20 coolest tools at harbor freight NOW (2021 Resources & FAQs)!

Harbor Freight is one of the biggest discounts building equipment and material retail stores in the United States with over 900 stores. Even if you are not close by to a Harbor Freight store, you can buy online anything you may need. It can be delivered straight to your home which is what makes this one of the best options out there.

In this article, we are going to give you some info on the ’20 Coolest Things You Can Buy at Harbor Freight’ as well as provide you with coupons, warranty information and FAQs to on harbor freight tools to help you find the products you are looking for much more quickly.

16 Oz. Can Crusher

Crashing Cans without a special tool is very lengthy and physically demanding process however thanks to a 16 Oz. Can Crusher you can very easily crush cans with ease. It allows you to save space in your recycling bin and it can be used on all kinds of weak metals in order to make them more compact. It comes with a very comfortable handle to ensure you do not get any blisters.

Air Compressors & Tanks

An Air Compressor is key if you are planning to use other tools such as nail guns and spray guns that allow you to do a lot of work in a shorter amount of time. There is a wide variety of Air Compressors & Tanks at Harbor Freight however we have linked one of the best below in terms of value for money as it is created to be very lightweight allowing you to carry it everywhere you go as well as being kitted with Easy Start Technology that allows you to start it up in cold temperatures up to -20 degrees Fahrenheit.


Engines are great for those moments when the engine in for example your lawn mower, jet washers and any other type of machinery that requires an engine breaks down or is affected by power cuts. The engines on offer here are powered by gas so they can be easily be powered.


Next, we have generators who are similar to engines but instead they are used to create electricity from mechanical power to switch on to appliances and machinery as well as being able to power an entire house. Generators like engines also run on gas allowing them to be accessible even when there are power cuts.


This tool may seem expensive however it is very user-friendly thanks to its simple user interface that allows you to select the materials and thickness of the material that you are welding which is then calculated by the device leaving you just to do your job. It also comes with pre-installed settings that can be turned on and off based on your preference.

Full-Motion TV Wall Mount

Fixing up your TV on your wall can make it look more stylish, free up space and allow you to place a TV in any room you like such as the kitchen. However, it is also very important that you choose a good quality wall mount that will make sure your TV does not fall off or get damaged. At Harbor Freight they sell full motion TV wall mounts that can be moved and adjusted on whatever angles are required.

Hand Tools
Despite over the years, there being a lot of the innovative machines and tools being invented that help professionals and DIY fanatics to save time without compromising on quality. There will always be the need for a more hands-on approach which is where hand tools come in, which is why we had to feature them in our list of the coolest things you can buy at Harbor Freight.

Tool Boxes

Cabinets and shelving are very useful for keeping yourself organized however you encounter a problem when you need to travel somewhere and need to take a bunch of tools and equipment with you. This is why toolboxes are very important, at Harbor Freight you can find high-quality toolboxes that are rust and water resistant, will protect your equipment from damage and also allow you to lock your toolbox for extra security.

This is a steel for this tool box compared to snap-on which is over $1300 more for a comparable box. Insane.

Pressure Washers

Pressure Washers are an absolute lifesaver when it comes to getting rid of grime from hard to clean surfaces such as driveways, fencing, vehicles, woods decks, and patios to name just a few examples. Furthermore many people opt for a low priced pressure washer that ends up breaking after a year, this is why you need to invest in a more expensive option that will last you a lot longer which will save you money in the long term.

1/2 In. Drive Click Type Torque Wrench

A simple but very effective tool that allows you to quickly turn into place any parts without much effort. You need to invest in a high-quality wrench like this as it will not break from too much pressure and it also comes with a non-slip handle that allows you to have amazing control even when applying loads of pressure.

Jointers & Planers

Jointers & Planers give the user the ability to have exact control over the size and thickness of a certain material that allows you the ability to correct any mistakes you may have done when buying or when you have previously tampered with the materials by cutting them.

It is important to spend money on some top quality jointers and planers that will allow you the ability to cut with accuracy and ease.Link: 

Mixers, Compactors & Backhoes

These three tools are very important in all kinds of landscaping and building work. For example, a mixer is perfect for mixing cement but can also be used to perfectly mix any other mixtures.
Compactors, on the other hand, allows you to quickly smooth out surfaces which is a nightmare if you are trying to do manually with such a tool.

Finally, you have the Backhoe that can be used to dig holes, trenches and remove any other natural barriers such as trees that may be in your way. At Harbor Freight you can buy portable Backhoes that are light and easy to transport around but still a very durable and powerful machine.

Demo Hammer

The Demo Hammer is the go-to tool for breaking down surfaces such as tiles on walls and on the floor as well as using it as a fast way to chisel away at things. It will save you a lot of time and energy while still ensuring the quality results you are aiming for.

Need plumbing tips: Top 14 Basic Plumbing Tips For Beginners (2019 Guide)

Shelving & Cabinets

Storage space is something that a lot of people overlook however it is very important in order to make sure that you are always able to find the tools and materials you are looking for which will save you countless hours overtime that you could instead be spending working or with your family.

