a windy day.

3. Fedora for Men/Women Wool Felt Outback Panama Hat Classic Band Wide Brim Adjustable

If you’re going to the Derby, the Fedora for Men Women Wool Felt Outback Panama Hat Classic Band Wide Brim Adjustable is great!

Fedoras in the new style are a sign of a determined hipster-like Indiana Jones brown Fedora style.

Australian wool and wool felt are used to make this derby hat. It’s created in a way that’s both ecologically friendly and high-quality. The fabric is silky, yet it’s also quite breathable.

Straw cowboy hats like Straw Fedora are another great choice for events like a derby.  

These wool hats have a Velcro piece on the inside that can be adjusted to make them more breathable and fit your specifications.

The hat also includes two fillers, which can be used to lessen the circumference if necessary. However, double-check your dimensions to ensure that you get the right size.


  • Breathable.
  • Environmentally-friendly.
  •  High-quality.
  • Ideal for sunny days.

If you are looking for a hat for occasions and events, this is the ideal one for you.

In addition, if you are also an environmentalist or a person who has a heart for nature then this is suitable for your preference.

4. Men’s 1392 Broken Hill Cowboy Hat by Outback Trading

The Men’s 1392 Broken Hill Cowboy Hat by Outback Trading has some important differences from cowboy hats.

It possesses qualities of both hat styles, which are evident:

  • The brims of this hat are reminiscent of an Outback hat from Australia.
  • The tip of the hat, however, resembles an American cowboy hat with indents.
  • This is a sophisticated hat that is appropriate for a variety of occasions during the colder months.
  • It’s equally suitable for a city stroll or viewing a snow-covered river.
  • The elements of this wool hat are comparable to those of Akubra hats, which are typically made of fur felt.


  • This hat is likely to be fashionable for a long time.
  • Ideal hat for the winter season.
  • Hat made of 100% Australian wool.
  • Crushable hat.
  • With a 3.25″ wide brim and UPF 50-rated fabric, this western hat will keep you safe from the sun’s damaging UVA and UVB radiation during long days in the field.
  •  It is water-resistant and extremely comfortable.
  • Sweatband with quick-drying elastics.
  • Note: For dry cleaning only.

If you easily get cold yet want a more fashionable look, this suits you. In the cold weather of fall and winter, wool is the ideal material for a hat.

Due to its Australian wool content, it will be able to keep you warm during the fall and winter months.

5. Outdoor Cotton Oilskin Hat from Outback Trading 1497 River Guide UPF 50 Waterproof

This Outdoor Cotton Oilskin Hat from Outback Trading 1497 River Guide UPF 50 Waterproof is another great Australian Outback hat.

  • One of the top-rated products of the Outback Trading Company is this all-season outdoor clothing.
  • An oilskin hat is a must-have for outdoor activities or hot summer days. Water simply flows off your hat and head when they are worn. 
  • Not only is the hat water-resistant, but it is also waterproof!

With its quick-drying elastic sweatband that wicks moisture away from the skin, the cotton oilskin Outback hat will keep you cool.

  • This hat’s shorter brims and vents allow for maximum ventilation.

The Outback Trading Company has a collection of great Outback hats.


  • 100% cotton made in the United States or imported.
  • Elastic closure.
  • Outdoor hat with a rugged appearance.
  • Waterproof oilskin hat.
  • Sweatband that dries quickly.
  • Protects from dangerous UV rays with a UPF 50-rated fabric and wide brims for optimal protection against prolonged sun exposure.
  • An adjustable chin cord is included in this breezy hat to keep your hat in place on windy days.


  • Note: For hand wash only.


Is it disrespectful to wear a cowboy hat?

According to cowboy hat etiquette, you should remove your hat as a mark of respect when the National Anthem is sung, the flag is passed, or the Pledge of Allegiance is recited. When praying or visiting a church.

What is an Outback hat called?

The Outback hat is commonly known as Australian bush hats or slouches hats.

It is invented to have a wide-brimmed form to combat harsh sunny days. The crown has a little crease or flat at the top.

High-quality leather felt, or canvas was used to create outback hats.

What is an Australian cowboy hat called?

Cowboy hats are widely known as Western hats. This is wide-brimmed with a curved shape and a high pinched crown.

Are outback hats good?

Yes! Because this hat is composed of soft and silky high-quality leather. Leather of high quality is also one of the most durable materials available.

As a result, you can rest assured that this leather outback hat is sturdy and long-lasting and that it will age gracefully.


We need hats in everyday living to become sunburned on our faces and head, protect our eyes from the sun’s glare, which can lead to sun damage as we become older.

In addition, it assists in the prevention of skin cancer and skin damage. Also, help you from cold and other weather conditions that might harm your head, face, and ears.

However, finding the perfect hat for specific purposes and suitable for your preferences is a MUST!

We hope you’ve found the options given above helpful for you to decide what’s best for you.

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