Mosquitos: 11 tricks to SAVE Your Yard & House NOW!

I’m going to tell you the 11 tips to kill & repel mosquitoes so you don’t have to suffer through the summer and you can enjoy your yard this year instead of being bitten up by the hordes of mosquitoes.

What you will learn

  • 11 tips to get rid of mosquitos
  • Get rid of mosquitoes inside outside & in your yard
  • Get rid of mosquitoes inside your house
  • Natural and Best methods

1. Bug Zapper

Great as a secondary method
Works great for a localized area, not a broadcast method

Pros: Don’t have to use chemicalsEasy to setup, – just hang and plugin
Can be fun to get revenge on the dang mosquitoes
Cons: Can be a little loud.Needs to be cleaned periodically – remove the bug

2. Fun Fact: Walt Disney used liquid garlic to repel Mosquitoes.

They  can’t stand the smell of garlic, so it made perfect sense to use garlic extract in the form of a spray to deter mosquitos from coming into areas of the parks.

To this day, garlic extract is sprayed all around the parks in such small amounts that humans can’t detect it, but mosquitos stay far away from it.

3. Professional Chemicals

Have a lot of bug problems in general?

I use Talstar P Professional Insecticide as a broadcast insecticide for over 70 different pests including (ants, mosquitoes, bees, spiders, etc).

Once it is dry it is safe around pets and kids.

This means that it is a liquid chemical that you add to a 2-gallon sprayer with water. You can also get dry versions of Talstar P in pellet form.

Hands down, Talstar P is the best liquid broadcast insecticide I have ever used. This is what many experts use on their lawns.

Recommended Broadcast Insecticide: Talstar P Where to Buy: or online How to Apply: 1. Follow the directions, 2. Wear PPE when you spray it.

4. Foggers.

Foggers are another example or method that you can use that is pretty awesome.

Foggers are another method that you can use to rid your yard of mosquitoes foggers work by using a fogging machine to release chemicals into the air which settle on trees plants grass and areas where mosquitoes live to kill them foggers are effective for a shorter duration of time than other methods such as simply spraying talstar P.

Foggers cons. Even though foggers are effective as far as dispersing chemicals into your yard to get to the mosquitoes they do have several downsides

  • 1. they’re messier than other methods by fogging into the year you have a higher chance of getting the chemical on your clothes and on your skin and by default bringing it inside your house to your family no one wants to bring in any chemicals any more than they have to and foggers increase the likelihood.
  • 2. fogger equipment is expensive or at least more expensive than a spray bottle foggers can set you back anywhere from 50 to a couple of hundred dollars and the in addition to the chemicals you have to buy to disperse the insecticide
  • 3. long-term effectiveness foggers generally use less effective chemicals than talstar or other professional insecticides.

5. Other lawn sprays like cutter backyard bug control

l are a good alternative to tall star P if it is not available cutters backyard bug control comes in a spray concentrate bottle that’s 32 in 32 oz the way it works is you hook it up to your garden hose. 

Steps to Use a hose sprayer for mosquito control

  • Step 1. shake the bottle
  • Step 2. make sure it is off
  • Step 3. hook it up to your garden hose
  • Step 4 turn on your garden hose
  • Step 5 go to the very end of the yard that you will treat.
  • Remove the safety tab from the sprayers right side by pulling it straight out discard or keep the safety tap for future reuse.
  • Step 6. Spray the lawn making sure it’s wet walk backwards and spray side to side so you get all of the areas on the grass.
  • Step 7 make sure you don’t get any of the chemicals on your clothes or your shoes is very important cuz you don’t want to track it in your house. 

6. Get rid of mosquitoes inside your house by keeping them out in the first place.

Make sure to close all of your doors and windows especially when you’re having a barbecue or parties or neighbors over for a bonfire or just for chit chat and a drink.

7. Remove stagnant water inside your house.

Don’t let the breed inside your house under your sink, or in your garage or your basement. By eliminating stagnant water you’re eliminating the areas where they breed and reduce the likelihood of them breeding inside of your house if this is a problem for you. 

Don’t forget to check near your inside plants or other areas where mosquioes can easily hide and breed.

8. Remove stagnant water outside your house.

Don’t forget to check near your fence, behind any object that could hold stagnant water.

We had a water table that was under our deck that was collecting water and breeding mosquitos a few years back.

You can easily spot these breeding grounds if you occasionally walk your property and check out areas that are out of sight.

Most houses have at least 2 areas where stagnant water exists and is not draining properly. Eliminate these and you eliminate the majority of mosquitoes in the first place.

9. Use a dish of soapy water while you’re having a party or people are coming in and outside of the house a lot

If you use the soap dish of soapy water in a bathroom near your sliding glass door or where people are coming in and out it increases the likelihood that they’ll use that to lay their larvae which will kill them because of the soapy water.

10. citronella candles

citronella candles can be used inside the house just as they can be outside just be aware that they will release some smoke which may irritate people inside the house.

11. Smoke

Smoke is a great way for getting rid of mosquitoes as well now the smoker talking about is generally smoke from a campfire or smoke from some type of fire outside of the house.

Never use smoke inside the house to repel mosquitoes as it has a greater chance of hurting you killing you or someone in your family and just generally a bad idea inside the house but people have been using it for millennia outside the house to get rid of the rascals blood-sucking rascals they are.

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