When you are working in an environment where they are a lot of dust, chemicals or other types of particles that are highly concentrated in the air you need to wear special protective masks that help to filter out the air you breathe in. At Harbor Freight you can find some high-quality reusable masks such as the one we have below that also comes with ten replaceable filters.Link: 

If you are looking for maximum protection from harmful chemicals such as when you are painting or working in a very unsanitary environment that a basic mask cannot effective protective you from. Research shows that these kind of masks are able at filtering out over 95% of the particles that you breathe in which ensures without a doubt that you will stay safe.Link: 

Emergency & First Aid Kits
Staying safe while working is very important, so we just had to add this to our list of coolest things you can buy at Harbor Freight. First of all, we have the reflective cones that can be used to place in the road to minimize the chances of you getting run over.
Next, we have the reflective triangle light which is a substitute for the reflective cones that we mentioned above. The reflective triangle comes is able to be switched on so it shines during the night and is thus more visible.

Finally, we have the First Aid Kit, a very common sense but yet overlooked the item. The First Aid Kit from Harbor Freight comes with various different types of bandages, pads and other kinds of equipment to keep you safe if you get injured.

Yellow Reflective Safety Vest
A yellow reflective vest will make sure that you are always visible while working on all kinds of environments such as out on the road or when you are on a construction site. Furthermore, a Yellow Reflective Safety Vest is a type of uniform that makes you look more professional in front of customers.

Garage/Workshop Fire Extinguisher

Fires can easily happen in constructions sites and any other places with a lot of machinery and appliances. This is why you need one or more fire extinguishers out on standby if you ever have to use them to put out a fire. The fire extinguisher sold by Harbor Freight is perfect for all types of fires such as electrical fires, wood fires and gasoline fires to name a few.

Paint Sprayers
Painting by hand with brushes and paint rollers can be very consuming and also very difficult to paint evenly on the surface. This is why a Paint Sprayer is a perfect solution for you, it allows you to quickly and easily paint large surfaces while still ensuring an even distribution of paint. Paint Sprayers are also great for painting those trickier places such as door frames and ceilings.

Ladders & Scaffolds

No matter how much technology is progressing, there will always be a demand for ladders and scaffolds to allow people to work on those hard to reach places. At Harbor Freight you can find multi-task ladders that can be altered in size depending on your needs during a job.

Scaffolds are another great option as they give you stability and a lot more freedom to move around then a ladder. Furthermore, a scaffold allows you to keep your tools and equipment close to you with no need to get off the scaffold to pick up equipment as you would usually with a ladder.

What about Harbor Freight coupons?

Note: I don’t have any affiliation with Harbor Freight and am not an affiliate for them. They just have decent tools at a great price. Where HD or Lowes have pretty good tools at an expensive price.

Harbor Freight Inside Track Club

Harbor Freight has a coupon club that gets you access to the Weekly Member-Only emails with Super Coupons. You also get early access to Harbor Freight parking lot sales pricing before the pubic does. So you get 1st dibs. This membership costs $29/year.

What they don’t tell you…

The really good coupons and discounts are with the Inside Track Club or if you know someone who works at a Harbor Freight. Then you can use their employee discount.

Harbor Freight Normal 20% off coupons

Harbor Freight coupons are actually a lot better than the coupons I have seen for other hardware stores. They have a cool ad with lots of different types of tools for sale. These normal coupons are free. You don’t have to be part of their inside track club to get them.

Bonus: Many of the coupons are 50% or more as their coupon book offers a wide range, starting at a 20% minimum. Other stores use this sales tactic but only go up to 20% (and they may only have a handful of items at this discount). I have found that Harbor Freight’s coupon program to be pretty cool.

Monthly Flyer

Harbor Freight has a coupon collection in their monthly flyer. It includes great discounts – well past 20%. These items were usually overstock from their recent sale and contain pretty cool items that you can save a ton on.

What’s cool about the quality of Harbor Freight tools?


Low prices & high quality (in general)

Harbor Freight attributes their low prices compared to the big brands for a few reasons:

  • They have their own testing facilities. By doing quality assurance and quality control internally they can quickly improve the quality of their tools where other companies have to wait for 3rd party testers to evaluate their tools. This gives Harbor Freight a competitive edge.
  • They may have more overhead in their quality department but provide their feedback to the product development cycle much quicker – often leading to a higher quality tool, produced a a lower price.
  • They cut out the middle man. The big brands have large distribution networks and middle men that raise the cost of their tools. Harbor Freight streamlines their processes which is why they can offer lower prices.

Improved quality over the years

Harbor Freight’s overall quality of tools has increased from their customer feedback and increased testing. In the past some of their tools were not the best and had the reputation of “lower quality”. Come to find out, a lot of that reputation was from “the big boys” who were trying to push them out of the industry. Harbor Freight was cutting into their profit margin and they wanted them gone.

What about Harbor Freight warranties?

If you want a warranty than you can buy a Harbor Freight extended service plan. You shouldn’t need to get one of these unless you plan on getting a larger item like a generator or engine.

ESP plans can be purchased at Harbor Freight Tools stores within 30 days of the eligible product’s purchase date or by calling our Sales Department at 1-800-423-2567, Monday thru Sunday 6am to 6pm (PT). Customer Service is available for existing plans at 1-888-838-3421.

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What company owns Harbor Freight?

Harbor Freight tools was started by Eric Smidt the Chairman and CEO. They are not owned by another company. They have almost 1000 stores across the US and make around $2 billion / year (as of 2012 – Moody’s Investors Service report.

Is Harbor Freight a Franchise?

Harbor Freight does Tools does not offer franchises to entrepreneurs or investors. The stores are managed by their corporate office and management. So you can’t open up your own Harbor Freight store unfortunately.


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