6 Best Dog Halloween Costumes

Halloween costumes are fun and adventurous. This year could be the year you celebrate your pet dog with a cool dog costume. From a holy hound costume to representing your love for star wars with a Jedi costume, you will find plenty of options to choose from.

The best dog Halloween costumes will be trendy, match your dog’s personality, creative, and event appropriate. Of course, they should elicit a reaction so you could go for a funny, satirical, classic, or even confusing costume.

This article will provide descriptions of the features on each of these dog Halloween costumes and also give you a guide of what to look for in a costume.

DC Comics Wonder Woman Pet Costume

Wonder Woman is a popular female superhero in the DC Comics and a founding member of the fictional Justice League. This costume is a great match for a dog that loves to show off its bold personality. It comes in four sizes: small, medium, large, and extra-large.

The material is polyester, which is easy to clean, and it is hand washable, so don’t throw it into a washing machine because it will shrink. The costume features a round neck, which is safer and more comfortable for your dog to wear.

It is made by Rubie’s Costume Company, which has been licensed by DC Comics to produce the authentic look of wonder woman’s costume.


  • It comes in six sizes
  • It includes a headpiece to complete the look
  • Both the costume and headpiece offer a snug fit making them safe to wear
  • Rubie’s sizing chart is available to help with buying the correct fit

Brown UPS PAL Dog Costume

This cute UPS dog costume features a brown collared shirt with a UPS box attached to it. The adorable UPS hat completes the ensemble

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. The costume is made from polyester and uses safe Velcro closures around the neck for safety.

The stuffed arms that hold the UPS box also use Velcro to attach to the box. This costume is available for extra small, small, medium, and large dogs. It offers a comfortable fit as the front legs of the dog enter the cut out on the costume. It is also an excellent fit for a dog that loves chasing the UPS van down the street or just loves receiving packages.

You have to put the UPS box that comes with the costume together. However, the assembly is straightforward and easy to do.


  • It comes in four sizes
  • The material is easy to clean polyester
  • It uses Velcro for fastening which is safe

Mogoko Dog/Cat Halloween Pumpkin Costume

In keeping with the pumpkin theme during Halloween, here is a pumpkin costume to compliment your pumpkin cutouts. This hooded costume adorably features a smiling cut out design on the back. You can get it for your small, medium, large or extra-large dog.

This costume is made from velvet and microfiber, making it soft and breathable at the same time. It will keep the dog warm as you go trick or treating, and it is very easy to hand wash. It comes with four buttons that fasten it around the dog. The hood has a green flowery top that looks like the top part of a pumpkin.

The hoodie may be a bit short for larger dogs, but overall the fit of the costume is excellent on most breeds. If you want a cute, family-friendly costume that will work for a smaller dog, this is an excellent option. 


  • It is available in four sizes
  • The material is both hand and machine washable without shrinking
  • The material is extremely comfortable
  • It is easy to wear and take off

Sock Hop Lady Pet Costume

This adorable feminine costume is an excellent fit for a dog that loves to look trendy and make a fashion statement. Made by Rubies Costume Company, the costume features a pink skirt on a striped dress. The skirt has a small poodle design that stands out.

The material is comfortable for the dogs, and it provides a snug fit as long as you get the sizing right. The theme of the costume is in line with the 1950s elegance. It uses Velcro to fasten across the torso of the dog. The stitching is excellent, giving the costume a long service life.


  • It is available in several sizes from small to large
  • Rubie’s sizing chart is available to help with correct fits
  • It comes with a head bow

The Ewok Dog Costume

This costume has stitched accents around the head, giving it even more character. Manufactured by Rubie’s Costume Company, it offers the authentic look of the Ewok and also has a trademark logo to guarantee authenticity and safety testing.

The headpiece is adorable with stuffed ears, and it is also adjustable to ensure the correct fit for any dog. Using the sizing chart, you can find the exact fit for any breed of dog. The costume features a drawstring to adjust it so that it fits properly. Its cowl neck is adorable and completes the Ewok look. The costume is available in small, medium, large and extra-large sizes.

It is important to note that the costume gets hot, so it is advisable to take off some pieces when outdoors or use it in the cooler hours of the day.


  • It comes in four sizes
  • It uses the Rubie sizing chart to ensure the correct fit
  • It includes an adorable headpiece

Red/White Holy Hound Costume

This fun costume is not just a statement piece, but it is also a charming piece. It is made from 100% polyester and features intricate detail on the headpiece and the body of the costume. The detail consists of little paws together with the floral print and the cross.

The stole is detachable if you feel the costume is too heavy for a warm day. The traditional papal vestments are all comfortable from the headpiece to the body costume. This costume comes in various sizes to fit different breeds of dogs from small, extra small, medium, and large.

The costume is easy to put on the dog and take it off as well. Because the hat fits well and sits comfortably, most dogs can tolerate it.


  • The material used is lightweight and easy to clean
  • It is safe because it fits snug and easily
  • The manufacturer’s website offers a sizing chart

What to Look for in a Dog Halloween Costume


The correct fit is vital for your dog to be comfortable. If it is too loose, it could trip the dog, and if it is too tight, it could hurt your pet.


Do not buy a Halloween costume that has protruding metal bits, whether they are part of the costume or fasteners. Not only is this dangerous for your dog, but it also puts any other dogs and people playing with it at risk.


The material used should not be too heavy, causing the dog to overheat, but neither should it be too lightweight to be flimsy. It should strike a balance to make it durable without compromising on the comfort of your pet.

