Fence & Installation: Review of Long Fence Installers

Fence: Installed by Long Fence

Are you planning to install a fence in your backyard, poolside, or on your deck? 

This is a great idea because fencing makes the space look appealing and provides security at the same time.

A strong fence safeguards your family and belongings from intruders who would want to enter your yard or house with bad intentions. 

Fencing lets your pets and children play in a safe environment while you watch over them. It is a great way to restrict access to your property for unwanted animals or people. 

Long Fence offers a variety of services including fence installation. However, as their name suggests, fencing is their primary product. You can choose from a variety of 

residential materials and designs to make your outdoor spaces more appealing and safe.

They claim to be yards ahead of local competing firms. Their staff is friendly, communicative, and highly dedicated.

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Fence Installed by Long Fence: Cost

Long Fences makes around 10,000 fence installations each year. They have a team of craftsmen, estimators, technicians, and designers. 

With high standards of quality in the design, implementation, maintenance, and warranty of your project, they assist you with a focus on continuous improvement.

Several factors determine the cost of fencing. These factors are as follows:

  1. Materials used

When building a fence, the type of material you choose will have the greatest impact on the cost. 

From wood and vinyl to aluminum and chain link fencing, fencing material varies greatly. Therefore, fence installation price also varies to a great extent.

  1. Geography

The cost of fence installation depends upon your location. The service providers at Long Fence visit your place and give you an estimate according to your region. 

In difficult locations such as hilly areas, rocky surfaces, and tough terrains, the installation of the fence would require additional services, thus increasing the cost. 

  1. Type of fence

The total installation cost of the fencing depends on the type of fence you choose. 

For example, vinyl fencing is more costly than chain link fencing because the material used in the production of vinyl fence panels is more expensive. In a similar way, wood picket fencing is highly cost-effective because its installation requires extra time and care.

  1. Labor expenses

Additionally, the skills and time provided by workers and installers affect the overall fencing installation cost.

  1. Size of your yard

The size of the yard determines the length of the fence to be installed. If the yard is large and spacious, more fencing material would be required, thus increasing the total fencing cost.

Construction permits, soil condition, landscaping, custom modifications, and property consideration are among other factors that affect the overall cost of fence installation.

Installation By Type of Fence Per Foot

Chain Link FenceWood fenceVinyl FenceComposite Fence
Cost per linear ft: 15$-30$Cost per linear ft: 15$-35$Cost per linear ft: 25$-40$Cost per linear ft: 30$-60$
Cost of 6×4 ft panel: 95.45$Cost of 6×3.5 ft panel: 396.41$Cost of 6×3.5 ft panel: 757.82$Cost of 8×6 ft panel: 50-60$
Cost of 12×2 ft panels: 109.51$Cost of 8×6 ft panels: 1338.61$

Fence: Long Fence fence installation reviews

According to customer reviews, many people were highly satisfied with the friendly and professional attitude of the workers at Long Fence. Customers also praise that the material they use is up to the mark.

Let’s go through some reviews by Long Fence’s customers:

C.Henderson wrote, “The deck was built with amazing speed and the quality of the work is outstanding. Definitely worth the money.”

M.L.Keen wrote, “Very professional. No wonder you have stayed in business as long as you have.”

J.Roupe from Sharpsburg was so satisfied with their services that he said, “The crew’s work ethic was superb and their attention to detail equally impressive. Thank you for a very satisfying experience.”

It appears that, based on the majority of the customer reviews, Long Fence provides professional services. Their ratings are 4.2 stars out of 5 stars.

Fence Installation: Long Fence Installation Cost Canada

Long Fence installation services are also available across Canada. The cost of fence installation anywhere around the globe depends upon the factors discussed earlier. 

These factors include material, types, length, height of the fence, labor charges, and the location of where you want the fencing installed.

Fence Installation: Long Fence Installation Quotes

If you are planning to replace your current fence or install a new one, Long Fence sends their representative to your location. The service provider surveys your home, then gives you an estimate of the cost of fence installation.

Fence Installation: Long Fence Installation Warranty

Long Fence completes all its projects as per company policies and standards. In addition, Long Fence offers a one-year warranty against faults in workmanship and materials.

Fence Installation: Long Fence Financing

Long Fence allows you to pay for your project through simple and easy payments plans. They also provide you with a credit card option that is signed for Long Fence projects.

Fence Installation: Long Fence Installation Specials?

Long Fence claims to make your dream of home improvement a reality without breaking the bank. They provide you with special offers and packages to make payments easy for you. 

Some of these offers include:

  • Free maintenance checks
  • Free estimate specials
  • Online discount coupons
  • Download and print coupons offering 20% off

Fence Installation: Long Fence Fence for Pools

Long Fence offers you a huge variety of fencing options to be installed on your poolside. 

Fencing around your poolside is particularly important if your pool is partially or completely above the ground. Fencing around the pool also enhances the appearance of the pool area.

Long Fence: Fence for Air Conditioning units

The sight of air conditioning units in your yard is sure to take away from the beauty of your house. 

Installing a fence around these units would enhance the appearance of your outdoor space, as well as ensure the safety of your air conditioning unit.

Long Fence offers fence installation services around your air conditioning unit. These fence panels are made with accurate measurements that also ensure proper ventilation.

Long Fence: Fence for Deck

Is fencing your deck important? Of course, it is! You would not want anybody to fall off the deck which would result in serious injury. 

In this regard, Long Fence ensures the safety of your family and visitors by offering you fence installation for decks. You can choose from a huge variety of deck railings designs available at Long Fence.

Long Fence: Fence for Dogs

To provide a secure boundary for your fluffy friend, Long Fence provides you with dog fence installation services. 

If your dog loves to jump, climb and run around, you may worry about him running out of your premises. Dog fence installation by Long Fence will vanish all your worries regarding your naughty puppy.

Does Long Fence Install Fence Gates?

The fence gates enable one to enter the outdoor space that has fenced boundaries. If you have parties in your front yard, installing a fence gate would be a good idea. 

Long Fence offers a huge variety of fence gates so that you can choose the one that best suits your fence.

Is Long Fence Better than Lowe’s At Fence Installation? Which Is Cheaper?

Long Fence or Lowe’s? Which company would you go for when you want fencing at your place?

Let’s take a look at a brief comparison between the two firms to find out which one would do a better job installing fences.

Services and material

Both companies provide you with the fence installation material and services. If you choose either of them, you also have to buy the material from them.

You cannot get material from an outer source and appoint Long Fence or Lowe’s to install them.

Service providers

The service providers, installers, technicians, surveyors, and contractors from both companies are background-checked, licensed, and insured.


Both firms offer scheduling, planning, consultation, service, and workmanship warranties. 

DIY instructions

The estimated cost of your project may be too expensive for you when you have a tight budget. In this case, both Lowe’s and Long Fence provide you with instructions on how to install the fence by yourself.

Customers ratings

The customer rating of Lowe’s is 1.9 out of 5 stars, while that of Long Fence is 4.2 out of 5 stars.


The cost of fence installation from both firms is quite similar. Both the companies provide the material and labor prices of these services, and it would be better for you to hire their services based on your budget.

Both of them have pretty much the same prices; however, there is a huge difference when we see the customer ratings. 

Customers’ reviews and ratings are among the most important factors to consider when opting for a service or buying anything.

Therefore, Long Fence is the best option for the installation of a fence at your place based on the comparison of the ratings of the two service providers.

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