Best Swing Set with Slide for Under $1200

Slope yard background slide sets are ideal for catching attention of your kids from gadget world. Children love the ones with a lot of equipment that can be used for playing in different ways and on other hand adults require affordable one that would guarantee a lot of safety meant for kids. There is guide for finding playground sets meant for backyards. We’ve listed down the best swing set with slide for sloped yard along with their installation procedure so that you’re easily able to choose the ideal one and your kids enjoy their leisure time very soon.

What Are the Best Swing Sets with Slides for Under $1200?

  • Gorilla Playsets 01-0001-Y Outing Swing Set with Wide Climbing Wall, Swings and Yellow Slide
  • Swing-N-Slide Mont Eagle Play Set with Two Swings, Two Slides, Rock wall and Picnic Table
  • Lifetime Adventure Tower
  • Swing-N-Slide PB 8272-TY Grandview Test Deluxe Play Set with Two Slides
  • JUMP Power UFO Swing Set
  • Fitness Reality Kids “The Ultimate” 8 Station Metal Swing Set
  • Step2 Naturally Playful Adventure Lodge Play Center Swing Set with Glider
  • Costzon Toddler Climber and Swing Set

1. Gorilla Playsets 01-0001-Y Outing Swing Set with Wide Climbing Wall, Swings and Yellow Slide

Gorilla Playsets 01-0001-Y Outing Swing Set with Wide Climbing Wall, Swings and Yellow Slide is among the best available sets meant for backyard and is widely popular among kids as well as their parents. The set has a 10 feet tall slide with 2 swing belts and swing glider. The attention for details is quite impressive and this is not strange why the set remains a lot more than only popular and desirable. This has got it all and appears a lot better compared to other models in market.

Parents also have a special place and you get table for 4 located below deck. Children can play and also have fun with the large set.

  • Assemble ready. Detailed step-by-step assembly manual and all required hardware. You won’t miss any hardware!
  • Commercial grade vinyl canopy. Provides protection from the sun and provides shade and cooler temperatures
  • Age range: Ideal for kids 3-11 years old


  • Excellent swing set for the price
  • Free shipping!
  • Large Set
  • Has Ladder
  • Cedar wood construction
  • Rock Wall


  • Few
  • You have to assemble it as you do all swing sets

2. Swing-N-Slide Mont Eagle Play Set with Two Swings, Two Slides, Rock wall and Picnic Table

Swing-N-Slide Mont Eagle Play Set with Two Swings, Two Slides, Rock wall and Picnic Table in addition to Wave Slide, 2 Swings, Sandbox, Ring or Trapeze Bar, Climbing Rope and Covered Fort, through Gorilla Playsets.

Outing Play sets are among the affordable units that we also found. Nevertheless, you also get a lot. In a nutshell, children enjoy 3 swings, 2 slide, a ladder, and also sandbox. The whole set is made through 4×4 inch wood along with beam for swings is 4×6 inch.

Set is ideal for outdoors and at low price range this is the best you can get for your kids. The set is quite affordable and isn’t cheap.


  • 2 Swings
  • Affordable
  • Safe construction
  • Cedar Wood
  • Materials that are UV resistant


  • Complicated assembly process
  • Basic design

3. Lifetime Adventure Tower

The Lifetime Adventure Tower is also a great swingset that your kids will love. The question set is a great thing to have and when your kid wants something standing away from crowd, they must have it. This is also quite durable and among the strongest to have. The set is fine for kids preferring swings and have great tower. Tower has been made through hard roof and wood and withstands outdoor usage. We must add that the whole set has been UV resistant and resists all conditions of weather.

Coming to activities, there are a lot of these. Children have 2 swings along with trapeze bar. Also, the rock wall is there and made through 3D printing.


  • 3D rock wall
  • Great Tower
  • Rubber grip on swing
  • Fine design


  • Unsecured ladder
  • Limited activities

4. Fitness Reality Kids “The Ultimate” 8 Station Metal Swing Set

The Swing Set can be considered for the yard if you look out for fine balance of functional versatility and cost. The swing and slide set has eight fun-filled play stations capable of keeping around nine kids engaged.

