5 Chain-link Fence FAQs – Cost, Install & Maintenance In (2022)

chain link fence 101

Chain link fence is one of the most popular types of fencing for residential and commercial applications because it is affordable and easy to install. 

 A chain-link fence is suitable for temporary fencing or as a protective shield for restriction in a particular area.

We dive into the chain link fence cost, installation & maintenance questions that are commonly asked.

Lets get to it!

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1. Chain Link Fence: Cost 

The cost of installing a Chain link fence varies and ranges between $1,241 and $5,194 (including professional labor cost). 

the cost to as high as $6,935 or as low as $783. 

Conversely, the rate may fall somewhere between $12- $33 per linear foot.  

Is it cheaper to build a wood fence or chain-link fence?

Building a chain-link fence is usually more cost-effective than building wood fences. 

And that’s because chain link materials are usually cheaper and the installation costs are affordable. 

But adding extras like gates and fabric screens will increase the total price. 

2. Chain link Fence: Accessories and Maintenance

Chain link fence accessories are durable and available at a competitive price.


Apart from protecting the environment, chain link fence gates are an impressive decorative material for yards and gardens. 

Walk gates, roll gates, single gates, cantilever gates, and double swing gates are the popular types of chain link gates. 

If there’s any reason walk gates have become popular over the years, it’s their ease of use and maintenance. 

Installing a walk gate is a breeze.

 You can decide the color and height of your chain link. 

Single gates are suitable for places with large openings with enough space for the gate to function. 

They can be automated. 


Slats, made with plastic coated and aluminum wire, connect to the chain-link fence. 

Slats are beautiful, flexible, and easy to install. The chain-link fence slats are available in two types: the bottom locking and the winged chain link with both designed to beautify the fence. 

Chain-like slats also work by preventing the effect of strong wind. 

3. Chain Link Fence: Maintenance 

While chain link is stronger and durable than most fence types, maintaining them regularly can guarantee several years of use. 

 Combat rust with rust-resistant finish

Despite the durability of the chain link, it can become prone to rust from moisture.

 Snow, rain, and dew are responsible for rust in chain link fences. Fighting rust with the proper rust-resistant coating is the way.  

Wash, then wax

  • Clean off Grass and other dirt blown by wind accumulate on the fence. 
  • That’s why you need to consistently clean your fence. 
  • Wash with soap and water at least once a season. 
  • Wax the fence and add oil to the joint, latches, springs, etc.  

Inspect loose panels

Loose panels may damage your fence if you don’t monitor them properly. Check for loose nails and tighten loose bolts. 

Strictly monitor the hardware as it gets most of the attention. 

Check the hinges 

If your chain link fence has a gate, always prevent it from rusting.

 And the best way is to apply oil on the hinges. 

Else, it may become difficult to open or close the gate 

Create a maintenance schedule 

It’s easy to maintain a chain link fence for simple problems.

 It’s easy to replace tickets and palings. Schedule a maintenance routine, let’s say, every month. 

Do a physical check of all parts of the chain-link fence for possible errors or pending damage. 

Use the help of an expert 

Above all, it’s important to use the help of an expert. 

At some point, you may need the help of a professional, especially when structural issues appear. 

A fencing professional can help solve complex fencing issues while helping you save time and money. 

4. What is the life expectancy of a chain-link fence?

A properly maintained chain-link fence (coated or not) usually lasts between 15-20 years.

 Some last more, depending on maintenance. 

What not to do when installing a fence 

Not acknowledging local fencing rules 

Learn about local fencing rules before installing your fence.

 Each county has its HOA laws which can be sometimes stringent. Check what your HOA law approves in terms of color, variety, and height of the fence. 

Special local safety codes can guide anyone installing a fence in places like pools. 

Wrong gate settings 

Your outdoor property should have an entry and departure.

 That’s why gates are a must-have.

 Measure the fenced area and install hinge posts to hang the gates.  

5. Should you Use foam instead of concrete? 

  • Concrete provides strong structural support to a fence. Here’s the thing: expanded foam is nowhere near concrete when it comes to rigidity and density. 
  • Expanded post is strong enough to withstand normal conditions but may not survive extremely harsh conditions which concrete can withstand.  
  • Overall, there’s no straight answer to the “which is better between concrete and foam”
  • If you’re in a location with a decent level of wind and environmental conditions, expanding foam can be a quicker and easier option. But if the wind is a problem, concrete will be a better option. 


Which side of the fence should face the neighbor? 

The good side (which is the finished side) of the fence should face the neighbor. Apart from being ethical, it is also the recommended) standard. You will have a beautiful property with the finished side facing the world. If not, the fence will look like it is built backward. 

Do you need a permit to install a chain-link fence? 

To install a chain-link fence, you may need to apply for Permits from your county’s building authority. 

Be sure to confirm requirements with the concerned department before getting to work. 

Check out Chain-link Fence Cost & Installation to find out the step-by-step process to quickly install your chain-link fence.

How much weight can a dog chain link kennel hold?

A dog chain-link kennel can hold 20lbs to 90lbs of dog weight. 

Does chain link fence decrease property value?

Chain link fences may not increase the property value of a home because of their average aesthetics. 

Even if they increase home value, it may eventually be bad business investments considering the amount of money spent installing the fence. 

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