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As a parent, we are all tensed about the upbringing of our children. Due to the excessive work pressure, we cannot give the quality time to our kids and we fear to lose their interests in some things and creative works as well. In the house, the kids cannot get enough chance to work as per their convenience.

But at Home Depot Kids Workshop, they welcome the small builders. They arrange the DIY workshops with the expert solution as well. Your kids get the chance to work with confidence and under supervision. The DIY projects are there to empower your children and help them to cultivate their interest and art in the real figure.

Home Depot Kids Workshop Overview

What are they?

They organize free workshops for the kids in order to build their own wooden masterpiece. This workshop is for the kid ages from 5 to 12. But apart from the, they welcome all ages of kids. Every kid participant gets the certificate after completing the workshop. The children can build so many things like cars, games, napkin holder and all by the wooden slices


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. They offer free workshops for the kids in order to create fun items and so on. The home depot organization will give all needed essential for the kids. The child needs to wear the orange coloured apron at the time of working. The supervisors are there to look after your children. Your children can spend quality time doing these creative structures.

This workshop arranges free classes every month at all the stores of Home Depot over the countries. They arrange the free activities for the kids and you should not miss it. After going to the workshop, your children will get the chance to work with different structures. After completing the workshop, they can bring the kit box with them to their house.

Now you have got the details about these workshops. So, let’s check the details of signing up to this workshop.

How do you sign up?

If you have a child who loves DIY projects, then you should visit the Home Depot Kids Workshop. This is the ideal for your kids. These types of workshops offer kids the chance to make and build something on their own. They can cultivate their thoughts in their creation. This whole working process is done under supervision and a safe environment. Your kids will get all the equipment and kit without any cost.

How to find the nearest Home Depot Kids Workshop?

  • You should check the Home Depot website and click on the DIY projects and ideas.
  • After that, you need to scroll down and select the DIY workshops and click on that.
  • The page of the DIY workshop will open after that you can enter your zip code in the search box.
  • After that, you need to click on enter and the page will guide you to the DIY workshop offerings in your area.
  • You should click on the location you wish to visit.
  • You will also get the available offerings on the display board.

The sign up process:

Now you should know the registration process and know how to sign up in these workshops. For that, you need to follow these steps:

  • You will have to click on the register button. You should make a hurry as the seats are limited to these kinds of free workshops.
  • After clicking on the registration button, you should fill up the form by providing the name of the participant, email and click on the complete registration button.

That’s all you need to do. You should waste much time in order to fill up the long application form. You just need to put what is essential and important data for the workshop.

Home Depot kids workshop kits:

After entering to the workshop, every kid will get the workshop kit according to their projects. There are so many types of projects and ideas available in this free workshop. Tools and hardware are provided by the workshop organization as per the project. Your kids can also take the workshop kit with them to their house after finishing the work project. You can also buy the kids workshop kits from the workshop. You can bring these kits to your home and your kid can assemble this later in their off time.

As it is mentioned earlier that these workshops are free and your kids will get the completion certificate as well.

The weekly project:

There are so many weekly projects arranged by the home depot workshop. There are so many projects such as:

  • Birdhouses
  • Fire trucks
  • Picture frames
  • Tool boxes
  • Race cars
  • Planters

Home Depot kids workshop binoculars:

Last month, they held the workshop project on the binocular workshop. Your kids can develop the hand on skills by gluing, hammering and more. With the help of the store associates, your kids can make their own pair of binocular and take this home as well. The kids will get the certificate as well after completing the workshop. They will also get the kit, pin and apron as well.

The countdown calendar:

Your kids also get the chance to make countdown calendar of any events like Christmas. The supervisors will be there to direct your kids. At the home depot workshop, your kids can learn so many things. With these projects, the kids can develop the hand-on skill by gluing and hammering. The supervisors are there to take care of your children.

Your kids can take the items home with them. You will have to visit the site of home depot and see the class offerings near you. After that, you will have to make sure the registration part and fill up the details as well. They organize the whole workshop with accurate details and safety measures. Your kids are safe with them. The supervisors are experienced and skilled enough to handle the kids and teach them how to make the best thing out of the kits.

If you want to send your kids to these types of workshops, then you need to visit their sites and find out the status of the event.

Tips to have the best experience with your kids at the workshop – from a parent who has been there

1. Show your kids an online workshop so they know what to expect.

  • A few minutes will work. You don’t have to watch a whole Youtube video. The benefit of this is it will help them to know what to expect ahead of time…and anticipate the fun.

2. Go early

  • Yeah, the early bird still gets the worm...or in this case, the best spot on the table. Most of the workshops are setup on tables where 3-4 families can work at and share the supplies. If you go early you can have the pick of the litter and it will be more enjoyable.
  • Project management. It is also good for your kids to see how other kids build their projects and interact with their parents. These workshops are great for socializing your young preK or Kindergarden aged kids who are trying to figure out how to act in public.

3. Be prepared for many emotions


  • Your kids will be really happy that they are doing a new experience or getting time with dad or mom or both. Just roll with the experience and don’t expect them to be Bob Villa on their first workshop.
  • You should attend more than just one workshop so they can become good little builders and enjoy working with tools and projects. Plus it will help build their confidence, hand-eye coordination and much more.

Frustration that a project isn’t going right.

  • You don’t want to make the birdhouse or project for your kid. The key is to teach them how to make it…with instructions along the way. You may want to lead them in the proper way to paint wood. But don’t paint the whole birdhouse or bookend for them.
  • Once they learn how to follow your lead, they will have a much better time. It is ok for them to be frustrated. The key is to work through it and never give up.

4. Build leadership skills

  • I didn’t this of this the 1st time we went to a workshop with our son but we try to do it every time we go now.
  • Once your child is comfortable with their project and is good with their hands, see if they can identify any of the other children that may need help.
    • Be careful not to step on any parent’s feet here as some may be touchy that you are invading their space.
    • The key is for your child to offer a few tips to another child. This helps to build his confidence even more and gives them a head start on being a leader early in life.

5. Record the experience

  • Don’t forget to take a few pictures and maybe even a video. Your child will be so glad you did when they are grown up and looking back at life.

6. Save the projects

  • Going off of tip #5, make sure to save the projects for your kids later in life. I wish my dad had did this with me and it is not too late for you to do this with your child.

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