Backyard Trains You Can Ride: Amazing Trains You Can Own

Do you enjoy riding trains? Would you like to have a ride-on train in your backyard?

Well, you’re in the right place!

Backyard trains have become a favorite among people of all ages over the years. Everyone wants to have a ride-on train in their own backyard. 

Just like the 7.5″ Gauge Ride Miniature Railroad, which is one of the Steam Railroading Institute’s most popular attractions. 

They began to operate way back in 2009, wherein their 1/8 inch scale trains run at 7 ½ inch gauge or 7 1/4 inch gauge track between the rails. 

This made the visitors of all ages enjoy the ride of an approximately 14-mile trip along the Shiawassee River Trail on museum grounds.

And now it is also possible for you to have one of your own in your backyard!

Backyard trains are rideable trains with tracks that can be seen in the backyard and can be privately owned. 

Trains fascinate children and many of them like taking train rides. It’s no surprise that they prefer to ride and push smaller trains.

Older children, on the other hand, are more prone to brag about their backyard to their friends. 

Some of them may be mechanically inclined and willing to construct larger railway models.

You can entertain your loved ones and guests with a backyard train for home use, something that they’d want to ride and enjoy.

This can also help you to carry commercial duty and move heavyweight loads like flat cars, freight cars, etc. by placing them on train track rails.

There are many various ideas and options from the market that you can choose from if you want to have your own backyard train.

Luckily, this article is here to help you by giving you our recommendations on various rideable backyard trains you can choose from for your own backyard train ride.

1. BNKT-14A-6 Mini Kid Backyard Train

This mini backyard train has a size of 1 Locomotive + 3 Coaches requiring a 4.5m track area and a track length of 28 meters.

The main material used in this train is fiberglass. A 1.5 kW power is needed to function and can occupy 14 persons.

2. BNKT-8A-1 Kid Backyard Train Battery Operated

This battery-operated backyard train is made of galvanized steel track and FRP cabins.

It has also a cabin of four carriages available that can accommodate 2 persons per carriage with a total capacity of 8 persons.

It has LED lights and the area required is 6*6m, requires 1.5kW power, and a voltage of 220 V. This can be used in the backyard, shopping malls, theme parks, and fairground.

3.  BNKT-1A-1 Beston Small Backyard Track Trains 

This track train is made up of FiberSPAN-R Fiber Reinforced Polymer (FRP) and steel. Its color can be customized and it is also an ideal train for kids.

In addition, the area required for this is D=8m with a capacity to accommodate 8 persons. 

4. BNKT-14A-1 Small Elephant Backyard Train with Track 

This is a track train with a size of 1 Locomotive + 4 Coaches, having a track area of 8*10m.

  It also requires a voltage of 220V and a 3.5 kW power to function. It has 3 cabins which can accommodate 14 people.

5.  BNKT-18A-1 Cartoon Electric Backyard Track Train

This cartoon electric backyard train has a  size of 1 electric Locomotive + 3 Coaches. It has a gauge train of 60 meters track length which can also be customized and a gauge width of 80-90 cm.

To function well, it needs a power of 1.2 kilowatts and a voltage of 220 Volts or 380 V. It has a speed of 3-5 km/h.

It also can accommodate 14 to 22 persons. 

 In addition, 1 train set is the minimum order quantity for this train and can be utilized in indoor or outdoor playgrounds.

6.  BNKT-16A-1 Mini Backyard Train Ride with Track 

This miniature backyard track train ride has a size of 1 live steam locomotive plus three coaches that require a 4*10-meter track area.

The main material that was used in this train was fiberglass. This also needs a voltage of 220V.

In addition, it has 3 cabins available that can occupy 10 to 16 persons.

7.  BNKT-14A-4 Ocean Backyard Track Train Ride

This ocean backyard track train has a size of 1 Loco + 4 Coaches with a track area of 8*10m.

This train also requires a power of 3.5 kW and a voltage of 220V. It has 4 cabins which can occupy 14 persons. 

8.  BNKT-14A-7 Backyard Circus Train with Track 

This backyard circus track train has a size of 1 Locomotive model + 3 Coaches requiring an area of Φ 4.5m and a power of 1.5 kilowatts.

It is mainly made up of fiberglass and has a gauge train of 28m which can occupy 14 persons.

9. BNKT-8A-5 Vintage Amusement Park Train with Track 

This vintage amusement park-designed track train has a 1 Loco + 4 coaches size and 8*10 meters track area.

This requires a power of 3.5 kW and a voltage of 220V. It can occupy 8 persons because it consists of 4 cabins. 

Also, you can choose from other manufacturers who make trains like Dinis Carnival Rides.

10. Lovely Mini Ant Track Train

This charming and gorgeous ant track train is a classic entertainment equipment idea. It is well-liked by kids. 

This cute train is consists of 4 cabins which are made up of FRP and steel. It also requires 60V of voltage to function well.

Its design is exquisite that can attract the attention of your kids due to its attractive little pattern and vivid hue. It will undoubtedly surprise and delight your children. 

This amazing track train is a one-of-a-kind creation. 

The designs can be tweaked to fit the needs of the client and your preference. These unique add-ons contribute to the train’s appeal.


  • There are trackless riding trains and track types available.
  • Beautiful and attractive, with vivid light.
  • Ensure the protection of your children with a stainless safety door.
  • Made of high-quality FRP that is corrosion-resistant and long-lasting train parts.
  • The painting style can be tailored to your specific requirements.
  • Cabins can be added to the property.
  • Customization services for the design of the tracks are offered.

