10 Best Indoor Smokers (Rated) 

You are craving smoked delicious meats and you don’t want to go to a restaurant.

You’re not in the mood to go outside because it is cold or hot, plus it is a hassle to set it up.

Now you’re thinking, ‘What is the best thing that I could do to satisfy my cravings?’

No need to worry, friend, you’ve come to the right place for looking for the best indoor smoker options.

With these excellent options, you can now bring smoky flavor to your meat which is better than a smoking gun like a smoke infuser.

Are you in a hurry?

Best indoor smokers that you can choose from:


This is the best electric pellet smoker and pellet smokers are known to save your time and let you prepare food more quickly and easily.

Moreover, it is a better choice due to its versatility and temperature control that can preserve the food’s flavor.


  • Z GRILLS Brand.
  • 2020 Upgrade (model name)
  • Wood Pellet as a heat source
  • Bronze 450 sq in color.
  • Weight of the item: 84 lbs.
  • 45 x 28 x 49 inches in LXWXH
  • Electricity and Liquefied Petroleum Gas Smoker are its two types of fuel.


  • Pellet Grill Technology: A pellet grill is the simplest way to achieve wood-smoked flavors.

You’ll notice the difference between it and a gas or charcoal grill once you try it.

  • Z Grills pellet: Once you’ve set the temperature, Z Grills pellet grills will take care of the rest.

There will be no time-consuming start-up and no grill babysitting. This will help you to unwind and enjoy cooking.

  • PID technology: For reliable and better results, the PID technology maintains the lowest temperature possible throughout your cooking.
  • Smoke and Grill: This pellet grill offers an 8-in-1 function with a temperature range from 180° to 450° F.

This results in an excellent taste of hardwood with grilling, roasting, char-grilling, searing, broiling, barbecue and smoking.

  • Flavorful: The 450A is perfectly proportioned for small households, with 452 square inches of cooking space and big flavors.
  • Built to Last: Built with sturdy steel and a high-temperature powder coating, the pellet grill will provide years of wood-fired grilling enjoyment.
  • Less Pellet Filling, More Smoking: The 15-pound large-capacity pellet hopper allows you to cook for extended periods without having to regularly reload the hopper.

Char-Broil 17202004 Digital Electric Smoker, Deluxe, Silver


  • Model Name: Deluxe
  • Char-Broil Brand.
  • Corded electricity as its power source.
  • Silver in color.
  • Weight of Item: 50.2 Pounds.
  • 16.5 x 18.1 x 32.5 inches in length, width, and height
  • Electricity as a fuel source.


  • Double-walled, insulated structure and 750-wattage.
  • Advanced control panel with a blue LED display that is easy to see.
  • Thermometer for food that can be removed.
  • Dual-tone stainless steel smoker and glass door.
  • There is a large stainless steel locking latch for a smoke-tight seal which is less smoke.

Nordic Ware Stovetop Kettle Smoker, One, Red


  • Nordic Ware Brand.
  • Indoor/Outdoor Kettle Smoker – Model Name.
  • Item Dimensions LxWxH: 7 x 13 x 13.5 inches
  • Red color.
  • 5 pounds – Item’s weight.
  • The fuel type is Wood Chips.


  • It’s never been easier to hot smoke foods at home but this turns ordinary foods into delicious dishes.
  • Maximum capacity is possible because of the high dome cover.
  • 6-7/8 by 13 by 13-1/2 inches in size.
  • Made in the United States with a thermometer from China and a handle from Taiwan.

Note: Cooking on a high heat setting is not suggested (recommended smoking temperature is 190- 210 degrees F, adjust burner as needed).

Smokin-It #1 Electric Smoker


  • Smokin-it is the brand.
  • Corded electricity as its power source.
  • Stainless Steel color
  • Item Dimensions LxWxH: 12.5 x 17.25 x 13.5 inches
  • Electricity as a fuel source.


  • Each load may hold up to 22 lbs. of meat.
  • 3″ Diameter rubber casters, 400-watt heating element, 8 amps 120-volt single-phase, and 3 removable shelves provided with much space for 4 shelves total.
  • It is NSF-certified for restaurant use due to all 201, 18 galloon construction.
  • New Side Handles makes moving and lifting the smoker much easier.

Char-Broil Analog Electric Smoker


  • Char-boil brand.
  • 18202077 is the model name.
  • Corded Electric, wood is its power source.
  • Black color.
  • The item weighs 49.5 lbs.
  • Item Dimensions LxWxH: 15 x 20.7 x 33.5 inches
  • Electric fuel type.


  • Three chrome-plated grilling grates provide 544 square inches of cooking space.
  • With two exhaust fan openings and a double-wall insulated structure.
  • Easy cleaning. The cooking grate should be washed in warm soapy water, rinsed, and thoroughly dried.
  • Dual latches and a temperature gauge located on the door keep the door closed.
  • The drip tray, grease cup, and wood chip tray are all accessible from the front.
  • Dimensions: 20.7″ W x 33.5″ H x 15″ D Electric element with a power rating of 1000 watts.

