11 Costco Eye Exam & Glasses Tips to Save Time & $$$

Costco is undoubtedly one of the best warehouse club chains, and most probably your first and only stop to stock up on your pantry.

The perks of having everything you need under one-roof is far too great to ignore. And, Costco Optical happens to be one of those perks.

But should you really consider taking an eye exam from a place where you buy your toilet papers from. Well, the answer is a big Yes! In fact, it has been rated the best place to buy glasses.

Inexpensive Costco eye exam, great after-sale service, and most importantly reasonable and affordable pricing of wide range of quality lenses, frames and more are great…and will save you time and $$$.

Yes, imagining this can be hard; especially when last time you had to spent hours standing in line to get you prescriptions. Don’t stress about it, as next we will talk about some great Costco eye exam and getting glasses tips that will save your time, energy and money. So, without further ado:

1.Do your research on the doctor

Costco is known for employing licensed independent doctors. As these optometrist doctors are mainly working as independent contractors, you should research well about them before booking an appointment. The best way to do this will be by first finding out the name of the doctor who is going to take the exam. And then, going online to check the rating and/or to research about the doctor by reading his/her patients’ reviews and testimonials.

Even though they are independent contractors, most of them are known for providing excellent service and care. You have to call for an appointment between 8:30AM to 10:00PM to see them. To get the best timing, make the call a day prior you are planning to go for the eye exam.

2.Verify insurance coverage

Do you know that at Costco Optical you can get your prescription and leave without having to buy any glasses/contact? This is one of the reasons why people are preferring to have their eye exams there than traditional clinics. Another reason is definitely their affordable pricing. Depending on where you live, generally for a Costco eye exam you have to pay somewhere between $80 to $150.

Not only the eye exam, even the average cost of buying glasses is also affordable (around $200). But wouldn’t it be nice to make the price more affordable! Most places accept insurance which you should definitely take advantage of. However, to do so, you need to get familiar with the coverage before booking the appointment. This is the best way to ensure you can use the insurance coverage properly and effectively.

3. Contacts

Want to get an eye exam for contacts? Don’t worry Costco has got you covered. Not only you can get a Costco eye exam for contacts, you can even buy contacts of well-loved brands. Brands like Kirkland and Accuvue are giants in the world of lenses offering a wide range of products; and you can get them at Costco. Besides, brands like Johnson & Johnson, CooperVision, Bausch + Lomb and many more are also available.

4. Types of contacts

Some of the best-selling types of contacts belonging to the best brands are available at Costco to buy. Almost all of the different types of contacts are reasonably priced.

You can even get them at cheaper rate; just look out for offers and discounts. And you can even order them online. However, these options are only available for members.

5. Go early. The wait times can suck.

The biggest turn off is definitely the wait time. Now, the best way to avoid this will be by going there early. When you book an early appointment, you can avoid having to wait in line for hours, and get enough time to discuss your problems with the on-site doctor as well.

6. Get your exam…then you can leave and order contacts online if you know your Rx and don’t want to wait.

As mentioned earlier, you can buy the contacts of your choice from Costco online if you are a member. If by any chance you are still not; it is highly recommended that you do get a membership. You can enjoy the comfort of shopping from home after taking a Costco eye exam. With online shopping you can take as much time you require to select the right contacts. However, the best thing about their online store is that it provides the option of uploading your prescription’s photo to order the lenses. This, right here, save you from making another trip to Costco, and thereby will save time and money in the process.

7. You don’t have to be a member to get an exam.

Yes, and this is possible because the doctors are independent contractors. So, the billing will not go through Costco, making the exam bill separate from the membership billed items.

8. You do have to be a member to buy glasses or contact lenses. (boo)

However, all lenses, glasses and sunglasses belong to Costco. Thus, you do need a membership if you want to buy from there and get the good deals on these products. But the money-saving deals/offers are available for members. Thus, getting the membership will definitely be a smart move!

9. You can use a Rx from another optometrist. Awesome!

Costco Optical has managed to win over so many people because of the many benefits it has to offer. So, with Costco you even have the option to shop for glasses, contacts and sunglasses without getting a Costco eye exam. If you have a prescription from any other doctor of optometry, then you are good to go!

10.They sell cool brands.

All eye products available at Costco are from popular brands. In fact, they are known for having some of the biggest names in the game. Expect brands like Vera Wang, Kate Spade, Ray-Ban and other such cool names. However, they have many other amazing and reasonably-priced brands like XOXO, Balmain, Swarovski, Hobie, Oakley, Vera Bradley, Serengeti, Maui Jim etc. as well.


Shocking, but, Costco Optical has some drawbacks. Many complains that some major brands or designs are missing, making the selection limited. Besides, prices of certain products are found to be more than on some other websites. And even though they are known for their great after-sale service, their customer service is not the best out there.

So, now you see that even though going for a Costco eye exam or buying a frame there can seem nightmare-ish, there are so many easy-to-follow tips and tricks that can definitely help you out. And yes, there are some drawbacks but the fact remains that they still have a great collection at the best price with some great services. So, what are waiting for! Apply want you learnt today, do some more research and book an appointment to get the best pair at the best price only at Costco Optical.

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