11 Costco Rent a Car Tips. Save Big!

Traveling has become quite easy – not just because of the introduction of modern technology, but also because of the several new ways people can travel independently, without depending on public transportation.

Renting a car has become affordable and comparatively easy and with the Costco Travel rental services. This service lets its customers avail crazy discount offers, along with the option to choose from a varied range of cars from all major locations.

Here are some tips and the process one can follow to avail rented cars at affordable rates from their selected range of locations.

1. Rental Cars Tab

To rent a car from Costco Travel, all you need to do is visit their website – https://www.costcotravel.com/

Once you have opened the website, click on the Rental Cars’ tab, which can be found within the website tab bar at the extreme right side, along with the options of Packages, Hotels and Cruises. The website’s car rental services are as equally well-known as its other booking options.

2. Select Location, Pick Up and Time

Once you have clicked on the Rental tab, fill in the information to find the availability of cars from your preferred location. Select the particular location from where you would want to pick up the car, add the pickup date and time and then click on Find My Car’. Moreover, one can even get the option of dropping the car at a separate location. This service is especially suitable for people who have to travel to and forth from airports in different locations.

3. Select Your Car

After entering your preferred location, you would find a variety of options from the drop down list from which you can choose your preferred car. The cars range from economy low costs cars, minivans, premium family cars, SUVs to even luxury cars. The variety of cars also ranges from Mitsubishi, Ford, Chevrolet, Honda and other cars. It is important to consider that these options vary in separate locations, but are managed by the same service agency.

4. Select Your Options

It is not just the car you get to select but also the other customizable options which are available along with it. There are several companies like Alamo, AVIS, Budget and Enterprise which offers discounts as per the car that you choose. Moreover, you get to choose the car for a whole day or a number of days and the discounts will depend on those factors.

5. Read Terms and Conditions

It is understandable that several people do not want to read this section and wants to skip through it, but it is highly advisable to read the terms and conditions before going ahead with the process. Moreover, it is also necessary to read these terms and conditions just to make sure that it doesn’t have any restrictions on your needs or what you have been expecting. Other than these, there might be certain criteria one has to fulfil to drive the rented car, or the number of miles one can drive in it. Terms and conditions must be read to ensure that one doesn’t face any problem in the middle of the journey. The important terms and conditions are already highlighted to make it easy for customers to know before renting it.

6. Login to Verify Your Membership

Costco Travel offers these special discounts to its valued and loyal customers. Before going ahead with the whole process of renting the car, make sure that you are already a member so that you can log in with your details to verify your membership. Don’t worry if you are a new user as there is also an option of creating your own new account.

7. Get Premium Rental Car Insurance

Insurance covers all kinds of accidental damage, theft or other misfortunes that might come along the journey and it is an important aspect to consider before renting any kind of vehicle. Costco Travel offers affordable premium rental car insurance to its rental customers before they choose to finally checkout. A number of people choose to not take insurance to save a small amount of money, but it is always a good choice to take insurance to ensure one’s safety.

8. Verify Your Purchase

Now that you have filled in all the important necessary details, chosen your options and have opted for the car insurance as well, the next step takes one to the verification process. Here, one can verify the purchase they are about to make and move on with the final steps of payment.

9. Rent the Car

Once you have verified the details that have been filled in, the next page would take you to the checkout process from where you have make the final payment. Once the payment mode has been selected and the amount has been paid, you have successfully rented a car and the details would be sent immediately on your mobile through SMS and even an email.

10. Compare Rates

Costco Travels offers the best prices for various ranges of cars that are available. Along with the wide ranges of car available in the website, the Travel agency also provides discount rates from other partnered sites which can be compared before making the final purchase. Another website, PriceLine, also provides rental cars at cheaper rates, which can be compared with Costco Travel to find if cheaper car options are available or not.

11. Choose Your Car Options Wisely

It is usually a common misconception that an economy car within a rental website is the cheapest one can avail. In the end, a person ends up cramming themselves within the car, especially if there is a group of people traveling. There are times where premium cars are not suitable for group travels. No matter how good a car looks, at the end of the day, it’s our necessity means that has to be fulfilled. Therefore, don’t just go for the cheapest or the coolest car that you find, instead look for the benefits and comfort that the car can provide for the ride.


Costco Travels have made renting cars for the consumers very quick, easy and affordable in our fast-paced lives. It offers pickup and drop locations from all the important and busiest point all over America. Moreover, its prices, discounts and insurance are extremely cheap compared to any other rental website available.

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