Masterbuilt MB20074719 Bluetooth Digital Electric Smoker, 40 inches, Stainless Steel


  • Model Name: Bluetooth Digital
  • Power Source: Corded Electric
  • Color: Stainless Steel
  • Item Weight: 66.31 Pounds Brand Masterbuilt
  • Item Dimensions (LxWxH): 19.68 x 25.2 x 41.73 in
  • Fuel Type: Electric


  • With Bluetooth Smart technology, you can monitor and adjust the internal temperature of your meat and smoker from your smartphone or digital control panel.
  • A meat probe thermometer was included in the package.
  • You may add wood chips without opening the smoker door thanks to a patented side wood chip loading system.
  • There are four chrome-plated smoking racks.
  • When the door is open, the interior light illuminates the food in low light.

Landmann USA 32948 Smoky Mountain Electric Smoker, 26″


  • Landmann Brand.
  • Black Color.
  • Corded Electric power source.
  • The weight of this item is 30 pounds.
  • LxWxH Dimensions: 13.2 x 16.6 x 26.7 inches
  • Electric fuel type.


  • The water pan, wood chip box with lid, and drip pan are all combined into one component in this 3-in-1 tray.
  • For optimal smoking and heat release, there is a vent opening on the back panel.
  • Side handles made of wrought iron for convenient transport.
  • Temperature controller that plugs into the wall to establish and maintain the desired temperature throughout the smoking operation.
  • On uneven terrain, there are four adjustable feet to level the table.

Masterbuilt MB20071117 Digital Electric Smoker, 30″, Black


  • Masterbuilt Brand.
  • Model Name: Digital Electric.
  • Corded Electric Power Source
  • Black Color
  • Item Weight 45.9 Pounds
  • 19.88 x 20.47 x 33.26 inches – item dimensions
  • Electric fuel type.


  • Cooking temperature and cooking time are all controlled by digital panel controls.
  • 20.47″ W x 19.88″ L x 33.26″ H – Electric Smoker dimensions
  •  Max temperature setting: 275ᵒ F
  • Inside capacity: 6 Whole Chickens, 2 Turkeys, 4 Pork Butts, and 4 Racks of Ribs.
  • You may add wood chips without opening the door thanks to a patented side wood chip loading system.
  • Temperature control with a thermostat for consistent and even smoking.
  • The fully insulated body keeps the heat in.

Masterbuilt Smoke Hollow SH19079518 Digital Electric Smoker, Black


  • Masterbuilt Brand.
  • Smoke Hollow – Model Name.
  • Corded Electric power source.
  • Black color.
  • 46 pounds is the item’s weight.
  • 18.54 x 18.19 x 33.35 inches is the item’s dimensions (LxWxH).
  • Electric fuel type.


  • Exterior dimensions are 33.5 in. (H) x 18.2 in. (W) x 18.7 in. (L) (L) 26.2 in. (H) x 14.8 in. (W) x 12.8 in. (L) Interior Dimensions (L)
  • The on/off of temperature and cooking time are controlled by a digital panel.
  • Three smoking racks with chrome finishes.
  • Temperature regulation is controlled by an integrated thermostat for constant, even smoking.
  • The smoker’s body is fully insulated, and the heating element is 800 watts for even, constant smoking.
  • Adjustable Smoke-controlling air damper.

Black Traeger Ironwood 650 Wood Pellet Grill and Smoker with Alexa and WiFIRE Smart Home Technology


  • Traeger Brand.
  • Ironwood 650 Wood Pellet – Model Name
  • Wood pellet, Charcoal is the power source.
  • Black color.
  • 149 pounds is the item’s weight.
  • 46 x 27 x 47 inches (LXWXH) – Item’s dimension
  • Wood Pellet is its fuel.


  • NEVER USE GAS OR CHARCOAL AGAIN: Traeger invented the original wood-pellet grill to provide the most authentic wood-fired flavor.

With precise temperature control, the Ironwood 650 takes it to the next level. The maximum temperature is 500 degrees Fahrenheit.

  • WIFI-CONNECTED HOME TECHNOLOGY: The Traeger app connects your barbecue to your home WiFi, allowing you to control it from anywhere. All of this is possible because of Alexa technology.
  • BBQ IN MANY WAYS: The versatile Ironwood 650 pellet grill can be used as a grill, smoker, baker, roaster, broiler, and barbecue maker all in one unit.

Porcelain grill grates are easy to clean up.

  • THE PELLET GRILL MARKET LEADER: The Traeger Ironwood pellet grill is the most popular. The updated Ironwood with D2 drivetrain starts up faster, warms up faster, and produces a higher-quality output.
  • BUILT WITH FAMILY COOKING IN MIND: 650 square feet of grilling area that can easily fit eight chickens, five-rib racks, or six pork butts; You can cook to perfection with the built-in meat probe.

Now, that you’ve learned the different choices that you can choose from. This time, let me also give you a guide before you choose what is best for you and your home.

If you are looking for indoor smokers, electric indoor smokers are the most ideal ones for indoors that use electricity as their power/fuel source.