11. Attractive Scenic Track Train

This track train is also made up of FRP and steel. This requires 37 kilowatts of power to function. It can also accommodate 60 passengers.

A sightseeing train is a type of amusement vehicle that transports passengers while allowing them to take in the sights. 

There are two different types of sightseeing trains namely trackless train rides and rail trains.

The railway train is another name for the track train. The railway train travels along a specially paved portable track.


  • The rail train’s power supply system is usually connected to the track, and safety voltage is used to assure 24-hour uninterrupted power supply, which ensures safety and eliminates the risk of shutdown due to low power supply.
  • Colorful modeling, vibrant paint spraying, and dazzling lighting are all included in the rail train. 

This one-of-a-kind artwork is bright throughout the day and even more vibrant at night.

  • The track train has its track, so there’s no need to be concerned about the equipment’s operation being hampered by a wet and muddy road surface after rain.
  • The train parts especially the track of the railway train can be customized to the user’s preferences and the site’s characteristics. 

These include the ups and downs, gyration, turning back, and so on. It is not only fascinating, but it can also elicit a sense of suspense and mystery.

12. Medium Track Sightseeing Train

This is a sightseeing train that uses a lithium battery to function. The train’s maximum speed is < 5km/h and has a capacity to occupy 24-36 persons. 


  • The battery-powered medium-sized track sightseeing train is environmentally friendly. It is a unique mode of transit for parks and picturesque areas.
  •  It is safe and convenient to drive once the track has been laid. 
  • It’s also a safe and dependable mode of transportation in scenic areas, whether large or small areas. 

With its lovely appearance, it has the potential to become a signature feature of the picturesque spot which can attract your tourist’s attention.

  • The track touring train’s body is adorned with lights, warning lights, and a slew of LED lights. 

When the sun goes down, the train transforms into a beautiful and colorful fairy in the landscape.

  • The train also has audio equipment and a megaphone that may be connected to a U-disk or card reader. 

For leisure and outside publicity, the sound system has a Bluetooth feature.

13. Garden Track Train Rides

This is a traditional amusement park ride idea made up of FRP and steel and has 4 cabins. This requires a 220V voltage to operate well. 

This is not like other electric trains because it is more thrilling than riding in a chasing car on a track of similar size, shape, and capacity. 


  • This can be customized according to your preference, the site that you have. 
  • Moreover, this can be used in your backyards, in parks, your kid’s playground, theme park, funfair, and so on.

14. Simulated Backyard Steam Trains 

This is a steam track train ride that is made up of real steel. It requires a power of 1.1 or 2.2 kilowatts and a voltage of 220 V in order to operate at its best.

The train contains four carriages however, the number of carriages can be increased or lowered based on your needs.

The simulated steam train is created and built in the same way that real trains are. This uses a live steam railroad.

Furthermore, children’s preferences are also taken into consideration when it comes to the design.


  • It is simple to run has totally electric propulsion, produces no pollution or emissions, can be changed in shape and style.
  • It has a realistic and attractive structure and hence has a high aesthetic quality.
  • This train’s most distinguishing characteristic is its unusual exterior structure and chimney design at the locomotive’s top. 
  • The chimney produces smoke when the train begins to move just like real trains. 

When combined with the train whistle, the passengers appear to be transported back in time, providing your passengers with an unforgettable riding experience. 

You also don’t have to worry about the smoke polluting the air because it is produced by natural pollution-free smoke oil and will not hurt the environment or passengers.

  •  The train is powered by an electric cabinet or two batteries, and they may adjust it to meet your specific requirements. 

They may also customize the train’s size and shape to meet your needs.

  • Kids will feel ecstatic when the train begins gently. The pace can be adjusted, and it’s quite safe, making it a fun and enjoyable experience for your kids. 
  • At the same time, they provide outstanding customer service in which they can adjust following your preference.

Likewise, some live steam clubs and Train Manufacturers’ sister companies like Beston Amusement and Mini train systems range offer backyard home railways with a training gauge of 5” and 7.25”. 

These are electric-powered locomotives with a narrow gauge and have customized accessories.


  1. How much does a miniature train cost?

A basic setup with three carriages and 100 meters of the track may be had for less than $50,000. 

Depending on the location, installation prices can vary.

2.  Is standing on a train illegal?

Private individuals own train tracks. 

Trespassing is described as walking or riding on a railroad right of way or other railroad property without permission from the railroad. 

Violators will be prosecuted and may suffer harsh consequences, even death penalties.

3. Can you own a train?

Yes! There are people in the United States who own and paint their own railway stock cars to suit their wants and tastes. 

Some we’re seen on train station sidings. However, there is an expected charge in fees in collecting them and transporting them on normal routes alongside regular cars.

4. Do trains have diesel engines?

Diesel is almost often used in freight train engines. 

Because of its lower volatility, lower cost, and widespread availability, fine diesel fuel has become the favored fuel for railroad locomotives.

The main component of the diesel-electric locomotive is the diesel engine (A). It is an internal combustion engine with several cylinders linked to a shared crankshaft.

Wrapping UP

Many parents want to build a ride-on railway train for their children, but are worried if they have the necessary skills based on what they’ve seen online. 

The truth is that there is a wealth of information, including detailed directions, that should make building a railway a lot easier than spending too much to buy one. 

Moreover, to preserve its beauty and to avoid it being rusty, you may store it nicely at your backyard train shed.

There are cheaper ones but you may also make your DIY backyard train track if you would want to. 

Now that we gave these options, the decision is now yours. 

Go and choose your backyard train and make your amazing ride possible in your own place!

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