15 DIY Projects that are Illegal & dangerous.

DIY projects are a convenient way of doing things yourself: when it’s not economical to hire professionals or you are competent enough to execute the project. By performing a DIY project, you’ll realize the importance of spending your valuable time on these projects, as well as you will be able to save on this account. However, it’s important to note that there are quite a few projects that are not legally valid when executed on as DIY projects. We will discuss in this article 15 DIY projects that are illegal.

1. Hot water tank install

Installing the hot water tank is a process that involves expert handling while working. For this, you need to hire experienced and licensed professionals.

The job involves dealing with 240 volts electricity situation to be fused with the gas lines. This may result in accidental explosion. Therefore, it should not be done people who are trained professionals. Thus, you shold avoaid avoid it as a DIY pret


The HVAC is an important appliance for your home. As you keep on using it, it may necessitate repeated repairs thanks to the wear and tear. This may lure you to undertake a DIY project to repair or reinstall it. The job involves risk.

While doing the job, ensure you don’t do deal with freon leaks. Leak of freons may prove dangerous and can cause dizziness, respiratory problems. As per law, HVAC appliances installation and repair must be handled by trained professionals.

It’s also important to note that you may lose the manufacturer warranty as given by the manufacturer.

3. Electrical panel

When it comes to electrical work, you can do the only the basic task as DYI. Installing the electrical panel is under the trade of electricity and is under the purview of relevant law. Thus, for example, all work to be done in a new constructed have to be done by licensed electricians.

4. Lead paint

Lead paint is a health hazard for pets and children. Homes that were build prior to 1980 contain lead. It’s important to measure the extent of lead in the home paint. The paint needs to be cleaned thoroughly. You should not deal with it. Hiring licensed professionals s the best solution.

5. Asbestos

Asbestos was one of the most important raw material in constructing homes. However, it impacted the ecology thanks to the asbestos. Of course, you can do the cleaning up of asbesto, you need to go by the laws. Thus, it’s not legal perform the job yourself. You need to hire experienced licensed professionals for the cleanup job.

6. Removing wild life

All the species under wildlife are protected by law. It’s, therefore, illegal to remove them from one place to another without valid authorization. Examples of wild life may involve taking rodents from the wide to you home. The common species that involves such removal include skunks, raccoons and bats.

You run the risk of infection. These animals carry rabies and are potential to speread the infection. Further, it’s illegal to capture and keep them under captivity trapping, without taking professional help.

The licensed professional will clean up the animals, the clean their nests, and remove the waste. Avoid executing the task yourself.

7. Tree cutting

Trees are, probably the most important ecological asset. Therefore, authorities have declared illegal cutting trees without proper authorization by a license.

When the tree that you cut is a large one, you should avoid being the lumber jack. Hire a certified arborist experiences in city ordinance. You run the risk of heavy liability. Therefore, you must have adequate liability insurance package to handle the consequence while cutting the tree.

8. Switching from electric to gas stove

Changing from electric to gas stove is a challenging task. The installation is not just laying a down an appliance or a set of appliances.

The project involves employment of professionals with proper license and those have quality relevant experience to accomplish the task.

The professionals must have the valid license and they must examine the appliance before installation.

Use of a gas stove entails both gas and electricity functionality. It is, therefore, sensible to hire professionals. Therefore, you must hire a plumber to fix the gas line and a electrician to look into the electrical network.

If you execute the project as DIY, it may prove fatal.

9. Termite

If you’re a property owner, termites may cost heavily. The insurer may not cover the damage.

You cannot afford to wait. Hire an exterminator who possesses best quality woodcutting establishment available to professionals.

10. Skylight

Installing a skylight necessitates cutting a hollow, installing a frame and installing a window into the roof. The installation has to be done by trained experienced and licensed professionals. Further, the installation may become void unless manufacturers installation process is strictly executed. The very structure of the slope makes it essential to hire professionals.

11. Unlicensed diy renovation

If you’re planning to renovate your home, it’s important to note that you will have hire professionals. The process includes multiple layers. This makes it essential to hire experienced licensed professionals.

12. Emptying septic into sewer

This is among the most unpleasant assignments. Further, while working on the sewer, you must be in possession o the quality equipment and the necessary license to execute the project. The equipment enables proper disposal of the waste. You cannot afford to do it yourself. Therefore, the best thing is to hire professionals.

13. Expanding basement after house is built

Expanding basement is important to prevent rise of water because of snow or heavy rains. However, it is important to get the necessary permissions from the authorities. Instead of executing the project as an DIY, you should hire professionals to take a look at the issue.

14. Not pulling permits for jobs

As per the law, you need to seek permits for various jobs that you intend to execute as DIY projects. However, thre is a specific list of jobs that have to be taken by professionals. That is, you need to take professional help.

15. Expanding your fence

this may be necessary when you wish to erect barriers on private and other sort of extensions. However, instead of doing it as a DIY project, seek help from licensed professionals. This will help avoid potential legal consequences in future.


When it comes to home improvement, it’s important to consider several factors like ease of execution, budget, professional expertise and the potential legal consequences. Avoid all the DIY projects that are illegal discussed here.

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