13 Effective Tips to Level Your Backyard Now (2022 Update)

The backyard is the perfect place to escape from your daily life.

Unfortunately, for some people it’s just not a peaceful paradise – it can be bumpy and uneven! However, there are ways you can fix this problem and make an incredible space all around.

If you’re interested in learning more about how to level out your yard, keep reading below because we have 13 tips that will help get rid of those rough patches and create level ground so you have room for relaxing outside too!

Plan your project

1. Material

  • Walk your yard.
    • Determine the sunken areas & the uneven lawn and see what it will take to create a level yard. This will give you a better idea of how much sand to buy.
    • Are there steep slopes?
    • Soil erosion, excess water in low spots?
    • Is the front yard also low?
  • Experts advise against using topsoil since you won’t know what types of seeds or how many may be in there – no matter how well they claim to screen the topsoil.

2. Source

  • Any home improvement store will have sand for a reasonable price.
  • If you need over a dozen bags you may need a truck.
  • If you need a lot more than a dozen you should consider calling a landscape provider who delivers sand to get prices.
  • Check google for reviews…as always

3. Method

  • Know your method. Get the tools you need for the type of method you will use to level the entire lawn with new soil or a soil mixture.

Level your backyard:

One of the most important considerations for a homeowner who is preparing to redo their backyard landscape and has come to the top dressing stage.

There are many options out there but it all depends on what type of lawn you have or want.

There are so many tip that you may follow in order to level backyard according to your choice.

4. With the string:

Leveling your lawn area with the string line allows you to level and raise the level of the soil.

You need to place your four wooden stakes at each corner of your backyard.

After that, you need to tie the string in order to measure the highest level of your backyard area or lawn area.

You need to stretch string to an adjacent stake.

You can also use the measuring tape at this point in time.

If one side is completed then you will have to remove the string from the wooden stake and repeat the process with another side as well.

Make sure to account for the drop in elevation between the top of the lawn area you are leveling – with the bottom.

You could use a large amount of filler material if you have a large area to fill.

5. With sand:

First step of lawn leveling with sand: If you want to make the level of your backyard same then you will have to use sand. You can pour the sand evenly all over the backyard area. It is a great DIY project.

What kind of dirt do you use to level a yard?

You could opt for sand, which would be quick and easy if your yard needs leveling; or maybe not so much if you’re looking at doing something more creative like creating an outdoor art installation with cleverly landscaped bushes that need plenty of soil underneath in order to thrive right?

Sand provides excellent structure because let’s face it- nothing stays put without being properly leveled!

But really though: how else can one expect drainage issues, pipes beneath large rocks as well as clay under sandy soil?

6. For pavers:

You should not want to walk on uneven paving stone. It is very much essential to level your uneven paving stones and make it perfect for walking.

At this point, you can use string between the stakes in order to measure the level of the area. The string will help you to indicate the top of the pavers.

DIY methods:

7. Remove sod and then level:

You may also notice that over the years, your lawn became progressively bumpier. At this point of time, you will have to do research in order to level your bumps and low spots.

A smooth and bump-free lawn is critical to safety and family fun.

First step: To remove your existing sod and then relevel you can rototill the grass in or rent a grass cutter.

  • Rototiller. Your neighbor probably has one that you can borrow for a weekend. This method is an option but is much messier as you are mixing up the grass and soil into a grass salad. lol
  • Grasscutter. If you want to get a clean area and remove all the grass, then you should rent a grass cutter from Home Depot or other home improvement stores.
  • Don’t apply herbicides. The grasscutter method is the cleanest and is chemical-free. Herbicides will just take an extra 1-2 weeks for all the grass to die and then you have to deal with the chemicals when growing the new grass.
  • Thatch rake.

Next step: Use a lawn leveling rake to level out the dirt.

Step three: If you don’t have much dirt you can add fresh sod, which is the best option for a fast lawn after you kill and remove the old one.

These simple steps will help grow your grass quickly so heavy rains do not wash away the exposed soil during the rainy season and cause water damage.

8. Level with tractor or roller:

After removing the sod, you will have to level the backyard soil with a tractor and roller. You can also use the hand roller in this case.

This is one of the best ways to level the whole area. You should not take chance with the rolling system.

Lawn roller is small equipment. Lawn roller is very much important to do the regular lawn maintenance.

You should know this fact that good soil consists of 25% of water and 25% of air. Most of the people are doing a roll out their lawn as it is lumpy in springtime to eliminate the uneven ground, bumpy lawn.

9. Wet grass and then roll:

For proper rolling, you will have to know the exact procedure. Then, you can roll out the grass lawn without any problems.

  • You should not use a heavy roller machine.
  • The grass needs to be damp and wet but not soaked.
  • The best time to roll out the lawn is spring.

10. Add dirt over sod and then reseed:

If you want to plant in a systematic way, then your will have to dirt over the sod and after that start the reseeding procedure.

You can hire the lawn leveling equipment. The best way to reseed the backyard area is to choose the perfect step and follow this blindly.

What not to do?

11. You will have to maintain some steps in order to level backyard. Make sure to:

  • Clean the area
  • Level your yard on a cool day. There is nothing worse than having to stop a job or hurry up and finish it because it is too hot outside. If you have a lot to level – it may take a while.

Hire a professional landscaper for yard leveling:

If you cannot do the process and follow these steps, then you should hire a professional who can do these processes for you.

There are so many experts who can help you regarding this process.

The professional can do the whole work in better way. Lawn leveling can prevent major problems.

12. Follow these steps:

  • Research landscaping companies in the area with good reputations.
  • Don’t go for the cheapest price. It never works out the way you want it to. They will cut corners and do a sloppy job.
  • Request a plan. Ask to see how they will level your lawn and what filler they will use (preferably sand)

13. Call references.

You should call references of previous customers to see how they are satisfied with their lawn. See if they have before and after pictures.


How can I level my backyard cheaply?

Adding dirt to low spots in your lawn is a quick and easy fix. For best results, use soil mixed with sand at a 1:1 ratio or purchase pre-mixed “lawn leveling” mix from the local garden store.

Can I use a tiller to level my yard?

Yes you can. Once you rototill the grass and soil together you will need to put topsoil on top to even out the lumps – so your lawn is level.

How much does it cost to level a backyard?

It can cost a few hundred – several thousand depending on how big your yard is and how much you need to buy.

Where do you get sand and topsoil?

If you need large quantities – think cubic yards of sand or soil then you should contact your local landscaping company. Cubic yard is much larger than cubic foot or square feet.

They should have plenty of it available and will deliver it to your house and right in the spot you decide.

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