This is designed ideally for kids with age groups between 2 to 9. The set has soccer goal in addition to net, 2-person glider, soccer ball and basketball with air pump, 32-inch flying saucer, 36 inch trampoline, monkey bar, a backboard and basketball hoop

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Also of Interest: 5 Most Expensive Trampolines (You’ll Be Shocked by the Price!).

With such a lot of features your kids can really engage themselves in fun activities and enjoy their idle time.


  • Stable against winds of 60-90mph speeds
  • Affordable and the current price range
  • Adherence to ASTM


  • Installation is tough
  • Soccer nets not strong against winds

5. Step2 Naturally Playful Adventure Lodge Play Center Swing Set with Glider

The set is ideal for around four to five kids and they can engage themselves in fun activities. With such adventurous lodge, the kids belonging to age group of 3 to 8 years climb, slide, hide, swing and also pretend.

Unlike all other swing sets having playhouse, this also has two story playhouse for facilitating climbing and hiding in a fun way. The whole set has double-wall poly construction without any risks like fading, splinters and warps.


  • Compact
  • Durable and sturdy
  • Quite versatile for enjoying a lot of plays
  • Included playhouse
  • Different play areas also have basketball hoop
  • Can be cleaned simply


  • Quite costly
  • Drilling holes is required

6. Costzon Toddler Climber and Swing Set

The amazing set from Costzon, Junior Basketball Hoop Playset meant for Both Backyard and Indoors (4-in-1 Swing Set and Slide)

Nothing beats the price and look, with multi-function swing sets designed for toddlers. The vibrant set also encompasses 4-in-1 functions, comprising of strong swing, smooth slide, basketball hoop and lapping elephant nose. All these suitably sized for kids in 1 to 3 years age group. The slide accommodates weight of more than 66lbs. Because of the sturdy hangers. The ropes are built with high quality materials ensuring the safety. Also, the rope is comfortable.


  • Bright colors
  • Sturdy
  • Versatile
  • Can be assembled simply
  • Can be cleaned easily
  • Edges that are scratch resistant


  • Lack of proper instructions

7. Challenge 300 Refreshing Mist Swing Set

The swing set is a great addition to have in your backyard for $400 and the play set has been decked in addition to fun features. This is available with a slide, two swings, trapeze rings, mist spray, protective sunshade along with mist spray for keeping kids cool in the hot summer weather. The challenge is available with 4.3 star rating an has been designed for the use of young kids aged between five to six years.


  • Adjustable volume for cooling mist
  • UV protection for sun
  • Swing chains are covered
  • Available with safety mesh
  • Assembled without slide


  • The set is meant only for little kids
  • Installation of parts is tough

8. Hide and Seek Climber and Swing

If you look out for little play set fit for the babies, the little Tikes selection available with 4.3 rating is a great affordable choice to have. This is meant for lesser than $150 and you get a swing, slide along with easy climb wall designed for kids aged between one to four years.


  • Available with 3-point belt for safety
  • Simple beginner climbing rock
  • Can be assembled easily
  • Gentle slide meant for easy landings
  • Change the slide to climber
  • Meant for indoor as well as outdoor use


  • Ideal only for backyard use
  • Meant only for toddlers

How to Install Swing Set

Flat Yard

  • Set up the swingset.
  • Make sure the legs do no move when you swing. You may need to place patio blocks under the legs if the ground is soft.

Sloped Yard

While installing in flat surfaces, Swing sets remain safe. However, it wouldn’t mean that you’re not able to install the set on slope yard

  • First, determine best slope section for swing set. Ensure that set gets installed so main overhead crossbar remains perpendicular to downhill and uphill slope line rather than angle to line.
  • Mark where the legs will rest.
  • Dig footings for front leg that will rest on the hill. That way you have a secure footing to place your front legs.
  • Lift and support the front legs. You can ask assistants for lifting downhill legs at swing set’s front side. Now stack wood blocks flat within each leg to get support.
  • A garden spade must be used for digging holes of uphill leg based on measurements the downhill legs got elevated above ground on blocks.
  • Move swing back in place with uphill legs in holes and downhill legs on ground. Fill holes around uphill legs base with loose soil that got excavated.
  • Test the swing set for Safety. Ask someone tall who will use swing set for swinging back and forth for determining if swing set has be get adjusted.


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