Gazebo Kits: 11 Types You Need To Know

Many people dream of having a gazebo in their backyard but do not have one due to their higher cost and difficulty to install them. However, with the availability of gazebo kits, anyone can install them in their backyard as now they need not buy a fully assembled gazebo.

Some of the gazebo kits are reviewed in this write-up to help you in selecting one for your home.

1. Shade – Large Shade for Patio by PHI VILLA

The size of this assembled gazebo with adjustable height in 3 positions can be 13’ x 13’, it is made of a reinforced rust-proof frame and 100% waterproof materials to prevent drooping and increase its pull strength. It is backed by a quality guarantee for 3 years.

Its collapsible steel frame is easy to set up and remove and can be carried easily in its carrying bag. It has low maintenance costs and easy to clean with water due to its fade-resistant structure. It is perfect for convenient shading as well as decorating patios, garden, BBQ area and swimming pool area, etc.

2. Permanent – Permanent Gazebo by Kozyard

The frame of this dark brown colored gazebo is made of rustproof aluminum to make of strong and durable. It is built on strong and bigger triangular aluminum poles of 4.7” x 4.7” size.

All the material used in the frame of this gazebo is rustproof. Instead of using fabric or polycarbonate, it has a top made of hard metal galvanized steel with a warranty for 5 years is it can hold heavy snow.

It also includes a removable steel railing on 4 sides and extremely durable mosquito netting made of PBV-coated polyester. You can also add a privacy sidewall to this gazebo by using its double-track system. Two layers of sidewalls are included in this package. Its design is better ventilated than a gazebo with a single layer.

3. Yardistry 12 x 14 Gazebo From Costco

This wood gazebo with easy glide tracks, full-length panels, and heavy-duty zippers is available in 12’ x 14’ size with a limited warranty on wooden components for 5 years. It is provided with a 12’ x 14’ mosquito mesh kit from Yardistry Gazebo to complete its structure.

You can easily include the mesh kit in your gazebo to get rid of bugs. You can create an entrance on all the sides of the gazebo with the help of full-length zippers on all of its panels. You can easily pull back the mesh when not needed with the help of its easy glide tracks and ties for all posts.

4. Francfort Wall-Mounted Hardtop Gazebo by Sojag

This gazebo with 12′ L X 10′ W X 8′ H dimensions can be assembled and used in the backyard in all seasons due to its dark brown powder-coated aluminum structure. Powder-coated galvanized steel panels in its roof are retractable which can be used to protect your home from UV rays.

It allows you to enjoy a bug-free area with the help of its nylon mosquito netting. This kit also includes 4 curtains made of polyester to enhance privacy and protection from the sun. Snow accumulated on its roof can be removed easily.

5. Gazebo Mosquito Mesh Kit by Yardistry Gazebo

The quality of this wooden gazebo of 12’ x 12’ size is backed by a limited warranty for its wooden components for 5 years. It includes full-length panels with heavy-duty zippers and an easy glide track system to set and remove panels easily. It can fit easily with a wood gazebo of Yardistry with an aluminum roof.

This kit is complete with a 12×12 kit of mosquito mesh which you can add to your gazebo to make it bug-free. You can create an entrance on all the sides of your gazebo with its full-length zippers. You can pull back its mesh when not in use easily with ties for all the posts and an easy glide tracking system.

6. Hardtop Gazebo by Outsunny

It is money and time-saving gazebo kit from Outsunny as it includes a hardtop canopy made of galvanized steels, frame of powder-coated steel, and polyester curtains and netting. Its 2-tier canopies on the side protect you from bugs with its inner canopy with zippered full enclosed netting and increase your privacy with outer canopy.

Its hardtop canopy is throughout supported by a metal railing. Its stability is ensured with ground stakes. Its 9’ x 12’ x 10’ size can provide additional party space in your backyard. Its frame made of rust-resistant and powder-coated steel and hardtop made of galvanized steel makes this gazebo extremely durable.

7. Hardtop Durham Gazebo by Paragon-Outdoor

This gazebo provides you a 130 square foot additional living space in your backyard. It has a multilayered roof made of aluminum.

This innovative gazebo protects you from hot and harsh sun rays as well as provides privacy. You can enjoy yourself with your family and friends in this extended outdoor space in your home. It is almost maintenance-free due to its rustproof aluminum frame and roof.

8. Double Roof Hardtop Gazebo by Erommy

This permanent gazebo protects you from harmful sun rays with the help of its double hardtop, and 3 layered protection of double-layered sidewalls, and zippered netting. Its frame and hooks are made of strong, rust-resistant, powder-coated aluminum to assemble and disassemble easily.

It is large enough to adjust your kids and family. It is made stable with its ground stakes and holes in the feet as well as reinforced 4 corners.

9. Wood Octagon Gazebo Kit by YardCraft

This gazebo includes 2×4 Pressure Treated joists for the floor of Southern Yellow Pine and 5/4″ Cedar Decking. It also includes warping-resistant 2×4” cedar posts made of triple-ply.

It includes 2×4 double one hip rafter and 2×6 cedar braces as well as a pine T&G roof sheeting of 1×6 but you will have to buy roof shingles separately. It also includes 36” high and pocketed 1×3 spindles with 2×4 had rails for strengthening and easy assembly.

10. Brookdale Gazebo with Electric by Backyard Discovery

You will have to assemble this gazebo but for guidance for HOA guidelines, zoning requirements and building codes you should consult the municipality of your city before buying it. You may need the permission of the local administration to assemble its structure. You can use 120 v lighting in this wooden structure to enjoy serenity in any weather.

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