11 Hot Water Heater Mistakes You Are Making & How To Fix Them

If you are doing these mistakes you are seriously shortening the life of your hot water heater. With a little bit of know how you can keep it running or you might end up with a freezing cold shower if it breaks.

There are many mistakes you are making with your hot water heater so know about these mistakes and learn to correct by reading below points.

1. When Not in Use – Drain Excess Water

In order to keep the hot water heater fresh is sensible to drain water. If the water will stay in one place for more time it will start smelling. So, to get rid of bad smell, drain water from the hot water heater.

If you are gone for more than 2 weeks turn down the thermostste to 50. This way you are not keeping it at 120 and continuously heating hot water. …

If you plan on leaving for a month or more you might want to think about draining the water and turning it off. …

2. Electricity Bill Increases

If there is any sort of problem in your hot water heater like leakage it will surely affect your electricity bill. So, if you notice that there is increase in your electricity bill you need to look at various problems in all your electrical appliances and hot water heater is no exception.

3. Hot Water Heater Costs

The mistake which buyers do is without looking at the reputation of the company they buy the item. Buyers do not compare the rates of various reputed companies so that they end buying costly item. So, whenever you have decided to install it you need to choose the reputed company and compare the rates as well. Check out installation rates as well.

4. Repair A Must

It is very essential that you repair the hot water heater in order to see it functioning properly for many years. Make it a point to get the repairing done at least once a year. If you can do repairing work on your own you can do it so that heater functions properly. Ensure that all the pipes and other parts are in good shape otherwise it might affect the overall performance of the heater.

5. Leaking Problem

Do not want to see your floor flooded with water?… then you need to solve the leakage problem as soon as possible. If the leakage is less you will be able to do it on your own by fixing the problem with solutions that are specifically meant for this purpose. If you are not able to manage it call an experienced and licensed plumber for fix the problem.

Common areas for leaks…

  • Over flow valve
  • Drainage plug
  • Inlet pipe

6. Expansion Tank Care

Your heater is nothing with expansion tank so due care should be taken for it. The moment you see some problem in it, the best thing would be to call at company’s number. The plumber will be sent for the company and fix the expansion tank problem.

7. Installation Mistakes

There are no chances that there will be any problem in installation if it is duly done. It is impossible that entire installation of the hot water heater can be done by you. It’s an involved process. So, it is advisable and sensible that the licensed plumber and electrician do it.

8. Critical Maintenance

People use the hot water heater but the biggest Hot water heater mistakes they make is of not maintaining it. Maintenance is a must and without it you will not be able to use the heater for more years. Proper maintenance will keep the heater in proper form. For this you can read the booklet that is provided to you at the time of purchase of the item.

9. Temperature – control the heating

Sometimes even after switching on the hot water heater for one hour there is no heating that takes place. This means there is some sort of problem in the product. If the temperature setting does not function properly the entire purpose of the hot water heater is defeated. Thus, as soon as you notice that there is some problem in it you need to take it seriously. Try to fix it by calling electrician and plumber both so that the work of installation and electrical work is done simultaneously.

Turn down the temperature. Keep the temperature around 120 degrees F. Why?

  • No one gets burned. Scalding hot water water can really hurt you and your family if your hot water heater is not setup correctly. You need to make sure your max temperature is 120 degrees. Any hotter any you run the risk of burning your family. Babies are not as tolerant of heat on their skin as adults. …
  • Save on electricity. …the higher your temperature the more electricity you will use to heat the water to that temperature. …
  • Extend the life of your water heater. You won’t use the heating element as much which will extend the life of your heating element.

10. Replacement Mistake

If you notice that in spite of proper maintenance and care your heater does not function properly then the best option would be get the hot water heater replaced. Look at the warranty card and if the warranty has not expired, it is better that you replace it at the earliest. By replacing it you will be tension free from unnecessary hassle that you may encounter later.

11. Parts of The Heater

Sometimes it so happens that only one part of the heater is not working properly and because of this the entire functioning of the heater is affected. In this case it would be advisable that a special part that does not function should be replaced. You can either buy these parts from the shop or from website. The most important thing is do not compromise on quality at any cost.

The importance of hot water heater will always be there whether it is an office or home. Thus, different companies are launching different products to impress and attract their customers. Try to buy a product that is reputed so that you do not face any major problem. It is also very important to keep all the eleven points mentioned above so that you avoid any mistake as far as functions and maintenance of the product is concerned.

Recommend manufacturers…

…insert chart with sizing as well

There are various sizes in which it is available so based on your family members you can choose the right one. No matter how many heaters you have at your home or office you will always need to keep in mind things about maintaining it. You can also suggest your friends these tips so that they can also learn about it. Last but not the least do not waste water as it is a very precious natural source.

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