Best Powerful chop-saw under $400 for beginners

If you work on heavy material such as wood and other, then you need the best chop saws that can make the difference to your work. You will have to require such tools that can keep up with your regular hard work and also help you to stay at the top of the work. You know that how important it is to find the best chopping tools. Many people try to do their job without using these tools and find it to be very much difficult and frustrating as well.

If you are a newbie in this platform and could not find the suitable tool for you then we are here to give you a top list of best chop saws for under $400. Let’s check these all:

Best chop saws for under $400:

Here are some options for you so that you can lace up the work boots and let’s get into it.

1. Evolution 15 Inch Chop Saw:

If you cut the metal, then you should know that it is always an intense and tiresome operation. You need to do a lot of action and resist a lot of noise as well. So, you need a perfect chop saw like this with which you can do your job successfully. This chop saw can cut mild steel and other materials such as wood and aluminium. You can get both 14 inch and 15 inch blade.


  • Tough enough
  • Portable machine
  • Use safety feature
  • Different blades for each material
  • Effortless cut


  • No such cons at all

3. Dewalt 14 Inch Chop Saw:

It is an excellent chop saw for those who want a reliable tool. You will get an impressive result with this tool. You can work on varieties of materials such as wood, iron and all. You will get the perfect speed as well. It has D-shaped handle for better handling power. It is a powerful machine and durable as well. You will get the 70 tooth saw blade that can give you lower cost per cut than other competitors.


  • It has 15 amp motor
  • Comfortable handling system
  • Design is classic
  • Facility of mitter adjustment


  • Flexibility issue

4. Ironton Dry Cut Chop Saw:

It is a powerful tool that professional employees use. You can do your project perfectly and quickly as well with this chop saw. You can cut the heavy pipe, iron and other materials as well. You will get here the D-shaped handle for easy handling. It is one of the best dry cut metal saws. This saw can do the mitter cuts and square cuts as well.


  • Comfortable handling feature
  • Mitter adjustment
  • Has the lock off button in order to prevent accidents
  • Quite as well


  • No such cons

5. Evolution Multipurpose Cutting Chop Saw:

This chop saw can save your space and time. This is one of the best and reasonable chop saws in the market. You can get the true accuracy as well with this chop saw. You will get a dust extraction port with this machine. It will solve your problem as well.


  • Moveable vise and wall
  • Accurate and perfect cut
  • Dust extraction device
  • Portable and lightweight
  • Compact design


  • Blade issues

6. Metabo Chop Saw:

This is a reliable brand from Germany. You can get the top class production and facility with this chop saw. This is affordable as well. You do not need to spend too much money in order to buy this chop saw.


  • Accurate cut
  • Absolute focus on the design and quality
  • Easy assembling system
  • Genuine German design


  • Quality issues

Best sliding compound mitter saw:

If you want to have the mitter saw, then there are so many options. Mitter saw is a very much versatile tool and perfect alternative to the manual saw. It is used by both professional workers and DIY person. If you want some quick and accurate cut, then you can buy these saws. There are so many reliable sliding compound mitter saws from Makita, Dewalt, Tacklife and all.

Best mitter saw for deck building:

If you want to build deck, then you should have some high quality tools for cutting, nailing and measuring. Mitter saw is the perfect option for you. For angle cuts, you will need the 45 degrees cutting speciality. So, you will have to find the mitter saws that can cut up to 45 degrees. These saws can also perform straight cuts as well.

For homeowners:

These chop saws and mitter saws can be used both by professionals and homeowners. As a homeowner, it is important to have this tool for some emergency. These above mentioned saws can be very helpful and beneficial. These are reasonable as well.

Best budget:

These chop saws are available at affordable rate. You can go for any one of these. Before buying any one of these, you should decide first your budget and how much you can spend on it. Then, it will be easy for you to choose the best one for your purpose.

Best for beginners:

There are so many DIY person or the beginners who want to do their job by their own and want to have such tolls. For them, these tools are perfect and beneficial as well. Beginners need to have such tools those they can operate easily without any hassle. These above mentioned saws are perfect for them.

Best saw reviews consumer reports:

According to the consumer reports, Dewalt produces the best quality saw. After that you can go for Hitachi as well. Then Bosch can also give you some remarkable features.

Best warranties:

While you go for buying chop saw, then you need to check for the best and available warranties. Many items come with 2 or more years of warranty. You should go for these. Best warranty can ensure you with long-lasting service and you can also get enough time for replacement.


You should also go for the low maintenance saws. It will save your time and you can work more efficiently.


For high-quality and smooth cutting, specs quality is very much important. It will ensure the accurate cutting function.


Q. what is the difference between chop saw and mitter saw?

A. Chop saw is better than mitter saw. It can cut varieties of materials.

Q. Is it safe to use?

A. These saws are absolutely safe for usage both by beginners and professionals.

Q. Is it durable?

A. The durability factor depends 

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