15 Mold Inspection Tips you should know to save your Health

We all want to keep our home safe and protected. But we do not think of the mold. We arrange the protection from outside dangers like rain, wind, snow and dust but we eventually forget to look the inside problems which can come from mold. Mold can be found anywhere around us. It can cause allergens. So, we need a mold inspection test kit in order to find a way of preventing them from rapid growing. Let’s check the details of this type of kit and check out the top 15 inspection kits.

Mold inspection cost:

The cost of it varies place to place. For the small and medium sized houses, the cost will be $300 to $400. But for the big houses or above 4000 square ft. the cost will increase to the $700 to $900.

Mold inspection and testing:

The mold inspection is very much important. While you want to look for the best kit, then you will have to look at the different aspects of it. These kits are working differently according to the design. You can use it without sending it to the lab. Let’s check the best mold testing kits and grab the one as per your requirement.

1. First Alert Mold Detection Kit:


This is one of the best mold kits and it can easily detect the mold and protect your house as well. This kit is very easy to use. It identifies the source of mold. This kit is very much light-weight and reasonable as well. You will get effective result from this kit.

This kit also comes with manual and guides you with full instruction as well. With this kit, you can detect 9 places. This kit can examine different types of molds.

2. DIY Mold Test by Mold Inspection Network:


This kit is the best choice for you as this test kit gives the accuracy of lab tests. You will get three slides with this. So, you can test multiple areas. This kit has the capacity to detect and locate the source of mold correctly. This kit is made of high quality material in order to provide the best and accurate results.

The cost of the product is very low. The kit is very simple to use. You can get the hassle-free mold detection and test as well.

3. Healthful Mold Test Kit:


This test kit is very much helpful. It can not only detect the molds but also detect the allergy causing mold. Within just 5 minutes, you can detect the mold in your house and office. This kit allows you to maintain the healthy environment in your home and offices.

This kit can examine different type of mold within no time. This kit comes with quick start features as well.

4. My Mold Detective MMD103 Test Kit:


This test kit is available at affordable rate. This is very much popular among many users. It is very easy to use as well. This kit can locate the mold instantly and helps you to maintain the better health conditions of your family.

It comes with 15 litres reusable pump for collecting the air samples. You need to spend just few minutes for testing. You can get the expert air detection results with this kit. This kit is reusable as well.

5. MOLDetect- Mold Test Kit:


It is another best test kit for mold testing around your home and office. This kit is made of premium quality material. This kit has the capacity to detect the mold. This kit is very much popular among users.

You can examine mold of three different places. It comes with simple instructions that you need to follow. With this product, you can get the lab accredited thoroughness and quality as well.

6. Mold Check Test Kit:


With this test kit, you can get much control over the testing. You will get the 10 different portions for 10 different tests. This test kit can give you the full satisfaction.

It comes in compact size and you can get it at reasonable rate as well. It is very simple to read the mod comparison.

7. Seeml Labs DIY Mold Test Kit:


You can get the best thing with great combination and affordable rate as well. You will get the three sample slides and free consultation as well.

You can get a quick responsive result with this kit. With this, you can detect all types of surface molds.

8. Instant Home Mold Test Kit:


This is an instant solution comes with two pen kits. It is very much simple to use. You can test it on the desired area. You need to swab it in the desired area and after testing, the swab changes the colours.

You can see the results in few minutes. The product price is affordable to buy. You can get the accurate and reliable result with this kit.

9. MyMold Detective Mold Test Kit:

With this test kit, you can check the atmosphere for mold, allergens and dust. You can get the accurate and professional result with this kit.

You can get the full packed accessories with this test kit. You can get the perfect and accurate results as well. You can test up to 5 rooms with this kit.

10. ESP DIY Mold Test:

This mold test kit can provide better safety and protection. This is one of the heavy performing products. With this kit, the user will get full satisfaction.

This kit contains growth gel and 2 Petri dishes. It can be used in outdoor and indoor as well.

11. Mold Armor DIY Test Kit:

This test kit comes in two packs. It is perfect for both indoor and outdoor. It is a long-lasting product. This kit comes with full instruction and manual guide.

12. QMT-100 Quick Mold Test Kit:

It is a revolutionary device. It can detect all types of molds. You can get the result with colour changing indication. It can also detect the microscopic details.

13. Pro-lab Mold Test Kit:

It is a mild test kit. It is an effective functioning product. It is very much useful in order to detect various types of molds. It has the capacity to perform heavily. It is one of the best products.

14. ED Lab Evaalu-Aire Mold Test Kit:

It is an in-depth mold test kit. You can get the free mycology report with this test kit. It comes with two different sample methods and a free laboratory analysis as well.

15. Mold Check Test Kit:

You can control the mold problem in your home with this test kit. You can get the 10 tests per kit. It can allow you to test multiple rooms. It is very much useful and you can do it by yourself.

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