13 easiest ways to open a jar without hurting your hand!

Trying to open a sealed jar sucks.

Don’t get stressed out and throw the jar at the wall. We show you the easiest ways to open a jar without losing your cool.

There are simple and easy methods that can solve your problem. With a few techniques, you can do this with a lot of ease. The only thing you will have to consider here is maybe the type of material of the jar and the lid and you will get going.

1. Heat it and use a rubber band

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All you need to do is put some water in your stove that will be able to cover the lid. Heat the water and the lid will conduct it making it expand. This will break the seal hence making it simple to open. With this technique, you will have achieved your goal with ease and with little energy. You can, however, use a hair drier to heat a glass or metal jar since a plastic one tends to melt.

Add a rubber band around the lid for additional grip and you will easily open a the stubborn jar lid.

2. Using a spoon

This is among the simple and efficient methods. All you need to do is hold a spoon with one hand and a jar in the other. There is a space between the jar and the lid then nestle your spoon between this space. Press the spoon to loosen the lid. If it does not open repeat this procedure rotating the jar and you will open your jar with ease and with no stress. However, you must be very careful because if the spoon slits you might end up hurting yourself.

3. Using a wooden spoon


This is one of the simple ways of opening a jar. All you need to do is tap the edge of the lid with a spoon to dislodge food substances that might be stuck. Then open the lid. In this technique, I will strongly suggest it be used in lids that got stuck due to food sticking on it. If you go ahead to perform this trick in a vacuum lid, you will end up making it even tighter than you expected.

4. Tapping the lid at the edge of the counter

Tapping the lid at the edge of the counter loosen the seal. However, this technique makes pressure within the lid to equalize hence making it easy to open. In this technique, you should hit it gently while rotating since excess force might end up breaking the whole jar and you will be the one losing. This is a method that requires much patience and being careful to achieve your goal.

5. Making a hole in a lid

If you plan not to reuse your jar this will be your way. The majority of the lids are vacuumed seal. This is because the contents are normally poured to the jar when hot and sealed and on cooling it creates a vacuum inside the jar. This makes the lid a bit tight since there is a difference in pressure inside and outside the lid. Making a hole on the lid will allow air inside the jar and there will be no vacuum inside the jar. This will make your lid very easy to open. But this is not applicable if the user is planning to reuse the jar and its lid.

6. Add some grip on the lid

As we all know most of the lids are always slippery. Metallic ones are often very smooth and shiny and trying to open might make you. All you need to do is to find a dry dish towel or a rubber band and rub it around the lid. You then twist the lid the normal way and the lid will be open. However, you can look for some rubber gloves as this will ease your job. His is a technique that is applicable for the smooth lids and adding the grip will make them open with ease.

7. Breaking the seal

We all know that what makes the lid tight is the seal. What you need to do is to find an object that you can insert at the rim and this should be a string object. You then add some force like a lever and rotate it until you hear the pop sound. This pop sound is the seal breaking. thereafter, you just twist the lid to open and it will easily open. This is an easy technique but requires some sort of care in it.

8. The water hammer technique

This is one of the ways of breaking the seal. What you need to do is hold the bottle in one of your arms. I normally advise it to be your non-dominant hand then tilt it in a 45 degrees position. then you slap the base of your jar firmly at the center. Don’t slap it very hard as it might cause some issues.

This is meant to add pressure at the side of the lid. The added pressure will cause the seal to break hence making the lid easy to open. If you slap the jar with an excess force it might cause the lid to pop out making the content pour out.

9. Using electric jar opener

Amazon sells some electric lid openers that perform these jobs on their own. This is very simple as there is no handy job you will do.

10. Using jar opening gadgets

If you are the type that is in love with kitchen gadgets then this one suits you. When you visit the market there are a lot of gadgets that are used to open a jar lid with ease. This is because they are made to perform this work.

Here is a list of the ones we reviewed.

11. Brute force

This is a method that does not apply to difficult lids. This is because all you do is use the manly force to open the lid.

12. Using a can opener

Some can openers have been made and this simplifies your work as it is easy dealing with it.

13. Deforming the lid

This is using excessive force to deform the lid. However, it also needs some careful handling to safely remove the lid. It is not applicable in all jars.

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