Bamboo Fence: 30 Ideas You’ll Love

Bamboo Fence

One of the most common reasons for constructing a fence around your home or on your property is for privacy and to keep intruders out. 

A privacy fence acts as a shield between you and your neighbors so that neither can interfere with the other’s lives. 

In addition to keeping stray animals from damaging your property or endangering your loved ones, a privacy fence is a great way to make your yard safe and secure.

The style and type of fence you use determine if it ensures privacy.


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Below are the most popular and stunning bamboo fences for your home and property:

1. 30 Creative Bamboo Fencing Ideas

Bamboo Fence with Lights

DIY Bamboo Fence


Bamboo Fence on Wall


Bamboo on Wood Plank


The Basic Fence


Aesthetic Bamboo Fence


Different Height Bamboo Planks


Japanese Bamboo Fencing


Contemporary Bamboo Fence


Flower Bordered Bamboo Fence


Pool Bamboo Screen


Inground Bamboo Fencing


The Unique Design Bamboo Fence


Affordable Bamboo Fence


The Light Bamboo Fence


Privacy Screen


Bamboo on Glass


Classic Bamboo Fence

Elegant Bamboo Fence


Durable Bamboo Fence


Quick To Set Up Bamboo Fence


Black Bamboo Fence


Live Bamboo Fence


Textured Bamboo Fence


Natural Bamboo Fence


Rolled Bamboo Fencing


Tall Bamboo Fence


Staggered Bamboo Fence


Backyard Bamboo Fence


2. How long do bamboo fences last?

Bamboo fencing has become very popular recently. They are not only durable but also attractive. The best attribute of bamboo fences is that they are cheap yet come in great quality.

Since bamboo fences are budget-friendly, they are a popular fencing option in many households.

However, many of the users often ask, “How long do bamboo fences last?” We researched and found that a bamboo fence could last up to 20 years if you take good care of it. 

Although a bamboo fence does not cost much, it is essential that you get them professionally installed and routinely serviced. A little weatherproofing and care goes a long way. 

However, when you leave the bamboo fence untreated, it will only last for six years. Hence, it is advisable to take good care of it to make it last up to 20 years. 

3. How To Make Your Bamboo Fence Last Longer 

There are many sources of destruction for bamboo fencing. 

For one, a fence is subjected to all kinds of weather. This includes damage from direct UV rays; direct sunlight can cause them to fall out. Another cause of damage is moisture absorbed from the rain. A combination of heavy rain and sunlight will cause them to swell up and then shrink.  

Wind, too, can harm the fence. Winds bring dust particles along with them that can directly hit the fence. 

Since they are installed to protect the property, they are also prone to damages from strangers, such as vandalism and pets. 

To protect your bamboo fencing from the damages stated above, you can try these three steps:

  • Scanning: You never know when small issues become a significant threat to your fence. It is advised to scan and inspect your bamboo fence every few months. 

Look out for all sorts of issues that appear. Some of the common ones are cracks and peeling due to insects. 

Once inspected, these issues should be rectified immediately. Continually following this process will prevent your bamboo fencing from further damage. 

More importantly, you will avoid huge expenses. 

  • Regular Cleaning: before you seal the bamboo fence, it is advised to clean it at least twice a year. It will remove all kinds of impurities from the wall. There are all sorts of cleaners available in the market. 

You can go for eco-friendly ones or sprays. If there is some adamant dirt on the fence, it can be cleaned off by powerful spraying. 

  • Sealing: Before you paint your walls, you must be familiar with waterproof paint, which gives a layer of protection. 

Similarly, you can seal your bamboo fencing with a layer of sealant to make the bamboo fence last longer. Not only will it safeguard your fence from UV rays, but also moisture and dirt. 

The best sealants for bamboo fences are those consisting of preservatives and fungicides.

4. Is Bamboo Fencing Cheaper than Wood?

Bamboo is a much cheaper material than wood. The cost of timber is skyrocketing these days. If you are looking for a more pocket-friendly material, bamboo is the best alternative. 

Also, bamboo is much cheaper than other screening materials like bricks and metals

The other pros involved in choosing bamboo fencing over wood include:

  • Bamboo is eco-friendly. Cutting down forests for timber is harming the environment. Bamboo grows very quickly and is a better alternative. 
  • Bamboo is as durable as wood. Another interesting thing about bamboo fencing is that it grows old beautifully. 
  • Bamboo gives a unique aesthetic. You get durability, display, and affordability. The bamboo fence has it all. 

5. How Do You Weatherproof a Bamboo Fence?

Protecting your bamboo fence from the weather is crucial. 

Follow the steps below to implement the process:

  • Pick out a cleaning solution from the market. Spray it all over the bamboo fence generously. 
  • Let it sit on the fence for 15 minutes so that it is absorbed. 
  • Use a nylon bristle brush to scrub the screen. Once done, the residue should be wiped out with the help of a cloth towel.
  • Next, you need to wash the bamboo fence with a power washer. 
  • You need to wait for at least two days for the fans to dry out completely. 
  • The final step is to seal the fence with a weather protector. 
  • Make sure to read the instructions given on the product and follow them thoroughly. 
  • On average, it takes three days for the sealant to set and dry out. 

6. Is Bamboo Good for Privacy Fences?

Bamboo turns out to be one of the best choices for privacy screening. When it comes to its durability, you don’t need to second-guess it. 

What’s more, it is visually appealing, has a really low carbon footprint, and provides regular oxygen to the house. The length of the bamboo also makes it suitable for privacy screening. 

However, there are a few things you need to keep in mind before choosing a bamboo fence: 

  • There are two types of bamboo: invasive and non-invasive. The invasive species grow and expand rapidly and should be avoided at all costs. 
  • There are some parts of the world where bamboo fencing is not permitted. Find out what the policy about bamboo fencing is in your area. 

7. Do Bamboo Fences Rot?

Bamboo is a natural material so it is prone to rotting. However, the timeline of rotting depends on how you maintain it. 

It also depends on the natural conditions and weather in the area. A bamboo fence is exposed to dangers like moisture, strong sunlight, winds, pets, insects, and so on. It is recommended to wash and seal the fence properly. 

When you leave a bamboo fence untreated, it will rot within two years. On the contrary, when taken care of properly and sealed with professional help, a bamboo fence will last for more than 20 years. 

8. What is the Disadvantage of Bamboo Fences?

Everything has a downside, and bamboo fencing is no exception. It is undeniable that bamboo fencing might be one of the best options out there, but it also has cons. 

Before installation, you also need to consider the disadvantages of using them for fencing. 

Here is a list of drawbacks for using bamboo fences:

  • Bamboo may not be available in all the climatic regions in abundance. Hence for the areas where it is scarce, it may be expensive. 
  • When you try to transport bamboo for fencing, it may take a lot of transportation costs since it is a heavyweight product. 
  • Bamboo is prone to rotting, so you have to invest a considerable amount for its maintenance. While other fencing options like bricks are like “install and forget”, you have to invest in washing and sealing at least twice a year for bamboo fences. 
  • There are some invasive species of bamboo. If you use them for fencing, you have to control them from expanding. This will take a lot of your time and money. 

Closing Thoughts

Fences can be used for a variety of purposes.  People construct fences in their homes for a variety of reasons, including beautification and protection. 

But what if you just want some privacy for yourself and your environment?

Would it be more important to you to have a fence around your personal space and separate you from the rest of the world than the way it looks?

These 30 best bamboo fence ideas aim to show you the pros and cons of choosing a bamboo fence.

Would you choose bamboo for your privacy fence? Share your thoughts in the comments section below.

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