Crash Proof Retirement®: Thrive in any market 2022

What you should know about crash-proof retirement?

1. It is a means to protect your retirement fund from market crashes.

2. An exclusive Crash Proof Retirement® System provides you an option to live your retirement goals.

3. They have a dedicated salaried team to ensure your optimum benefits, not their commissions.

4.  You can tune in to Crash Proof Retirement® Show for more retirement-related information.

5.  You can also explore other options to secure your retirement fund.

How to build a Crash Proof Retirement fund?

1. Get in touch with Crash Proof Retirement® planner to customize the different financial vehicles according to your own needs and status.

2. Catch Crash Proof Retirement® Show to familiarize yourself with the ins and outs of the financial products that can change your financial health.

3. Do not put your eggs in one basket. Know the other means to ensure you get the most out of your retirement fund.

Why do you need to crash-proof your retirement fund?

Even in a pandemic, you work long hours to feed your family and pay your debts.

You may have met several financial consultants and financial planners who convinced you to save for retirement.

So you set up a retirement fund so that you can have money to spend for your needs when you come to an age where you can or do not want to work anymore.

  • You want to be able to afford your basic needs, food, clothing, shelter, and healthcare.
  • You want to enjoy your life by going on vacations you could have not afforded earlier.

But how do you get the peace of mind that your hard-earned money still amounts to something when you retire if the risk brought about by inflation and market losses is always there?

Phil Cannella’s Crash Proof Retirement®, LLC, a financial firm with a proprietary crash-proof retirement system, promises you exactly the means to realize your retirement dreams.

Their offices are in West Palm Beach, FL, and King of Prussia, in the Philadelphia region of Pennsylvania. They are dedicated to securing their investors’ nest eggs from market fluctuations.

They have already assisted many clients in thriving in their retirements by providing a retirement strategy using their exclusive crash-proof retirement system.

Why Choose Crash Proof Retirement?

Many individuals participate in the stock market to finance their retirement plans. Regardless of the insurance company’s quality, its volatility causes many investors to lose sleep.

Stocks keep going up and down due to economic disasters, government takeovers, or other sorts of the financial crises.  You never know how much your fund will be valued next year.

It becomes very obvious that their retirement finances are exposed to market risk because there is no perfect way to predict when the next market crash will be.

Founder Phil Cannella realized, during the 2001 market crash, discovered the necessity of having a specific product investment for the near retirement population who do not have the luxury of time to establish their retirement nest eggs.

He later developed the Crash Proof Retirement® System to perfection, introducing key consumer-safe alternatives from life insurance-based guaranteed financial vehicles.

A paid design team of financial professionals is tasked with selecting the Crash Proof investment vehicles for his client’s portfolios. Which would earn them the most commissions is no longer part of the planner’s considerations.

Since the vested interest has been eliminated, there is greater assurance that they will propose the solutions that will perform best to crash-proof consumers and improve their financial health.

Crash Proof Retirement® Show

Canella later found out that the reason why there are only a handful of crash-proof retirement employees is that mainstream media do not tackle these topics in their reports.

High-risk securities and other financial products, with the promise of the largest returns, are being hyped instead.

This is due to the fact that the same media outlets are owned by corporations who benefit largely from the stock market.

Hence, openly discussing competing options can be a breach of their privacy policy.

For this reason, Canella created the Crash Proof Retirement® Show in 1995 with funding straight from his own pocket.

This continues to air on Talk Radio 1210 WPT on Saturdays and Sundays, 11 AM and 1 PM, respectively.

He exposed hard-to-swallow pills about the financial industry and securities industry in this show such as the dangers of Wall Street.

He landed many exclusive interviews with high-ranking government officials, retirement phase experts, regulators, and CEOs.

He also conducts free educational events in different restaurants across the country to advocate the Crash Proof Retirement® Plan and retirement planning in general.

CEO Joann Small took over Canella’s position in First Senior Financial Group in 2012 when he stepped down to focus on Retirement Media, Inc., a consumer advocacy firm.

This company handles the show and provides updated kind consumer advocacy retirement and financial news to retirees and the general public.

Other means to reduce your retirement risk

Other than the program above, you may also take different paths which share the common goal of further minimizing the threats to your retirement fund:

  • Go for an index fund. An index fund is an exchange-traded fund (ETF) or a mutual fund whose portfolio is designed to replicate or follow a market index.

Regardless of the stock market conditions, you will gain maximum market exposure at minimal costs, and low portfolio turnover.

  • Use a strategic annuity sequence. An annuity is a set of payments that are paid at regular periods much like a monthly insurance premium.

A variable annuity with a fixed lifetime withdrawal benefit may set you up for retirement.

Good years would offset withdrawals and maybe boost asset value before the negative returns started to affect the investment.

  • Invest in dividend-paying stocks. Inflation is a constant threat to a retiree’s buying power.  Include stocks that pay you an increasing amount of dividends.
  • Boost your Social Security benefits.

Benefits are computed based on your highest-earning years. So most of the time, you need to work for at least 35 years.

Expert tip: Claim later because Social Security benefit payouts rise by around 8% every year until you reach the age of 70.

  • Avail a fund with a variable withdrawal rate. For such funds as this, the performance of the investment dictates the changes to the withdrawal rates.

On certain a percent growth or crash, you can use a predetermined flexibility rate that you can increase or decrease on a baseline withdrawal rate.

For example, at 10% growth, you can withdraw an additional 1.5% on top of a 4% baseline. Or at a 5% decline, you can use 1.5% less than the 4% baseline.

  • Offer option contracts on stocks you already own to make money.

It’s possible to get a discount on the price of your existing stock holdings for a certain period of time and a specific strike price.

Stock and premium are yours even if the strike price is not met.        


What is Crash Proof Retirement about?

Crash-Proof Retirement® employs financial instruments that are not affected by market crashes or declines.

When the market rises, these vehicles profit, but when the market falls, they remain flat or show a zero.

How can I reduce my retirement risk?

The general advice is not to put all your eggs in one basket but here we add the best baskets to place your eggs in.

Invest in products with the following:

  • a variable annuity with a guaranteed lifetime withdrawal benefit
  • dividend-paying stocks with a history of increasing their payments
  • a variable withdrawal rate

You can also diversify by placing 10% on short-term cash securities, 30% on government and corporate bonds, and 60% on stocks and commodities.

Is Crash Proof Retirement legit?

Yes. A genuine “crash-proof” retirement is based on a sound plan that includes the following components:

  • Determines when you wish to retire
  • Takes into account your individual circumstances
  • Utilizes the best portfolio structure
  • Allows you time to weather a collapse AND come out on top of inflation, savoring the lifestyle you’ve always wanted.

How do you profit from the coming economic collapse?

You can do this by betting that one will happen. You can short sell stocks or short equity index futures to do it.

You can safely keep the value of your shares intact by having the right to purchase shares at a reduced price when a certain percent


Availing of a Crash Proof Retirement® System is one of the sure-fire ways to safeguard your retirement funds.

Without the exorbitant costs, you can stay ahead of inflation and dodge the aftermath of market crashes.

You can stay abreast of the various trends and realistic discussion of the different financial products for your retirement through the Crash Proof Retirement® Show.

Make sure to check out other means to crash-proof your retirement funds.

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