At some point or another, everyone needs to mow their lawn. The question is, do you have the right lawnmower? If you don’t, we have come up with a comprehensive list of lawnmowers that should steer you in the right direction. Now, you might be thinking, why don’t I just run to the nearest gardening store, Walmart or home depot and get a lawnmower, well, you might want to do your research first. There are so many different kinds of lawnmowers, all with different specifications. Hopefully, our article will be of help.

Best quality cordless electric mowers.

If a lawnmower does not run on electricity, then it runs on either gas or it is battery operated. Now gas-run lawn mowers are noisy, and you have to store gas. Do you need us to tell you storing gas is a potential fire hazard? Well, if you are feeling up to it, why not? You could go with a gas mower if you prefer speed and power. You could also go battery-operated mower if you have a pleasant and neat yard—nothing with small hills and obstacles. Ours is simply to tell you what lawn mowers are the best. Some of the best electric and cordless mowers are:

  1. Snapper EGO
  2. Black and decker
  3. Ryobi RY
  4. Sun Joe
  5. Green works pro
  6. Hart
  7. Remington
  8. Honda
  9. Work Toro flex force
  10. Stihl RMA
  11. Makita
  12. Dr. Power.

Best lawn mowers for a small yard.

So you have a small yard that you absolutely adore? These are the best mowers for a small yard, at least 5000 square feet and below.

  1. Ryobi
  2. Green works
  3. Echo CLM
  4. Sun joe
  5. Hart Oregon
  6. Kobalt
  7. Stihl RMA
  8. Black and decker

Cordless electric reel mowers.

The following are the best cordless electric reel mowers;

  1. Greenworks 20 inch, 16 inches, 14 inch, and 13 inches
  2. black and decker electric lawn mower
  3. sun joe electric lawn mower and,
  4. Scotts 2000 20 inch lawnmower.

Self-propelled lawn-mowers.

Self-propelled lawn mowers are mowers that move on their own, and as a bonus, they get the job done faster. Self-propelled mowers are heavier than push lawn mowers; however, you can still push them. They will not be damaged in any way. The battery-powered ones are also quiet, and you do not have to wake your neighbors up on the one day they can squeeze in some extra sleep (Sundays).

Some self-propelled brands include:

  1. Honda
  2. Ryobi
  3. Troy Bilt
  4. Husqvarna
  5. Snapper

Now we look at an in-depth specifications list of the best cordless electric mowers, from the brand, to warranties and safety.

We will start with Honda.

The relatively new cordless Honda lawn mower is ready to deliver powerful performance. This mower can operate in all weather, come rain or shine.

Charging battery and life expectancy: a quick charge after using this mower will prepare your mower for the next use. It uses thermo-smart lithium-ion batteries that come in three sizes, 9AH, 6AH, and 4AH. The cells are interchangeable with leaf blowers and trimmers and can be recharged.

Battery replacement: you can replace the batteries for interchangeable leaf blowers and trimmers. The three battery sizes to choose from. The battery on this mower provides you with a more extended running performance, and the LCD display indicates the level of battery power you have left.

Warranty: 5 years for domestic use and one year for professional use.

Safety: keep the shields in place while the engine is on, and wear protective clothing when you mow.

Black and decker.

Charging battery and life expectancy: equipped with 20V, 40V, and 60V battery powered self-propelled mower. It has two batteries, but can also be charged using the electric cord provided beforehand. It can charge to 60% in 2 hours.

Battery replacement: batteries can be replaced after five to seven years. When replacing the batteries, use the original batteries; otherwise the blade rotation on your mower will be slower.

Warranty: lifetime limited warranty. The warranty does not cover abuse, accidental damage, or repair jobs other than by Black and Decker.

Safety: removal of the safety key keeps the blade moving in the right direction and prevents potential hazards.

EGO power.

Charging battery and life expectancy: the life expectancy on this lawnmower is five to ten years. A depleted EGO battery can be re-charged in just 40 minutes.

Battery replacement: the battery can be replaced every five to ten years, depending on how much you use your lawnmower.

Warranty: three years.

Safety: rubber flaps on either side of the lawnmower prevent debris from being thrown in every direction.

Greenworks pro.

Charging battery and life expectancy: this lawnmower has a 60V 5.0AH, and on highest speed can run for 30 to 60 minutes on single-use. The batteries are rechargeable, and you will probably get at least ten years out of them, with proper upkeep.

Battery replacement: the battery can be replaced every three years. Original batteries are recommended.

Warranty: 4 year warranty.

Safety: safety keys are the primary safety feature of this mower.

Sun joe.

Charging battery and life expectancy: it takes an average of 4 hours to fully charge this lawnmower. It is a 12AMP corded electric lawn mower, with a 40V powered battery. The battery can last for two to three years.

Battery replacement: the rechargeable battery can only and should only be replaced by replacement approved battery packs. The lawnmower might malfunction if you do not use recommended battery replacements.

Warranty: 2 year warranty.

Safety: always walk behind this mower and have a firm grasp on the handle before powering ON.


Charging battery and life expectancy: the lead-acid 24V removable battery that is also rechargeable will give you 75 minutes on a full charge. The battery can last for two to three years.

Battery replacement: the rechargeable battery on this lawn mower should only be replaced with recommended battery packs.

Warranty: 2 year warranty.

Safety: clear mowing area of rocks and twigs or anything that may hurt someone and always keep the shields in place.


Charging battery and life expectancy: this lawn mower has a 40V high capacity rechargeable battery. It lasts up to 40 minutes on a full charge, and three years when properly kept and maintained. It takes 90 minutes to charge fully.

Battery replacement: it will be a while before you have to replace the batteries because it comes with a replacement battery. However, you can replace the battery with any approved replacement battery pack.

Warranty: 5 years warranty.

Safety: Equipped with a safety bar, that should always be down when you work.

We hope we have been of help. Whether your lawn has smooth and soft grass or the rough and thick grass, you will still enjoy the smell of freshly mowed grass as you sip a cup of your favourite coffee every morning. Just picture that.

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