Indoor grilling with extremely flammable fuel is hazardous. That is why the majority of individuals who live in small apartments use an electric smoker barbecue.


Electric smokers come in a variety of sizes and costs. There’s one for every budget, but there are a few things to think about before you buy one.

I’ve outlined the 3 most crucial considerations to make when purchasing the best indoor electric smoker.

Top 3 Considerations: Best Indoor Electric Smoker

1. Functions and high qualities.

Check and see if your smoker has a temperature control system that is up to date.

It should come with a digital controller with additional functions such as a timer and the ability to add temperature probes.

The ability to control the temperature via Bluetooth and a wireless connection is an excellent feature. Digital screens are required to display the temperature at all times.

Make sure the smoke has a lot of buttons, computerized controls, and is easy to use.

Smoking from a distance is made simple with WiFi and Bluetooth connectivity, so check for smart devices if you want anything similar.

2. Cooking capacity and size.

The more meat you can smoke at once, the larger the smoker.

Most individuals will be satisfied with a 30-inch digital electric smoker or a 40-inch smoker. This will give you a couple of food racks.

Think about how much area you have on your patio for an outdoor electric smoker. You’ll need to think small if you want to smoke in a small flat.

It’s all about your requirements. Only professionals and restaurants require giant smokers.

3. Size and Portability.

Is it possible to conveniently transfer the electric smoker? Will you keep it on your patio all year in the same spot?

The most important consideration is that the smoker is placed near an electrical outlet so that it can be plugged in and used.

It can be difficult to get the smoker from its storage location to the cooking area, especially if it is large.

As a result, think about obtaining a portable device with durable wheels and handles so that you can move it about.

Moreover, smokers are available in a variety of sizes.

The majority of ‘normal sized’ models are between 35 and 40 inches in length, while compact and mobile types are between 25 and 50 inches in length.

Take note that the price point varies also in size. The bigger the size, the bigger the price, so consider preparing your budget.


Are there any smokers you can use indoors?

Yes, there are lots of choices that you can choose from in the market.

Many different types of meat, such as beef, pork, and chicken, can be smoked and barbecued in an indoor meat smoker.

Indoor meat smokers are often smaller than outdoor meat smokers, allowing you to utilize them without taking up too much floor space.

Are electric smokers faster than pellet/coal smokers?

When it comes to temperature and pace, electric smokers are extremely convenient. They’re products that you can “set and forget.”

You switch them on, set the temperature, and then let the smoker take care of the rest. You don’t have to be concerned about anything.

There is a lot more manual labor involved with pellet smokers. You must constantly monitor and adjust the temperature. This takes longer and is less precise than using an electric smoker.

Is it possible to cold smoke using an electric smoker?

Yes! Cold smoking is one of the greatest types of smokers for cold smoking since they can be set to smoke at low temperatures and slow for a long time.

Cold smoker equipment will let you make the perfect cheese, seafood, and vegetables. You will not be sorry!

Is it true that electric smokers produce flames?

Due to the risk of fire, some neighborhoods have outlawed smokers and charcoal smokers barbecues. There is no flame produced by an electric smoker. A source of heat is an element.

As a result, they’re an excellent choice for areas where traditional smokers are prohibited.

Is carbon monoxide produced by electric smokers?

Carbon monoxide is produced in tiny amounts by an electric smoker.

In general, this is not dangerous but exercise caution. In most cases, an electric smoker emits significantly less carbon monoxide than a traditional outdoor smoker.

If you’re using your best smoker in a small location, open a window and let some fresh air in.

To avoid emitting carbon monoxide, the equipment you purchase must be specifically designed for indoor use.


A smoker is a type of grill designed for a slow cooker and low cooking of meats and fish like a pressure cooker however this utilizes wood chips or pellets to provide a fragrant smokey flavor to the food.

Smokers can be powered by charcoal smokers (or, better still, briquettes), gas, electricity, or wood pellets.

The most popular techniques are charcoal or briquettes, and the smokers themselves are the affordable price to purchase.

However, inexperienced users will almost likely struggle to strike a balance between the amount of charcoal used and the amount of air circulation through the vents.

If there is too much ventilation, the interior temperature gauge will rise too high, causing the charcoal to burn out faster and a lot of smoke.

If you use too little, the temperature won’t be high enough.

That is why an indoor meat smoker can be the best ideal smoker for indoor purposes.

An indoor meat smoker is a cooking and smoking device that can be found in several culinary establishments.

Many various types of meats, such as beef, pork, and chicken, can be smoked and barbecued in an indoor meat smoker.

Because indoor meat smokers are often smaller than outside models, they can be used without taking up too much floor space.

These devices function by heating damp wood chips until they begin to smoke. The meat, which is either sitting on racks or hanging from hooks on the top of the smoker, is subsequently engulfed in smoke and penetrated.

This method imparts the meat’s distinctive smokey and sweet flavor. The smoked meat inside the aluminum foil is then cooked until it is tender and juicy.

But before you decide in buying one, consider the advantages and disadvantages of employing an indoor smoker before choosing if it is the correct decision for your business.

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