50 Popular Housewarming Gifts They Will Actually Use!

Moving to a new home is quite exciting. The empty space promises a fresh new start. Housewarming gifts help people to feel comfortable in a new space. Here is a list of 50 such gifts that will suit everybody’s needs.

1. Canary home surveillance system – It combines an advanced alarm system with a wide-angle HD surveillance camera. It will stream directly to your smartphone.

2. Ring Wi-Fi doorbell – This device connects to smartphones and put to action by motion sensors. Now you can see who is outside.

3. August smart lock – It can turn any Apple or Android Bluetooth smartphone device into an entry system without keys.

4. Vacuuming robot by iRobot Roomba – This gadget reduces your time and effort from reaching though spots behind furniture or other places.

5. Atomi Smart Wi-Fi coffee maker – It is controlled by a smartphone and you can brew coffee from anywhere in the house.

6. Nest Protect smoke detector alarm – It detects smoke and sends an alarm to connected Wi-Fi devices.

7. Smart Feeder by Petnet – Pet owners can remotely feed their pets from anywhere. Make sure that you have an iOS device for proper functioning.

8. TP-Link Wi-Fi extender – This might be the best thing if your new place has thick walls or many spacious rooms.

9. Fitindex smart weight scale – It monitors body weight, BMI, fat, BMR, muscle mass, and so on with the help of a smartphone app.

10. Sonos Play speakers – It delivers powerful sound in a compact format. It is perfect for people with different tastes in music.


11. Bluetooth shower speakers – It plays music, radio, commentary, and so on from any Bluetooth connected device while you are taking a shower.


12. LED light bulb with Bluetooth speaker – It is the best solution for syncing your sound and light preferences that perfectly match your mood.


13. Creative 3D lights – These amazing night lights look like 3D, but actually, they are 2D designs. An amazing housewarming gift for a graphic designer.


14. Smart Plug – Control your home appliances remotely from anywhere using an Android or an iOS device. It makes life easier.


15. Smart garden sprinkler – It can control and adjust the watering on the garden automatically regardless of a rainy or a dry day.


16. Nest Smart thermostat – It helps you to reduce the energy bills when nobody is at home by turning it off.


17. Digital picture frame – It connects with your smartphone to display pictures or plays its own selection of fine pictures.


18. Smart portable speaker – It delivers crystal clear audio from streaming services and internet radio stations.


19. Wireless charging lamp – It is an LED table lamp that has a USB charging port. It saves about 75% of your energy bills.


20. Wireless charging station – It is a Qi fast charging dock that charges a wide range of android and iOS devices along with accessories.


21. LED liquor shelf – It has built-in LED lights for illuminating the liquor bottles. You can display glass collectibles, otherwise.


22. Wine decanter – It is thin, light, and effectively releases the aromas and flavors of high-quality wine.


23. Magnetic spice jars – They have strong magnets located in the lids. It is perfect for interior décor themes.


24. Fragrance candles – Candles are always useful and welcoming. It is blended with scents for a long-lasting effect.


25. Designer dinnerware – This elegant looking item includes six forks and six spoons to be used as serving utensils.


26. Aroma diffuser – Encased in a bamboo-printed cover with color-changing LED, it generates a cool mist.


27. Animal-shaped candles – These are sculptures of animals that eventually melts down to reveal a creepy skeleton.


28. Tea light holders – These are handmade floor lanterns that are finished with a clear gaze and made from white dolomite.


29. Indoor smart planter – Perhaps the best way to incorporate greenery without taking much space. It includes growing lights and plant cartridges.


30. Succulent planter – White ceramic small succulent pots for storing flowers, plants, and succulent. It comes with a tray to avoid spills.


31. Folding TV tray table – It can be adjusted to three angles and six heights for eating, reading and working.


32. Wall-mounted planters – These hexagonal planters can easily attach to any wall for a trendy and aesthetic look.


33. Kawaii pillows – These sushi kawaii pillows come in a pack of three sets along with their irresistible cute faces.


34. Magnetic hourglass – The magnet at the base of the glass attracts the iron filling and forms a fascinating shape.


35. Duvet cover case – Printed comforter sets and pillow covers are more than ordinary. Children are sure to love them.


36. His and her pillow covers – They feature adorable figure designs that make a pair when joined together.


37. Toilet paper holders – They may not be a luxury item but you will definitely love this little figure.


38. Hanging display case – These hanging display case makes for a useful and one of the most attractive housewarming gifts.


39. Makeup organizer – It will easily fit on any table and has different slot compartments of various sizes.


40. Vases – This European handcrafted vase has a thick wall and perfect for your tabletop.


41. Magnetic wall organizer – It has a tray that can hold random household items and six key hooks.


42. Smart item finder – It is a versatile finder that will ring when you misplace a thing attached to it.


43. Funny doormats – Depending on your viewing angles, this doormat is indeed a creative interpretation.


44. Precision tools – Much important tool kit for a new homeowner or a renter.


45. Indoor house plant – It brings positive energy to any living space.


46. Luxury soap collection – This soap collection contains six different fragrances and tripled milled to create a long-lasting lather.


47. Crumb cake – Substitute the traditional cookies and give your loved ones crumb cake.


48. Programmable pressure cooker – Besides looking smart on your countertop, it steams veggies, braises beef, and so on.


49. Wood-cutting board – These cutting boards by Acacia are both vibrant and hard.


50. Decorative wall clock – This is a clock with simple designing and has a leather-covered piece.



It is the small things that count and makes the housewarmings gifts a memorable one for years to come. Some gifts may last for a short time, but it is given to have a remarkable moment.

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