Things You Should Know About the Lincoln Benefit Life Annuity

A relatively new company that wants to invest in an annuity business now owns Lincoln Benefit Life Company.

It’s a life insurance company that used to help Allstate Life Insurance Company with its annuity operations.

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Here’s a quick summary:

  • Lincoln Benefit Life Company.

Lincoln Benefit Company is a leading life insurance products and annuity products provider.

It has its main office in Lincoln, Nebraska, and is licensed in 49 states. It also has administrative offices in Rosemont, North Carolina, and Illinois.

Lincoln National Life Insurance Company has serviced over 200,000 policyholders since it was founded in 1938.

  • Kuvare US Holdings Inc.

Kuvare US Holdings Inc. is a retirement, life insurance, annuity, and reinsurance company focusing on providing middle-market clients with value-oriented solutions.

It was founded in 2015 and is based in Chicago, Illinois. In December 2019, it also bought Lincoln Benefit Life and its affiliates.

Kuvare US Holdings Inc. announced on Monday that it had finalized the purchase of Lincoln Benefit Life Co. and its affiliates on December 31, 2019.

The Chicago-based life insurance holding company’s deal with Lincoln Benefit Life was announced in July 2019.

It promised that existing contracts by policyholders will not be changed as one of the contractual provisions.

The acquisition of LBL was through Guaranty Income Life Insurance Company, a life insurer it had already acquired.

It was stated by the department that in order of approving the deal dated December 5, 2019, the net price of the deal is approximately $370 million.

Lincoln Benefit Life has been in service as a financial institution since 1938.

LBL built its reputation on solid life insurance and annuity product offerings. This include:

  • customer service and offering sound financial alternatives guaranteed lifetime protection with cash value growth opportunities.
  • death benefits by professional financial advisors, and independent agents.
  • experienced staff who enjoy sufficient employee benefits for growth-oriented life.

LBL is a stock life insurance company in Nebraska. It is authorized to conduct life insurance and annuity business in the whole United States with New York as an exception.

It ranks third US life insurance company in the United States. It has about 200,000 annuity and variable annuity policyholders and is licensed to operate in 49 states.

Lincoln Financial Group is the marketing name for affiliates like Lincoln Life Insurance Company.

Lincoln Benefit Life and the buyers “may assess over time the feasibility of resuming sales,” according to the order of the government agency.

It says Kuvare has agreed to prepare a business plan with the Nebraska Department of Insurance if Lincoln Benefit Life resumes selling variable products.

In 1984, Allstate acquired Lincoln Benefit Life and turned it into a huge annuity enterprise.

In 2014, Allstate agency entered into a definitive agreement and sold the company for $600 million to Resolution Life Holdings, a London-based company.

The Kuvare unit acquired Lincoln Benefit Life, United Life Insurance Company, and Guaranty Income Life Insurance located in Baton Rouge, Louisiana.

Kuvare was founded in 2015 with its headquarters in Chicago. The company announced that it currently acquired assets amounting to $22 billion, an increase from $3.8 billion in April 2018.

That firm is actively pushing deferred annuities and a long-term care hybrid based on annuities.

Kuvare Life Re also owns United Life Insurance Company, in addition to Guaranty Income Life Insurance Company and Lincoln Benefit Life Company.

According to Jhaveri, the agreement also adds product and distribution capabilities. Carlos Sierra, Kuvare’s chief operating officer, has been named the LBL President.


Is Lincoln Benefit Life part of Allstate?

No. In July 2013, Allstate announced it will sell Lincoln Benefit Life to Resolution Life Holdings. As a result, Allstate discontinued new business sales under this.

Who is the CEO of Kuvare?

Dhiren Jhaveri, 45, has been Executive Chairman of the board of directors of the Company since December 31, 2019. Dhiren has been the founder and Chief Executive Officer of Kuvare US Holdings, Inc.

Which opportunities does Kuvare seek to capitalize on with the new business?

Kuvare is seeking to expand origination capabilities in areas that they believe will continue to be attractive opportunities for the short and medium-term.

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