Ease of Cleaning

The costume should be either hand or machine washable. This makes it easy to maintain it, and since it is used occasionally, it needs to be stored while clean to keep it hygienic.

Halloween Costume Tips

Halloween costumes can be expensive, especially when you are dressing an entire family. So if you are looking for a way to save when spending on costumes here are some tips:

Consider Hand Me Downs

If you have more than one pet, then hand me downs can work. And the good news is that the costumes that worked last year can work for the next year. For example, any Star Wars related costumes like the Jedi or Ewok costumes remain timeless and your cat can inherit it from your Yorkie. You will get a second use out of the costume and have to only buy a new one for the Yorkie.

If you have been a parent to several pets over the years, you probably have a few costumes lying around from previous years. Utilize those without buying new ones but update the look to keep them fresh.

Customize Your Costumes

Speaking of updating looks, you can customize older costumes to fit the current trends. For example, if you are a sports enthusiast, consider making a costume out of old sports uniforms and only buy a cap to complete the ensemble. A great example is a baseball fan who makes a baseball shirt for their dog from their son’s old baseball kit and only purchases a hat and a whistle. You and your family can all wear baseball uniforms to make a team.

Sell previous costumes

Selling off your old costumes can fetch you a tidy sum, especially if you have been keeping up with the trends. The proceeds can be used to buy new costumes. These costumes can be sold on Craigslist or eBay or you can even have a garage sale for this purpose.

Shop Early

Since you know you love Halloween, planning your spending in advance can help you get the best costume without having to spend a fortune. Consider shopping early in the year when these costumes are still cheaper.

Some people even prefer to shop for next year’s Halloween costume this year on the day after Halloween because, during this time, the costumes are heavily discounted. The only issue with this is that you cannot change your mind later and expect a refund for the purchase. Also, make sure that your dog does not experience a growth spurt and the costume will not fit it next year. However, if you are committed to the buy, you can save a good deal of money.

Try DIY Costumes

If you can sew your own costume, it would be beneficial for your wallet. The best and most memorable costumes tend to be the ones created with love and at home. For example, parents with children learning ballet can make ballerina costumes for their kids and a ballet tutu for the family pet to match their costumes.

The children will always remember the costume and how their dog or cat was an accompanying ballerina. And your ballerina dressed dog can accompany the family for ballet dances that the kids are participating in.

Trade Costumes

If you and your friends are pet people, you can trade costumes so that your dogs swap costumes this year. It will be even more fun if the dogs are completely different breeds to give an interesting twist to the costume. This can save you from buying a new costume this year.

Buy Online

Instead of going to local stores to buy a costume, perhaps you should consider purchasing them online. This is especially convenient when you are looking for very specific costumes. Online shopping opens more avenues for you to get the costume you want at probably a lower price.

You can also get incredible deals at consignment stores where they have costumes that have been worn once and maybe never at all. Most consignment shops have a Halloween costumes section for adults, kids, and even animals.

Don’t forget to look in the classified or local garage sales where people could be getting rid of their older costumes.

Be Flexible

Halloween costume shopping calls for more flexibility. To save money and still get the costume concept you want, you have to be able to work with what you have got. Some costumes like an angel costume or a lion costume may call for additional materials. However, with a flexible mindset, you can settle for a lion mane or an angel halo for context without spending too much on the rest of the costume.

Some people even go as far as painting on a costume in order to spend less. This is a fantastic concept when working on a lean budget.

How to Get the Right Halloween Costume Fit for Your Dog

Different pet costume manufacturers have their own sizing systems. So taking your own measurements will help inform the right fit for your dog. To get the right measurements, you need a flexible measuring tape or even a tailor’s measuring tape. Use the side with inches because the sizes are listed in inches and not in centimeters.

Take the measurements of the chest area, the back length, and the neck measurements. If the costume tapers further down, you may need to take paw measurements as well. Keep in mind that the back and front paws measure differently.

The chest measurements require the circumference of the torso area. Place the beginning of the tape between the shoulder blades of your dog and wrap the rest of the tape around the widest part of the torso right behind the front legs.

The back length measurement is from the base of the neck along the spine to the base of the tail (not the tip). You can shorten the back length to meet the requirements of the costume you have in mind. Finally, the neck measurement comprises the circumference of the neck area.

Like the chest measurements, place the end of the tape at one point of the neck and wrap it around the neck. Make sure the measurement is taken right where the dog’s collar usually fits. If your dog has a thick coat, make sure the measurement you take has an adequate allowance for the fur thickness. This is very important to ensure that your dog is not only comfortable, but it is also safe.

When it comes to sizing, it is important to note that your measurements may not correspond to the measurements you find on the sizing chart. This is because the measurements on the sizing chart are product based, not animal-based. So, if your dog’s chest measurement is 12 inches, do not buy a product of 12 inches because it will be too tight. Instead, buy a size up for a comfortable fit.

Also, consider the fabric or material being used. Stretchy fabrics are an excellent option because they fit easily and allow room for movement. Look for certain design elements that accommodate the dog’s growth like velcro straps and also have an option for attaching the leash.


Dogs love fun and one of the exciting ways of making your dog part of your fun activities is to dress him or her up. However, make sure that your pet costume is:

  • Comfortable
  • Safe
  •  Respectful
  • Fun
  • Humane

Any of the above choices are trendy and safe. They add character to your own Halloween costume and remain memorable. Consider a costume that also maintains the dignity of your pet. After all, he or she is a reflection of your family and your values. Also, ensure that your dog is well fed before going out to avoid aggressive behavior that can take away from their gentle, cute personality and, of course, beautiful costume.

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